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Canelo: The Face of Boxing

Posted on 05/04/2017

Canelo: The Face of Boxing
By: Francisco Martinez

Saul Canelo Alvarez, the cash cow, the face of boxing. Boxings current PPV star and considered by many as the best fighter at the moment. Canelo takes on countryman rival Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. this May 6th in his second visit at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. A rivalry with personal distain and hatred of each other an equal and mutual feeling from both pugilist who know each other since childhood. Both fighting for the entire support of Mexico. Who will go on to be Mexico’s leader in terms of being their biggest representative in boxing.

Canelo Alvarez Greatest Hits

Both Canelo and Chavez Jr. are taking the proper measures to make sure they’re in the best shape of their life’s come May 6th. Chavez Jr. adding legendary trainer Nacho Beristain along with his father Chavez Sr. and fitness guru Memo Heredia. Canelo in return seeked adequate sparring for his 2 division jump at 164.5lbs sparring with light heavyweights who have similar characteristics to those of Chavez Jr. About a month back news broke that Canelo was is phenomenal shape and his transition into the super middleweight division was extremely impressive as one of his sparring partners revealed he felt Canelo was hitting like a 175lbs fighter. Canelo gave his reaction to those comment.

“Well, I think that’s the best thing that they feel my power, that’s the best thing. I really do feel good while sparring, I feel strong and I haven’t felt the difference of the heavier fighters and that keeps me calm because I know the power that I have and simply when I would have to come down in weight by power would naturally leave” now with cutting weight not being that much of an objective for this fight in particular Canelo feels more calm and comfortable in camp.

Oscar De La Hoya gives his point of view on Canelo’s progress as he has been monitoring it heavily “he’s been handling sparring partners like Shabranskyy. You watch the sparring and the first bell rings and you say, wow, Shabranskyy is a lot bigger than Canelo and than you take a look at Canelo and the power that he has is just incredible. I was actually surprised so there’s nothing really to say, tell Canelo, he just knows what he’s doing. He has a great team and I don’t really see why people don’t give more credit to his corner. They really know what they’re doing so it doesn’t surprise me that Canelo can handle these big guys”

Vyacheslav Shabranskyy is a Ukrainian 175lbs powerhouse who’s the one who disclosed Canelo was hitting like a 175lbs fighter also doing 4 minute sparring rounds. Minor details but impressive non the less considering Shabranskyy has one of the best chins in his division and fights aggressively and physical. Making you take those details in stride by just envisioning how the sparring might play out. Trainer Chepo Reynoso also co-signs the impressive power Canelo will carry into the ring this May 6th “He looks like he’s never looked before today. He’s hitting hard, really hard. He’s relaxed and we’re all very comfortable in camp”

Canelo really does look more comfortable and it can be sensed while just speaking to him and watching how he interacts with the media and fans “Preparations are good, really good. I’ve been feeling real good and I’ve worked much harder, mentally and physically as well because I don’t have to cut that much weight so mentally and physically I’m more relaxed and that allows me to work harder and everything is going right” if we revisit his fight against Amir Khan which was the first boxing event held at the T-Mobile Arena Canelo invited special guest in attendance Gennady Golovkin into the ring

As for Canelo being kind enough to invite Golovkin once again into the ring given he is successful on the night of May 6th Canelo said “first is January then its February” leaving the door open to that possibility almost saying let me win first and than we’ll see what happens next. Tune in this May 6th live on HBO PPV in Las Vegas Nevada for what will be a Mexican Civil war and in attendance Gennady Golovkin awaits on the wings for the winner.

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