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Why Training On The Elliptical Is Good For Your Body

Posted on 04/03/2011

If the exercise bike doesn’t excite you and the treadmill doesn’t either, then perhaps you should try the elliptical machine instead. Even though the elliptical has been around for a while now, many people still observe this piece of fitness equipment in the gym and shake their heads in confusion. They don’t know what it is, and they don’t want to take a chance on it. But the truth is that the elliptical was designed to be an alternative to the treadmill. It simulates the motion of running, yet it is a low-impact exercise that is better for your body and burns additional calories. If you haven’t yet tried an elliptical machine, consider the following information. You might just change your mind.

Design. As stated clearly above, the elliptical offers a low-impact workout that is based all on its unique and effective design. The foot petals are wide and spacious, which offers more support for your feet, legs and lower body. They are also designed to fit your particular stride, which makes them adaptable for everyone. You never have to lift your fit off the pedal, as they glide in motion along with your stride. This offers a very smooth range of motion, which is something you can’t get on a treadmill. There are also handles that you can hold for additional balance and stability. These handles also move, which can give you an upper body workout at the same time as the lower body workout.

Low maintenance. Unlike the treadmill, you never have to worry about the motor of an elliptical machine breaking down or having mechanical malfunctions. The elliptical moves at your individual pace, which means that you are the motor. If you want an intense workout then you move at an intense pace. If you want a slower workout then you move at a slower pace. It’s all up to you.

Many workouts in one. When you ride a stationary bike, the best you can hope for is a tough leg workout. Even when you walk or run on the treadmill, you are only working out certain muscles. The elliptical essentially offers a total body workout, which is what makes it so effective. There is no other piece of fitness equipment that works as many muscle groups in one single workout. How does it accomplish this? Simple. The range of motion of your legs along with the simultaneous movement of your arms keeps a variety of muscles moving all at once. You can workout your back, legs, arms and even your butt at the same time, which can lead to a beautifully sculpted and toned body.

Total control. The best part about an elliptical machine is that it puts you in total control. With a variety of programmable settings, you can design a workout that matches perfectly with your specific fitness level. You can even select from predesigned workouts, ranging from aerobic to fat burn. It’s all up to you. This is perfect for individuals who prefer a low impact workout with effective results.

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