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John Ryder Stuns Daniel Jacobs, Scores Upset In London

Posted on 02/12/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Daniel Jacobs admitted that he was disappointed in his performance in his last ring appearance against Gabriel Rosado. While Jacobs was tabbed and expected to walk right through his man, he struggled throughout before eking out a close split decision victory.

With Jacobs taking a bit of time off to reset, the former IBF middleweight champion claimed that he was both mentally and physically prepared to make a statement against John Ryder. However, following 12 rounds of mostly mundane action, Jacobs found himself on the wrong end of the scorecards.

Jacobs came out fired up as he made his ring walk, while Ryder’s fans rained boo’s upon the foreigner. Before the opening bell rang, Jacobs stood in the center of the ring and waited for Ryder to meet him there. Although Jacobs came meaning business, he quickly retreated the moment the first round got going.

The Brooklyn native boxed on his back foot and appeared content with landing one shot at a time. Ryder though, knew good and well that he had to get on the inside. With each attempt, however, Jacobs simply stuck a strong jab directly in his face then slipped out of the way of Ryder’s return fire.

It was much of the same in the second period. Jacobs glided effortlessly from orthodox to southpaw, leaving Ryder bemused by what was taking place in front of him. There was no sense of urgency from Jacobs, even after he connected on numerous unanswered shots.

In rounds three and four, Ryder placed his hands up high and marched forward. Jacobs though, continued to move around the ring smoothly. He pumped out his ever-consistent jab but it bounced meaninglessly off the gloves of the British warrior. A consistent attack to the body pushed Jacobs back into the ropes but the former titlist dealt with the pressure of the rough and rugged contender just fine.

As the midway point of their contest came rolling by, a smiling Jacobs waltzed to the center of the ring. However, moments later, Ryder gave him nothing to smile about. Several right hands by the shorter 168 pound contender caught the attention of Jacobs. Seemingly, with the moment in his corner, Ryder continued to push the pace in the seventh.

The once quick feet of Jacobs appeared to be moving in quicksand as he was unable to hit and move like he once was in the first few rounds. Ryder attacked the midsection, landed straight lefts, and physically leaned on Jacobs over and over again.

On wobbly legs and a bruised right eye, Jacobs was no longer fleet of foot. He stood his ground against the ropes and fought on the inside, something that Ryder accepted with open arms. For the duration of their contest, Ryder dictated the pace and forced Jacobs to fight uncomfortably.

Seemingly stunned on several occasions, Jacobs did manage to make the final bell with relative ease. But, despite doing so, Jacobs was none too pleased with the final decision. Judge Marcus McDonnell believed Jacobs did just enough to leave the arena with his hand raised in victory, scoring it 115-113 in his favor.

Ultimately, McDonnell was overruled by Mike Fitzgerald and Jean-Robert Lane, who scored it 115-113 in favor of Ryder. An elated Ryder jumped into the air the moment the decision was made, officially securing the biggest victory of his career.

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Eddie Hearn Gives His Honest Thoughts On Daniel Jacobs: “If He Loses To John Ryder, That’s The End Of His Career”

Posted on 01/07/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Daniel Jacobs has always found his name near the top of the middleweight division. After watching his transient IBF title reign come to an end at the hands of Canelo Alvarez in 2019, Jacobs made the move to abandon the one weight class he’s known his entire career.

As of now, the New York native has enjoyed his newfound success as a super middleweight but his performances have left much to be desired. In December of 2020, Jacobs scored a fifth-round stoppage win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. In his next ring appearance, Jacobs was viewed as a heavy favorite against fringe contender Gabriel Rosado. Yet, despite the backing of the betting public, Jacobs struggled mightily with the Philadelphia native. While he would ultimately go on to pick up the split decision win, Jacobs has been embroiled in controversy as many believe Rosado was given a raw deal.

With two victories at 168 pounds now under his belt, Jacobs is set to return to the ring against John Ryder. The two are officially set to square off on February 12th, at Alexandra Palace in London.

Although Jacobs has enjoyed a long and fruitful career, according to promoter Eddie Hearn, if the former two-time middleweight champion fails to live up to his normally lofty standards, it could mean the light at the end of his boxing tunnel is within striking distance.

“For Danny Jacobs, it’s must win,” said Hearn during an interview with Matchroom Boxing. “If he loses in London to John Ryder, I think that’s the end of his career.”

For the 33-year-old Ryder, he’ll look to put further distance between himself and what he believes was a robbery during his showdown against Callum Smith in 2019. Despite Smith being tabbed as head and shoulders above his man, the former WBA 168 pound titlist was given all he could handle. Although Smith managed to retain his world title, Ryder was incredulous with the final result.

Since his controversial defeat, Ryder has reeled off two consecutive victories, including a fifth-round stoppage win over Jozef Jurko in September of 2021.

Presently, considering his recent form, Ryder will saunter into his showdown against Jacobs extremely confident. Still, while Hearn views Ryder as a live dog, he urges the super middleweight contender to look past the lackluster performance of Jacobs and take the former titleholder seriously.

“Danny Jacobs performance against Rosado was under par but Danny Jacobs is an elite super middleweight. He’s a world-class fighter and he’ll be looking to make a big statement. John Ryder will need to produce the performance of his career to beat Daniel Jacobs.”

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Daniel Jacobs Vs. John Ryder Set For February 12th Clash

Posted on 12/20/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Daniel Jacobs will look to bounce back from a subpar performance as he’s officially set to take on John Ryder.

As first reported by Sports Illustrated, both sides have agreed to a deal that will see them square off in the main event on February 12th, in London on DAZN.

Ryder, 33, will look to build upon his current two-fight win streak when he takes on Jacobs. Following his controversial unanimous decision loss to Callum Smith in November of 2019, Ryder saw his stock skyrocket. With many in boxing circles believing the rough and rugged contender did more than enough to snag the victory, Ryder has simply shrugged off the disappointing outcome to reel off two straight victories.

In September of 2021, his only appearance of the year, Ryder violently stopped journeymen Jozef Jurko in the fifth round of their showdown. Although Ryder has swapped fists with several former world champions, including Smith and former two-division titlist, Billy Joe Saunders, Jacobs figures to be quite possibly the most difficult challenge of his career.

Since watching his transient middleweight title reign come to an end at the hands of Canelo Alvarez in May of 2019, Jacobs has made a successful transition to the super middleweight division. Officially, the New York native has picked up back-to-back victories at 168 pounds. However, his most recent trip to the ring ended in controversy.

Though he was pegged as a significant favorite against fringe contender Gabriel Rosado in November of 2020, Jacobs struggled mightily throughout. Still, despite what many believed was a clear win for Rosado, Jacobs eked out a close split decision victory. Shortly after, Jacobs admitted that his contentious rivalry with Rosado clouded his better judgment in their contest, leading to his poor performance.

With Jacobs now reunited with long-time head trainer Andre Rozier, the former middleweight titlist will look to emerge as a top contender at 168 pounds with a victory over Ryder.

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John Ryder Making His Way To Dallas, Willing To Save The Day And Step In For Billy Joe Saunders Against Canelo Alvarez

Posted on 05/04/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Callum Smith and John Ryder Weigh in ahead of their WBA World, WBC Diamond and Ring Magazine Super-Middleweight title fight tomorrow night at The M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool. 22nd November 2019 Picture By Mark Robinson.

With Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders squabbling over the size of the ring, their showdown, which was due to take place this coming Saturday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas, is in serious jeopardy.

Realizing that the entire event could go down the drain, super middleweight contender John Ryder has thrown on his cape in an effort to save the day.

In fact, Ryder is currently flying out to Dallas as we speak.

“I was always due to go out to Dallas,” said Ryder to Sky Sports. “Eddie wanted me to get out there and do a bit of promotion, for my up and coming fight in June, so I was always heading out there. But I mean if he gives me the call, I’ll pack the gum shield and protector.”

Issues between Alvarez and Saunders came to light earlier this week. The British product was initially under the impression that their unification contest would take place in a 24 ft ring. Yet, the moment Saunders and his team were given the opportunity to examine the ring up close, they quickly realized that it was significantly smaller.

According to Tom Saunders, father of Billy Joe, team Alvarez produced an 18 ft ring. Once he balked at the idea of his son stepping into such a small ring, team Alvarez offered to increase the size by 2 ft. Still, a 20 ft ring was unsatisfactory to team Saunders. While they were of the belief that their showdown would take place in a 24 ft ring, Tom stated that at minimum, the ring would have to measure at least 22 ft. Once broached with the idea, team Alvarez grew apoplectic and gave Saunders only one option.

“They’ve said it’s either 20 foot or book your flights home,” said Tom Saunders during an interview with IFL TV. “He (Billy Joe Saunders) wants to go home. We’re not going to take this bullshit anymore.”

Regardless of team Saunders standing their ground and threatening to walk, Ryder believes that their contest is simply too close to fall apart now.

“I think it’s smoke and mirrors. I think he’s going to get what he wants. You don’t come this far in a fight to let it go at the last minute, because of a couple of foot. It’s something that should have been settled at the start of negotiations. One of the first things. Sort out your purse, sort out the ring, sort out whether you are walking first or second, or whatever. It should have been tied up ages ago.”

For Ryder, the super middleweight contender was lauded for his efforts against then, WBC titlist Callum Smith in November of 2019. While he came up short on the scorecards, many who watched their contest believed he did more than enough to walk away with the win.

Given how much Ryder enjoys getting into a brawl, the smaller ring wouldn’t be an issue for him. And, more importantly, he’d be willing to step in to save the day as long as he’s compensated for it.

“Listen, I’d do it outside the pub on a Saturday night for free, so put a bit of financial motivation behind it, definitely.”

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