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Dmitry Kudryashov To Make MMA Debut

Posted on 07/18/2019

By: Blaine Henry

Dmitry Kudryashov (23-3, 3 KOs) is set to make a move over to MMA. The Russian Hammer will fight on Fight Nights Global on October 12th in Moscow, Russia.

Kudryashov was a former WBA International and WBC silver cruiserweight champion. With tremendous power in his fists, Dmitry Kudryashov will headline the card according to Fight Nights Global president, Kamil Gadzhiev.

“It would be correct to say that October night in Moscow will be headlined by Dmitry Kudryashov. About a year ago we happened to talk with him about a possible MMA fight. I have cherished the idea for a long time. I think it’s finally time that this idea can be implemented,” says Gadzhiev.

Dmitry Kudryashov competed in the World Boxing Super Series and lost to Yunier Dorticos in the first leg of the tournament. Dorticos is now in the cruiserweight finals. Kudryashov went on to win his next two bouts after losing his last fight to Ilunga Makabu in June.

An opponent for Kudryashov has not yet been selected. It is unclear if Dmitry Kudryashov intends to stay competing in mixed martial arts or if there a return to boxing any time soon.

Fight Nights Global is one of the biggest mixed martial arts promotions in the world. Based out of Russia, the promotion has some of the best talent outside the UFC. Some of the most popular talent coming out of Fight Nights Global is Diego Brandão, Fedor Emelianenko, Joanna Jędrzejczyk, Nikita Krylov, Antonio Silva, and Tim Sylvia.

Being a cruiserweight, Dmitry Kudryashov will likely fight at 93kg (205 pounds). I MMA, that is considered the light heavyweight division. Kudryashov, having plenty of combat sports experience, will likely use that experience to cross over, training for a completely different sport. While some of his skills, like punching speed and power, will transfer over, he will need to learn a new set is skills to compete at the highest level in mixed martial arts.

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Original Gangster: Antandil Khurtsidze Arrested In Organized Crime Roundup

Posted on 06/09/2017

Original Gangster: Antandil Khurtsidze Arrested In Organized Crime Roundup
By: Sean Crose

Okay, I admit that title is a bit disingenuous. The truth is that here in the United States of America, one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Therefore, middleweight Antandil Khurtsidze, who was arrested on Wednesday in a roundup of people reputedly connected to what the United States’ Attorney of the Southern District of New York referred to as “a Russian and Georgian Criminal Enterprise,” has done nothing wrong in the eyes of society. Still, the man is now up on charges and his upcoming title bout with Billy Joe Saunders is at least temporarily kaput. That does not constitute a good day.


Specifically, Khurtsidze, a 33-2-2 product of the nation of Georgia who now lives in Brooklyn, is standing accused of conspiring to commit wire fraud and with breaking the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act. If convicted, the man can face decades in prison, be fined a ton of money and eventually end up under supervised release. The group Khurtsidze is reputedly connected to is known as the Shulaya Enterprise, a Russian/Georgian crime syndicate led by one Razhden Shulaya.

Among the Enterprise’s alleged operations are: illegal poker establishments in Brighton Beach, the extortion of gamblers and business owners, the attempted high tech defrauding of casinos, the theft of 10,000 pounds of chocolate (it’s true), the theft of other cargo shipments, the employment of a female Enterprise member to lure in and rob unsuspecting males (after rendering the victim’s unconscious with gas), the movement of untaxed cigarettes, the intention to open an after hours club (where, among other things, illegal narcotics would be sold), plans to bribe law enforcement, and forgery. With an assortment of charges, such as a “murder for hire conspiracy” and “conspiracy to sell firearms to a felon” lodged against its members, the Shulaya Enterprise appears to be quite a fearsome group – at least on paper.

All of this, of course, leaves middleweight titlist Billy Joe Saunders high and dry. He and Khurtsidze were supposed to fight in England this July. Now that his opponent has far more pressing things to attend to, Saunders will have to wait for another opportunity to fight. This, of course, only adds to the strangeness of Saunders’ title reign, which has consisted of twitter rants, long periods of time outside the ring and a ho-hum performance against Artur Akavov last December.

Still, Saunders’ future looks to be far brighter than Khurtsidze’s is at the moment. Sometimes it’s good to put everything in perspective.

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