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WBC Rules For Championship Fights

Source: Boxing Council:


WC-1 Applicable Rules. These World Championship Rules govern this and all other WBC-sanctioned championship and elimination bouts, as well as WBC affiliated titles, which shall also be governed by the WBC Rules and Regulations and in agreement with the rules of the local boxing commission where the contest is held. In the event of an inconsistency between a rule of the local commission and one contained herein, and the WBC has agreed to proceed with the bout being a WBC-sanctioned bout, the local commission shall be responsible for the enforcement of its own rules and regulations, and the WBC shall reserve its right to take appropriate actions or decisions to resolve any controversy as it may deem necessary and appropriate.

WC-2 Violations. Any violation of these rules may be cause for disqualification and/or suspension, fine, or other disciplinary action.

WC-3 Applicability of WBC Rules. Boxers or their authorized representatives shall sign these rules; but in any case, no boxer, manager, promoter, etc. can claim lack of knowledge of these and all other WBC Rules and Regulations, as they are posted on the WBC’s Internet website and available from the WBC’s offices upon request. 2

1. Twelve rounds with three minutes of action and one minute resting period, which belongs to the previously fought round.

2. Three judges using the 10-point must system. Partial rounds will be scored.
* Deliver to both camps the Judging Pocket Reminder *

3. Referee is the only one authorized to stop the fight. The ring doctor may recommended stoppage by handing the red card on to the referee who will make final decision.
* Deliver the Referee Pocket Reminder *
* Show the red and green card *

4. The bout will start at______________________________________
Fighters must be in dressing room at: ________________________

5. Bandaging will start at: ________________. Any length of crepe or gauze bandage can be used; adhesive tape must not be placed over the knuckles.

Champion camp will supervise

Challenger camp will supervise

The wrapping of both boxers must be mandatorily handed to the WBC supervisor at the end of the bout and they will be placed in sealed bags by the WBC.

6. The gloves for the fight will be of 8 ounces from strawweight up to the welterweight and of 10 ounces from superwelter to heavyweight. The gloves will be provided by the promoter unless stated in the contract.

7. The antidoping test will be performed after the bout. If any medicine was used in the last month it must be reported immediately.
* Ask both camps if medicine was taken
8. Only water and approved electrolyte beverages will be allowed during the fight.

* Ask both camps if will use electrolytes

9. Only Vaseline and Adrenaline 1/1000 are accepted in the corner. Avetine will be acceptable if both camps agree.

10. Boxer Trunk Color Corner
__________________ _________________ _______________
__________________ _________________ _______________

11. Knockdowns:
-There is no automatic TKO with 3 knockdowns in one round.

– There is no standing eight count.

– There will be a mandatory 8 count after a knockdown (when 3 parts of the body touch the canvas).

– If the ropes prevent a fighter from going down, the referee will call it a knockdown.

– If a fighter falls outside the ring and ring apron, he will have 20 seconds to come back to the ring without assistance, unless the referee orders it.

12. The bell will not save a knocked down boxer in any round.

13. Accidental Injuries from Head Butts, Elbows, or other Accidental or Illegal Actions (injury). The following description applies to injuries from not only head butts and elbows, but from any other accidental or illegal action as well.

a) Unintentional/accidental injury. When a boxer suffers a cut, abrasion, or excessive swelling due to an unintentional/accidental head butt, elbow, etc.

If the bout cannot continue:
• There will not be a point deduction.
• Technical draw if before the start of the 5th round.
• Technical decision, as per the scorecards, if after the start of 5th round.

If the bout continues:

• A point will be deducted from the uninjured boxer. This point deduction will compensate the advantages acquired by the uninjured boxer.

The referee will have the option to consult with the WBC supervisor to waive the point deduction if the cut is on the hairline upwards. If both boxers are injured, there will not be a point deduction.

-If there is an accidental injury and the bout continues and is later stopped after the start of the fifth round due to enlargement of the same cut by legal punch, it will be a technical decision as per the scorecards.

– If there is an injury caused by a legal punch and the bout can continue, and is later stopped after the start of the fifth round due to an accidental injury, it will be a technical decision as per the scorecards.

– All rounds will be scored even if it is partial round.

14. Intentional Injury. When a boxer suffers a cut, abrasion, or excessive swelling due to an intentional head butt, elbow, etc.

If the bout cannot continue:

• The offending boxer will lose by disqualification.

If the bout continues:
• Two (2) points will be deducted from the offending boxer.

– If the offending boxer is injured by his own action he will still be deducted 2 points. If the bout continues, but must later be stopped due to the same injury, it will be a technical decision as per the scorecards. This rule applies even if the injury’s severity is increased by legal punches after the initial injury, in the sole discretion of the referee. 5

Legal Punch TKO
Accidental Injury TDRAW Before 4
TDEC after 4
Intentional Injury DQ
Legal + Accidental Technical Decision WC-32
Accidental + Legal Technical Decision WC-32
Accidental + Intentional DQ WC-32
Intentional + Legal Technical Decision WC-33
Legal + Intentional DQ WC-33
Intentional + Accidental Technical Decision WC-33

15. Fouls
– The referee may deduct points at his discretion at any time for flagrant intentional fouls.

– The referee will warn boxers and may deduct points for continuous fouls.

– In case of a low blow or accidental hit after the bell, a fouled boxer may be given up to 5 minutes to recover from the foul.

– If a fouled boxer decided not to continue, he will lose by abandonment, unless the referee decides to disqualify the offending boxer at his discretion and the doctor’s opinion.
– The referee may disqualify the offending boxer after warnings, point deductions and for continuous fouls.

– If a boxer is injured by any action by himself or his corner men, he will lose by abandonment.

A list of common fouls that may be committed by boxers (or seconds, where the context is appropriate) that may be cause for penalty or disqualification is as follows:

1. Low blows (being a line encircling the body at the level of the navel). 6

2. Use of elbows, shoulders or forearms.

3. Butting with the head.

4. Hitting in the back of the head (rabbit punch).

5. Striking the kidneys or back.

6. Hitting with the inside of the glove (slapping).

7. Hitting with the back of the hand.

8. Striking with the knees, feet or any part of the legs.

9. Holding the ring ropes to hit with the other hand.

10. Hitting the opponent when part of his body is out of the ropes.

11. Hitting an opponent when he is down or getting up from the canvas.

12. Leaving the neutral corner and striking the opponent before the referee’s instructions.

13. Excessive holding the opponent or maintaining a clinch.

14. Striking after the referee’s order to “break” or “stop”.

15. Stepping on the opponent.

16. Holding the opponent’s head or body with one hand while hitting with the other.

17. Using the open hand to position or rub the glove on the opponent’s face.

18. Thumbing the opponent’s eyes.

19. Striking after the bell.

20. Crouching the body below the opponent’s belt defensively or to strike.

21. Biting or spitting on the opponent.

22. Abusing an official or using abusive or profane language.

23. Throwing objects.

24. Failing to obey the referee’s commands.

25. Turning one’s back on and walking or running away from the other boxer.

26. Spitting out the mouthpiece.

27. Cutting or mutilating the gloves.

28. Any rough tactics other than clean punches.

29. During a round, a boxer’s seconds entering the ring or stepping on the ring apron.

16. Unexpected events

If it becomes impossible to continue the fight at the discretion of the referee, the fight will be a technical draw or a technical decision depending on the round of the stoppage, (as per point 13).

17. Four seconds are allowed in the corner, only one inside the ring. If the chief corner wishes the fight to be stopped, he must climb to the ring apron and call the attention of the referee. The referee will have the final decision.

18. Both fighters must wear a mouthpiece at all times. A spare mouthpiece must be available at all times.* If a boxer loses the mouthpiece the referee must stop the action and replace it immediately. The referee may deduct points if the mouthpiece is spat out intentionally.

Ask both camps if they have 2 mouthpieces

19. If the fight has turned into a mismatch the referee may terminate the bout at his discretion.

20. The champion is recommended to wear the world champion logo in his trunks and the challenger is recommended to wear the WBC logo as well.

21. The WBC champion must enter the ring wearing the WBC green belt and hand it to the WBC supervisor prior to the start of the fight.

22. Authority of Referee. The referee has the discretion and authority to: 1) interpret and enforce these rules; 2) instruct and supervise the cornermen in their duties and responsibilities during the match, and 3) supervise all medical care of the boxers. He shall have the authority to inspect and confiscate any substance, material, or equipment used in a corner that he believes might violate these rules.

23. Instant Replay. In major controversies regarding uncertainty of origin of a cut, punches landed after the bell or any major situation that can change the outcome of the bout, the following procedure will be applied:


1. The WBC will appoint a panel in charge of instant replay. The panel will consist of the WBC Supervisor, the local commission Supervisor, and the specifically appointed monitor supervisor.

2. The promoter with the support of the television network will provide a monitor to be placed in the head table of the commission with headphones for audio commentary to receive the live feed.

3. Instant replay is limited to review (a) whether a cut or other injury to the face is the result of a punch or otherwise; or (b) whether a punch is thrown after the bell signaling the end of a round and (c) in any major situation that can change the outcome of the bout and where the replay clearly shows the actions are contradictory to the live ruling of the referee.

4. The referee may call “time out” during the bout and consult with the instant replay panel, if in doubt, as to any scenario.

5. The instant replay panel will review any controversial instance that may have occurred in any round. A determination of the referee may be overruled solely if the instant replay monitor clearly and conclusively reveals, according to each member of the panel, that the ruling of the action by the referee was mistaken in his original determination.

6. The referee may request to verify the action by watching the TV monitor or may choose to accept the panel’s recommendation.

7. Both corners and the audience will be notified of the final decision.

24. Open Scoring. The scores shall be announced after the conclusion of the bout, and also after the results of the 4th and 8th rounds have been tabulated if approved by the local boxing commission where the bout takes place.

25. Any dispute shall be decided by the local boxing commission in agreement with the WBC.

The World Boxing Council is very thankful to the Local Boxing Commission for the joint cooperation to supervise this important title match.

The World Boxing Council wishes both camps the best of luck and may the best man wins.

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