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When Does A Fighter Realize He Is A “LOSER?”

Posted on 06/26/2018

By: Ken Hissner

In keeping what this writer calls the 100 Club with boxers having over 100 losses there are other category’s that stick out. Let me explain if I can.

Reggie Strickland of the US has more losses than any other boxer in the history of the sport. His final record was 66-276-17 stopped 25 times. There is an active boxer named Kristian “Mr. Reliable” Laight of the UK who is 12-275-9 stopped 5 times. His nickname “Mr. Reliable” must mean he is “reliable to lose!” Behind him active is Jason Nesbitt of the UK at 10-198-4 stopped 20 times and inactive in 2017.

Then there are boxers who have “never” won a fight and some still boxing to this day who haven’t won a fight. The leader if I can use that word is a Russian Bheki Moyo who fought out of the UK where it seems they don’t care what your record is. His record when he retired was 0-73-2. An active boxer without a win is UK’s Chris Gargano, 0-51, only stopped 7 times.

If one win makes you “not” a loser than the king of that is Jose Amaral of Brazil who is still active with a 1-69 record stopped 41 times. Cristian Nicolae of Romania retired with a 2-76 record stopped 16 times. Still active is Kuwait’s Anwar Alfadli of course fighting out of the UK who is 2-76 but only stopped 5 times.

Retired is Joselito del Rosario of the Dominican Republic who was 3-73 stopped 35 times. Still active is Andy Harris of the UK at 3-59-1 stopped 12 times. Qasim Hussain of the UK is 4-79-2 and still active only stopped 1 time.

Speaking of the UK there is Liam Griffiths 5-78-1 still active. Also still active from CZ is Josef Holub 5-97-1 stopped 53 times. Another from CZ still active is Rudolf Murko 3-86-2 stopped 46 times. Dave Hinds of the UK called it quits at 7-77.

How many boxers can never admit “I’m a loser?”

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