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Adrien Broner Declares War on Argentinians Maidana and Matthysse

Posted on 08/02/2013

By Johnny Walker

Never one to be the shy and retiring type, WBA welterweight belt holder Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KOs) has declared war on Argentina: well, not the entire country a la Maggie Thatcher, but on two of its top boxing representatives.

Broner has used his usual social media channels to show his disdain for his possible next opponent, Marcos Maidana (34-3, 31 KOs), and for Maidana’s countryman Lucas Matthysse, one of the pound-for-pound biggest hitters in the sport, for supporting Maidana.

The Ring magazine had published an article entitled “Matthysse Wants Maidana to Take Broner’s Head Off” that understandably didn’t go over too well with Mr. Broner.

Broner: no respect for Maidana or Matthysse

“I hope, I really hope that the fight is made with Adrien Broner, and that Maidana takes his head off, because this kid, Broner, talks too much. So, like a fellow countryman, I wish the best for Marcos Maidana,” said Matthysse (34-2, 32 KOs).

“”I can’t help but observe the success that Maidana is having at 147 pounds, and, eventually, one day, I’m going to be in that division,” Matthysse continued. “If I’m one day at 147, and he is there, well, this is a sport, and this is a business, so we might fight one day. But for now, the only thing that I can say right now is that I wish the best for my countryman, Marcos Maidana.”

Well, as you might expect, none of that sat too well with Adrien Broner, who reacted on Twitter in his typical fashion.

“Your a dam fool if you think @ChinoMaidana can beat me lol!!!!” tweeted Broner.

“And when I’m done when this bitch @ChinoMaidana I’m go fuck matthysse up #easyMONEY.”

If Broner can make good on his words and leave both Maidana and Matthysse in the ring dust, he’ll indeed gain much more respect in the boxing world.

But saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it can be two different things. David Haye said he was going hospitalize Wladimir Klitschko. How did that one work out?

Even if Broner gets by Maidana, he’s walking into one of the baddest fighters on the planet in Lucas Matthysse.

And all the trash talk in the world isn’t going to matter when that bell rings.

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