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When Does A Fighter Realize He Is A “LOSER?”

By: Ken Hissner

In keeping what this writer calls the 100 Club with boxers having over 100 losses there are other category’s that stick out. Let me explain if I can.

Reggie Strickland of the US has more losses than any other boxer in the history of the sport. His final record was 66-276-17 stopped 25 times. There is an active boxer named Kristian “Mr. Reliable” Laight of the UK who is 12-275-9 stopped 5 times. His nickname “Mr. Reliable” must mean he is “reliable to lose!” Behind him active is Jason Nesbitt of the UK at 10-198-4 stopped 20 times and inactive in 2017.

Then there are boxers who have “never” won a fight and some still boxing to this day who haven’t won a fight. The leader if I can use that word is a Russian Bheki Moyo who fought out of the UK where it seems they don’t care what your record is. His record when he retired was 0-73-2. An active boxer without a win is UK’s Chris Gargano, 0-51, only stopped 7 times.

If one win makes you “not” a loser than the king of that is Jose Amaral of Brazil who is still active with a 1-69 record stopped 41 times. Cristian Nicolae of Romania retired with a 2-76 record stopped 16 times. Still active is Kuwait’s Anwar Alfadli of course fighting out of the UK who is 2-76 but only stopped 5 times.

Retired is Joselito del Rosario of the Dominican Republic who was 3-73 stopped 35 times. Still active is Andy Harris of the UK at 3-59-1 stopped 12 times. Qasim Hussain of the UK is 4-79-2 and still active only stopped 1 time.

Speaking of the UK there is Liam Griffiths 5-78-1 still active. Also still active from CZ is Josef Holub 5-97-1 stopped 53 times. Another from CZ still active is Rudolf Murko 3-86-2 stopped 46 times. Dave Hinds of the UK called it quits at 7-77.

How many boxers can never admit “I’m a loser?”

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When Will A Losing Record Boxer Know When He Should Retire?

When Will A Losing Record Boxer Know When He Should Retire?
By: Ken Hissner

The UK’s 36 year old Kristian Laight is now 12-248-8 but only stopped 5 times. He is third on this writers 100 Club losers list in total defeats only behind Reggie Strickland 66-276-17 and Peter Buckley 32-256-12 but both are retired. Matt Seawright of the UK is 5-146-5 stopped 22 times and still fighting.

Matt Scriven of the UK is 14-91-1 stopped 20 times. Dan Carr of the UK is 3-85-2 but only stopped once. Kalman Vagyocki of Hungary has a “perfect record” of 0-45 stopped 34 times. Then there is Marius Sorin of Romania 0-42-2 stopped 27 times.

How about Dmitrijs Avsijenkovs of Latvia who is 0-29 stopped all 29 times? Petr Jasukievic of CZ is 0-27 stopped 25 times. The Dominican Republic is known for some really losing boxers like Dionisio Rodriguez 0-42 stopped 29 times. Alexis Castillo 0-35 stopped 31 times. Miguel Tavarez 0-32 stopped 25 times. Gregory Esteves 0-34 stopped 18 times. Jose Guzman 0-28 stopped 22 times. Jose Ramon Tejada 0-19 stopped all 19 times and Junior Rodriguez 0-19 but “only” stopped 12 times. Juan Ramon Santos is 0-18 stopped 17 times. Marcos Martinez is 0-18 stopped 15 times. Zuleidiy Diaz Meja 0-18 stopped 17 times. Modesto Felix 0-18-2 stopped 11 times.

Poland has Slawomir Latopolski 0-18 stopped 17 times. Ukraine has Vitaliy Charkin 0-18 stopped 16 times who fought this past weekend. Also fighting this past weekend was Milan Ruso of CZ 1-46 stopped 41 times.

Jose Amaral of Brazil 1-69 stopped 41 times. Lajos Orsos of Hungary 1-54-2 stopped 21 times. Cristian Nicolae of Romania 2-76 stopped 16 times finally retired. Rudolf Murko of CZ is 3-80-2 stopped 40 times. Qasim Hussain of the UK is 4-76-2 but only stopped once. Moses Matovu of the UK from UG is 5-64-4 stopped 7 times. Stefan Stanko of Slovokia is 6-67-1 stopped 59 times. Dan Blackwell of the UK is 7-63 but only stopped once.
Looking at a boxer from Mexico that seems to win “every other fight” you have Roberto Valenzuela 69-75-2 stopped 40 times.

Other active boxers who qualified for the 100+ loss club are Kevin McCauley a Hungarian out of CZ 13-142-11 stopped 11 times. Ibar Rivas an Albanian out of the UK is 34-119-4 only stopped 3 times. Jozef Kubovaky of Slovokia is 13-109-14 stopped 36 times. William Warburton of the UK is 23-114-9 stopped only 3 times. Elemir Rafael also from Slovokia is 34-106-4 stopped 34 times. Finally Yousef Al Hamidi of the UK 14-109-3 stopped only 3 times.

The bottom line is “when will a losing record boxer know when it’s time to retire?” How about the commissions in the UK and DR?

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Top Ten Biggest Winners and Top Ten Biggest Losers Ever in Boxing!

Top Ten Biggest Winners and Top Ten Biggest Losers Ever in Boxing!
By: Ken Hissner

Len Wickwar 340 Reggie Strickland 276
James Figg 269 (bare knuckle) Peter Buckley 256
Billy Bird 260 KristianLaight 238*
Harry Greb 260 Jason Nesbitt 198*
Willie Pep 229 Tiger Bert Ison 175
Ted “Kid” Lewis 228 Donnie Penelton 166
Wildcat Monte 227 Simmie Black 165
Young Stribling 224 Arnold Sheppard 157
MaxieRosenbloom 221 Delroy Spencer 156*
Freddie Muller 211 Billy Smith 145
• Still active

PBC, Las Vegas, March 7th, Premier boxing champions

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