Female Boxing Championship Guidelines

From: Association of Boxing Commissions

Uniformity – Professionalism – Consistency

Female Boxing Guidelines

1) All bouts shall be scheduled for no more than then (10) rounds with each round may last up to three (3) minutes. One (1) minute between rounds.

2) Female boxers shall use NO facial cosmetics and have their hair secured with soft and non-abrasive materials.

3) The weight classes shall be the same as use by male boxers.

4) Female boxers shall wear breast protectors and groin protectors that are both properly fitted and a mouthpiece is also required.

5) Glove size: Females boxers up to and including 147 lbs., shall use 8 oz., gloves and female boxers over 147 lbs., shall use 10 oz., gloves properly fitted.

6) All female boxers must provide a negative pregnancy test prior to each bout.

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