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Canelo v. Chavez Jr: Both Fighters bet purse, winner takes all

Canelo v. Chavez Jr: Both Fighters bet purse, winner takes all
By: Matthew N. Becher

​The mega fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. began its media press conference stops this week and we already have a very big announcement. Not only did Chavez Jr. agree to pay Canelo $1 million for every pound he is over the 164.5 weight limit, but now both fighters have agreed to bet their entire purse for the fight. Winner takes all.


​It happened on Mexican talk show Despierta America, where Canelo initiated an argument about how he ‘will be making 4x’ what Chavez Jr. will be getting. Chavez Jr. retorted back, ‘I can get 4-1 odds in Vegas’. Canelo then came back with ‘why don’t you just bet me then?’ The show’s host explained what was happening and asked the two men to shake hands, on LIVE TV, which they did. It was something that this writer cannot remember the last time seeing happen.

​Canelo will be moving up to over 159lbs to fight for the first time, while Chavez Jr. will be trying to shed lbs. to make the 164.5 catch weight. Tickets went on sale for this fight in Vegas earlier this week and are said to, already, almost be completely sold out.

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