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Robson Conceicao Dominates Xavier Martinez

Posted on 01/30/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Robson Conceicao raised his hands jubilantly in the air following 12 hard rounds against Oscar Valdez.

The Brazilian native not only believed that he had just scored the biggest win of his career but more importantly, his championship dreams were simply moments from being realized. But while Conceicao smiled widely, his grin was immediately wiped away seconds later as Valdez was awarded the unanimous decision victory following their September 2021 showdown.

Though he was incensed, Conceicao vowed to bounce back and work his way back to a world title. Following his lopsided one over Xavier Martinez earlier tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Conceicao now finds himself back on the championship hunt.

Though the 33-year-old former Olympic gold medalist has primarily been known as a boxer throughout his career, he pushed the pace from the opening bell.

A confident and seemingly still angry Conceicao landed several flush jabs in the first two minutes of their contest, an indicator as to what the night was going to be like for Martinez. In an effort to keep his distance, Martinez flashed a high guard and began deflecting the shots of his man off his gloves.

With his initial offensive attack failing him, Conceicao began working the body. As the former amateur standout continued to focus his attack on the lower part of his man, he connected on several left and right hooks, some of which left Martinez on wobbly legs.

Throughout the duration of their contest, Martinez appeared to be out of answers. Unlike his showdown against Valdez where Conceicao seemed to take his foot off the gas, he continued to pressure the former undefeated 130 pound contender.

With his unblemished record slipping through his fingers, Martinez blasted Conceicao with a straight right hook with just a few seconds left in the 10th. It was the best moment of the night for Martinez, however, he was unable to string together a series of punches to wrestle away the momentum.

As their contest officially came to an end, Conceicao knew he dominated the action and was rewarded with the unanimous decision victory.

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Oscar Valdez Grinds Out Tough Decision Win Over Robson Conceicao

Posted on 09/11/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Robson Conceicao kept quiet for the past few days. The former 2016 Olympic gold medalist was well aware of the positive drug test produced by Oscar Valdez and the subsequent controversy that emerged from it.

In the end, the 32-year-old simply vowed to strip Valdez of his WBC super featherweight title. Yet, in front of a pro-Valdez crowd, at the Casino Del Sol, in Tucson Arizona, Conceicao was forced to accept defeat for the first time in his career.

Despite heading into his first world title fight, Conceicao appeared cool, calm, and collected. He kicked off the first round with a strong and consistent jab. With Conceicao holding a five-inch reach advantage, he made sure he used all of it. He boxed, moved, used his legs, and peppered Valdez with strong combinations.

A lethargic Valdez appeared slow and uninspired. As the bell rang to begin the start of the second round, Valdez was seemingly stuck in the mud. The two-division world champion simply couldn’t get his offense going and Conceicao continued to take full advantage.

As the Brazilian began pulling ahead, he attempted to earn a few style points. During the early goings, Valdez missed with a huge right hand. Conceicao smiled, placed his hand on his head, and looked into the crowd as if he was saying Valdez missed his right hook by a mile.

The showboating ways of Conceicao wouldn’t last long, however, as Valdez began finding his rhythm. With stablemate Canelo Alvarez vehemently cheering him on, Valdez connected on a mesmerizing one-two combination that visibly shook his man. Alvarez rose to his feet, as did the rest of the crowd, that in turn, motivated Valdez. The 30-year-old world champion pushed Conceicao back and had his best round of the night.

Despite the swing in momentum, Conceicao carried himself as though he was dominating the fight. The 32-year-old continued to showboat while getting his offense going. In the ninth round, however, things took an awkward turn for the worst. After engaging in a bit of clinch work, Conceicao tapped Valdez in the back of the head lightly. Those actions ultimately led referee Tony Zaino to take one point from Conceicao.

During the championship rounds, Valdez begged and pleaded with Conceicao to stand in the middle of the ring and swap fists as opposed to boxing and moving. The Brazilian native ignored the request of Valdez and continued to box. While he had moments of success, it was the aggressive nature of the WBC belt holder that ultimately led to him winning a close unanimous decision on the night.

With his title safely draped over his shoulders, Valdez didn’t mince words when asked who he would like to fight next.

“We want the winner of Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson,” said Valdez following his win. “Their great champions.”

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Robson Conceicao: “I’m Here To Slay Goliath”

Posted on 09/10/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Robson Conceicao was none too pleased with what took place earlier this week.

The former 2016 Olympic gold medalist was perturbed when news broke that Oscar Valdez, his upcoming opponent, tested positive for Phentermine. While it appeared as though Conceicao would lose his opportunity to dethrone Valdez for his WBC lightweight title, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Athletic Commission looked the other way, opting to look past the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association’s drug-testing rules and instead, abided by the World Anti-Doping Agency’s rules, which allows Valdez to take the substance outside of competition.

Although Conceicao has all rights to be apoplectic with what took place, the multiple-time Olympian has instead decided to sweep the matter under the rug. With everything out of his control, Conceicao is placing his focus on stripping Valdez of his world title.

“Not only the past week, all of training camp was difficult,” said Conceicao. “As far as what took place, what happened has happened. There’s nothing I can do about that, other than concentrate on the fight and beating him to become the new world champion.”

As for his championship hopes, Conceicao is just a few short hours from turning his dreams into a reality. The two are slated to face off later on tonight in Tucson Arizona at the Casino Del Sol.

Currently, the 32-year-old Brazilian is pegged as a significant underdog. Although he’s made numerous trips to the Olympic Games, holds a gold medal and an unbeaten record, Valdez is viewed as one of the best fighters in all of boxing, regardless of weight classes.

Recently, Valdez added to his credentials, dishing out a one-sided beating against Miguel Berchelt earlier this year. Despite most expecting Valdez to suffer a stoppage defeat, the Mexican native fought flawlessly on the night, dropping Berchelt several times over before ending things with a deleterious overhand left which saw Berchelt knocked unconscious well before his head bounced off the canvas.

Conceicao acknowledges the accomplishments of his upcoming opponent. But considering that the former gold medalist is the bigger man, he believes the division will have a new champion in short order.

“I am bigger than Valdez but he is the bigger name. He is the Goliath in this David vs. Goliath battle. I’m here to slay Goliath.”

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