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Fitness Secrets Of The Stars

Posted on 03/26/2011

Do you long to have Jillian Michaels washboard abs, Madonna’s toned muscles or Jennifer Lopez’s luscious bottom? Sure, these stars may seem like they were born with the perfect bodies, but even they’ve had to work for them. Eating healthy and sticking to your workout regimen is only part of the equation. The rest is in the details. So, if you want to achieve similar results as these popular celebrities, try mixing in a few of the following exercise secrets:

Boxing — Believe it or not, even some of the daintiest celebrities strap on a pair of boxing gloves now and then, and step into the ring. Boxing is one of the most challenging aerobic activities there is, because it gets your heart rate up, works out your muscles and burns calories excessively. It’s a total body workout that leaves you toned and incredibly fit.

Portion Control — It sounds so simple, right? Eat smaller portions and lose weight. But portion control isn’t just about the size of your meal; it’s also about getting the right amount of calories every time you eat a meal. Former overweight stars like Jennifer Hudson and Star Jones switched their eating habits in order to lose weight by controlling their portions. Add in a regular exercise routine, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for getting in shape.

Work With A Trainer — Most celebrities consult with a trainer for professional fitness advice. Who says you can’t do the same? In reality, you probably won’t be able to afford a celebrity trainer who comes to your house and is at your beck and call every day. But you can set up training sessions with knowledgeable staff members at your local gym. They can help you create a fitness plan that works specifically for your body type, and provide you with helpful workout tips and information.

Pilates — Many celebrities turn to Pilates in order to sculpt their bodies and stay fit. Pilates works out your muscles in a simple and effective way through a series of stretches, body positions and breathing exercises. It’s become so popular, in fact, that there are now over 11 million people who practice Pilates in the Unites States alone. You could be one of them!

P90X — Believe it or not, even celebrities pop in this DVD of exercise hell and work themselves to the bone. P90X is all about muscle confusion, and this series definitely puts your muscles through the ringer. It’s an intense workout that takes a great deal of dedication and commitment, but the results are well worth the effort. Just ask Sandra Bullock. The Academy Award-winning actress swears by P90X in order to stay fit.

Yoga — Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Madonna turn to Yoga not only to stay fit but also to incorporate peace and meditation into their lives. Yoga is a great way to challenge your body and develop muscle while maintaining a sense of serenity at the same time. Yoga not only helps you stay in shape, it also reduces stress, lengthens your body and improves posture.

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