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Training and Conditioning

6 Boxing Movies to Get You Motivated to Train

By Bryanna Fissori 

There are some really great boxing movies out there, which are inspirational, compelling and motivating. This might be just what you need to light that fire before boxing class! 

In no particular order: 

Rocky (1976)

Honestly, you may not even be allowed to take a boxing class unless you have watched “Rocky”. This is arguably the greatest (or at least the most popular) boxing movie ever produced. Silvester Stallone stars as small-time fighter “Rocky Balboa” who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is chosen to fight champion boxer Apollo Creed. It is the story of an underdog with inspiring work ethic and it is a boxing essential.  


Million Dollar Baby (2004)

This is a movie has a rockstar cast which includes Hillary Swank as a female boxer just trying to get by, Clint Eastwood as a hard-nosed trainer and Morgan Freedman who plays the friend and employee of Eastwood and also the narrator for the story. This is a great plot involving a young woman beginning her boxing career later in life and her struggles to make it, which extra inspiring if you are just starting your own boxing journey. The ending has a twist that we won’t give away, but tissues are highly suggested. 


The Fighter (2010) 

The Fighter is based on the life of American boxer “Micky Ward” played by Mark Wahlberg and his half-brother brother Dicky Ekland played by an emaciated Christian Bale. The story is full of hardships that represent the reality of what happens to sometimes to athletes who don’t know what do after they are past their competitive prime. Micky is caught many times between a rock and a hard place as he tries to push ahead to regain his success. 


Creed (2015)

This can be a stand-alone movie, but will be even more awesome for those who have seen the aforementioned “Rocky”.  At least the first one. Silvester Stallone returns as a much older version of his previous character. He is tracked down by hopeful boxer by the name of “Adonis Creed,” who happens to be the son of Rocky’s long-time, but now deceased rival, “Apollo Creed”. He reluctantly becomes Creed’s trainer as they look to take on the current champion. 


Real Steel (2011)

Ok, so this movie isn’t actually about people boxing . . . well, it kind of is. Anyway, this is an awesome, heart-warming flick starring Hugh Jackman as a former boxer who now competes boxing robots, which are very similar to a real-life version of Rock-Um-Sock-Um Robots. The story has a lot to do with the evolving bond between a father and son. It is full of fun and family-friendly action scenes that will leave you ready to put on the gloves!


Cinderella Man (2005) 

Cinderella Man follows the story of real-life Irish boxer James J. Braddock during the depression era. Braddock is brilliantly played by Russell Crowe, with co-stars Rene Zellweger and Paul Giamatti. The main character is a high-level fighter in the state of New Jersey before the depression hits. He suffers a tough loss that causes his career to spiral. Soon he is barely able to feed his family and on the brink of losing absolutely everything. This is an inspiring story of second chances in a time when few were given. 


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