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David Haye Heaps Scorn Upon Dereck Chisora and “Idiot” Trainer; “Decapitates” Chisora in Video Game

Posted on 05/20/2012

By Johnny Walker

One thing you have say for the current crop of heavyweight boxers from the UK: they keep things interesting.

From the motormouthed verbiage of Tyson Fury and David Haye, to the crazed antics of Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora, to the flat-out destructive knockout power of the massive David Price, the British heavyweights—all still relatively young—refute the notion that today’s heavyweight division is somehow “boring” and lacking in entertainment value.

And after a brief “retirement” following his loss to world champion Wladimir Klitschko, David Haye seems to be relishing getting back into the media spotlight as he prepares to meet Chisora in London grudge match on July 14.

Today, Haye has unloaded upon not only Chisora in the British press, but also Chisora’s trainer, Don Charles. Haye says that during the press conference scuffle in Germany following Chisora’s loss to WBC champion Vitali Klitschko, he not only decked Chisora, but also broke Charles’ jaw.

“Chisora has an idiotic coach who has also offered me out in a fight after I’ve already broken his jaw at the press ­conference, “ Haye tells the Daily Star.

“I’m not sure if anyone knows he had his jaw wired because it was broken. Idiot.

“Why is he, a 50-year-old man, trying to fight me when he has already seen me take out his young, 28-year-old, primed fighter with four blows? Then he wants to come and fight me. Now he has done a video on the ­internet saying, ‘I want to fight David. I know it won’t make any money but I’ll kick his ass.’

Haye then goes on to ridicule the duo of Chisora and Charles.

“This is the guy who is training him, so these two idiots together, two buffoons, can you imagine them in the gym?

“Two ego-maniacs, idiotic fools both of them – and you can expect plenty of the same on fight night, Chisora walking ­forward, hoping that he’s going to hit me with one big punch that he hasn’t really got.”

And Haye hasn’t stopped at merely verbally ripping Chisora.

He has now produced an iPhone app which pokes fun at the now infamous press conference scuffle.

The app allows users to box using the persona of David Haye, who produces a bottle from his glove by which to decapitate Dereck Chisora—a reference to the bottle held in Haye’s right hand when he decked Chisora at the Munich press conference.

“So much fuss was made about the bottle in my hand in Munich that I decided to have some fun with it,” Haye says.

As for the moralists out there who might object, Haye also has a message.

“People will moan about it but I have a simple message — keep your money in your pocket and don’t buy it.”

Haye also insists that Chisora, who was once convicted of assaulting a former girlfriend, is the real morally repugnant character in this feud. He says he will dedicate their fight to victims of assault and bullying.

“I don’t know what logically goes on in his brain,” Haye says of Chisora, who has also bitten, slapped and kissed his opponents.

“He’s not a nice guy and this fight will be ­dedicated to all the women who have been beaten – and people who have been ­bullied – by men like Dereck Chisora. This one goes out to them.

“I’ve always had ­respect for opponents as ­human beings, even though I don’t let them know it.

“But there’s nothing to like about this guy. He has no social graces and for me to say that, ­someone who is supposed to be a real bad guy, apparently, shows how bad he is.”

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