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PBC on FS1 Results: Vargas and Molina are Victorious

Posted on 12/16/2017

By: Ken Hissner

TGB Promotions over Premier Boxing Champions USA Fox Sports 1 Friday promoted four ten’s that any could be a main event at the Pioneer Event Center in Lancaster, CA.

Photo Credit: Pete Young: Premier Boxing Champions

Returning after 13 months the two-time division world champion Jessie “Ruthless” Vargas, 28-2 (10), of Las Vegas, NV, shut out an unwilling Aaron “La Joya” Herrera, 33-8-1 (22), of Yucatan, MEX, over 10 lopsided rounds.

In the first round both boxers were feeling each other out with Vargas easily outworking Herrera who hardly threw any punches. At the end of the round Vargas landed a right to the head of Herrera. In the second round Vargas opened up with a double left hook to the head of the defense minded Herrera. Herrera spent the first several minutes looking like he was shadow boxing with hardly throwing anything at Vargas.

In the third round it was more of all Vargas. For some reason Herrera is doing more bob and weaving than throwing punches. In the fourth and fifth rounds Vargas continued to box and land left hooks to the head of the defensive minded Herrera. In the sixth round while inside Herrera finally went to the body of Vargas with several body shots. Vargas came right back working the jab and halfway through the round Vargas landed a left and right dropping Herrera. Referee Jack Reiss gave him a good look and allowed Herrera to continue. Vargas didn’t go in for the finish allowing Herrera to get through the round.

In the seventh round Vargas with new trainer the former Hall of Fame boxer Michael McCallum fought very relaxed not rushing himself. His jab continued to set up Herrera. Herrera landed several body punches but was countered by a Vargas left hook to the head. In the eighth round Vargas kept the one sided bout at the end of his jab while Herrera showed a lot of wasted energy with little punching.

In the ninth round Vargas followed his jab with a left hook to the head of Herrera. Herrera had fought the entire fight like a man with his hands tied. Vargas started with a right of a 3-punch combination to the head of Herrera. Herrera landed a rare left hook to the head of Vargas who countered him with a combination to the head. In the tenth and final round Vargas looked to end it opening up on Herrera. A double left hook from Vargas with the second one rocking Herrera moved him back several steps.

The three judges and this writer had it 100-89. “First of All I am happy returning on PBC. I plan to improve with my next fight and was disappointed not stopping Herrera who kept coming forward. I look forward to coming back in March God willing”, said Vargas. Being off for 13 months Vargas went back to college.

In the Co-Main Event Welterweight Diego “La Joya” Garbriel Chaves, 26-3-1 (22), of Bueno Aires, ARG, was stopped by Jamal “Shango” James, 22-1 (10), Minneapolis, MN, at 2:12 of the third round.

In the first round there was no feeling out with both fighters throwing bombs. The taller James used a good jab while backing up. Chaves was coming forward landing with both hands. In the second round Chaves landed a double left hook making James holding on. With a minute left in the round James finally landed a big right to the head of Chaves. Chaves comes back with left hooks to the body of James.

In the third round the shorter Chaves jumped into James landing a left hook to the chin. James was using a good jab backing Chaves up. James landed five rights to the head of Chaves ending it with a vicious left hook to the mid-section dropping Chaves for the count.

John “The Gladiator” Molina, Jr., 30-7-3 (24), of Covina, CA, came back from a knockdown to stop Ukranian southpaw Ivan Redkach, 23-2 (16), of L.A., CA, at 1:27 of the fourth round.

In the first round Molina moved forward but hardly threw a punch with the southpaw Redkach outworking him. It was halfway through the round before Molina threw a right but missed hitting the ropes. Redkach landed a good left to the chin shortly afterwards. At the end of the round Molina hit Redkach on the left shoulder and Redkach went down but referee Eddie Hernandez, Sr. called it a slip. In the second round Molina got more accurate but Redkach got the better of it. In less than a minute left in the round Redkach dropped Molina after a dozen punches with only one coming back from Molina with Redkach landing a left followed by a right to the chin.

In the third round Redkach landed a straight left to the chin of Molina making him hold on. Molina was throwing wide punches hitting air. Suddenly Molina feinted several rights and threw one on the chin of Redkach dropping him knocking his mouthpiece out. Referee Hernandez tried putting the mouthpiece back in but the corner wouldn’t come up so Hernandez put it in. It gave Redkach some time to re-coup. Molina jumped on him landed wild wide punches that Redkach didn’t seem to be able to duck. In the fourth round Molina came out firing hurting Redkach with one right hand after another to the head. Redkach tried fighting back but was overwhelmed by Molina right hands. A left drove Redkach into the referee and down he went. The referee waved it off.

It was a slugfest with Molina showing his age at 35 but Redkach couldn’t match him with his power.

Super welterweight Nigerian Wale “Lucky Boy” Omotoso, 27-3 (21), of Oxnard, CA, won a hard fought decision over Freddy “The Rail” Hernandez, 34-9 (22), of Mexico City, MEX, over 10 rounds.

In the first round both boxers were using their jabs while Omotoso was missing with right hands. Shortly afterwards he was landing a left hook to the chin of Hernandez. In the second round after several misses with his right Omotoso landed one on the chin of Hernandez. Hernandez was landing with the jab until an Omotoso left hook to the chin of Hernandez. Hernandez landed a solid left hook to the chin of Omotoso. Then Hernandez pinned Omotoso in the corner landing well until Omotoso knocked out Hernandez’s mouthpiece with a left hook to the chin. It was a very close round.

In the third round Hernandez landed a solid straight right to the chin of Omotoso. After a clash of heads referee Jack Reiss checked both boxers. Omotoso went after Hernandez landing several right hands to the head. In the fourth round Omotoso being the smaller of the two had been counter punching which wasn’t his normal aggressive style. When he did come forward he did much better. Hernandez had some swelling near the left eye at the end of the round.

In the fifth round Hernandez was still the aggressor using his jab at all times. Omotoso needed to pick up his offense in the round. With less than a minute to go Hernandez was landing well backing Omotoso into a corner with no return punching. Halfway through the round it was close with Hernandez possibly holding an edge. In the sixth round Omotoso came out firing and backing Hernandez up in the first half of the round. With about a minute left in the round both boxers landed right hands to each others head. Hernandez landed a good right cross to the head of Omotoso who landed the final punch of the round a left hook to the chin.

In the seventh round the action began to pick up with Hernandez landing long rights over a good jab. Omotoso was landing with left hooks and throwing more in the past two rounds. In the eighth round Hernandez was doubling up on his jab and landed a good left uppercut to the chin of Omotoso. A left followed by a right from Omotoso had Hernandez hurt falling back and holding on when Omotoso moved in. It was a big round for Omotoso in the second half. At the end of the round Hernandez seemed confused thinking it was an eight round bout not a ten.

In the ninth round both were mixing it up good with Omotoso having an edge. Near the end of the round Omotoso accidently clashed heads with Hernandez who came out of it with a cut on the outside of his left eye. In the tenth and final round Hernandez may have sensed he was behind throwing long rights to the head of Omotoso. The fight was mostly all head punches from both.

It was a somewhat sloppy fight with neither boxer looking to be a threat to any of the champions in the super welterweight division.

Judges scores were 100-90, 97-93 and 96-94 same as this writers.

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Golden Boy Live on Fox Sports 1 Results: Fantasy Springs on Fox Sports

Posted on 05/01/2015

by : Matthew N. Becher

In the week leading up to the ‘Fight of the Century’ between Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, boxing fans are being treated to a slew of boxing cards to get ready before Saturday’s main event.

Tonight, Golden Boy Promotions put together a card in Indio, California featuring young prospects to champion contenders.

Jason Quigley (5-0 5KO) vs. Joshua Snyder (9-11-1 3KO) Super Middleweights

The young prospect Jason Quigley came into this fight after flying into California to do some extra sparring with Shane Mosley Jr. What he ended up doing was getting some extra rounds in with the living legend, “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

The beginning of the fight was momentarily delayed due to Snyder’s elbow sleeve, very similar to the one that NBA basketball players wear, and the commission had to make sure it was approved at ringside.

As soon as the bell rang, Quigley came out throwing heavy power punches. The 23-year-old Quigley showed his dominance in power immediately and it didn’t take long for him to end this fight.

Snyder was able to last through the first round, but was hit by a big left hook, right cross combination that brought him crashing to the canvas 44 seconds into the second round, giving Quigley his 6th professional win and knockout.

Result: Jason Quigley KO 2 0:44

Jeffrey Fontanez (15-1 11KO) vs. Jose Hernandez (15-9-1 7KO) Lightweights

Jeffrey Fontanez is a 22-year-old Puerto Rican prospect with a great amateur background, who is just coming off of his first loss, last year to Gilberto Gonzalez. Jose Hernandez is a 28-year-old veteran, who may be on his way out of the sport. This fight may have ended up making that decision for him.

Hernandez came out very aggressive, throwing wildly and not accurately. Fontanez took advantage of this by countering his opponents missed shots. Fontanez began working the body, which immediately had his opponent drop his arms, leaving Hernandez completely opened for a 3-punch combination that dropped him to the canvas.

After getting up at the eight count, Hernandez looked very dazed, and was quickly attacked with a barrage of punches by Fontanez when referee Pat Russell jumped in to stop the fight in round one.

Result: Fontanez TKO 1 1:43

Mercito Gesta (28-1-1 16KO) vs. Carlos Molina (17-2 7KO) Super Lightweights

Mercito Gesta and Carlos Molina are both in need of a win. They are both trying to get back into title fights.

Gesta coming off of back to back wins, looks to continue his streak after losing in an IBF title fight in 2012 against Miguel Vazquez. Carlos Molina is coming off of back to back losses, the only of his career, against two world champions: first to Amir Khan and then again last year to Adrien Broner.

From the opening bell, Gesta came out of his corner with his hand raised to touch gloves with Molina, and was welcomed with a strong straight jab to the face. The fighters skipped the “feeling out stage” and began throwing heavy shots immediately, with Molina landing more punches.

Both fighters continued the power punches into the second round, Molina stalking the mobile Gesta, who used his footwork to his advantage until both fighters met with a flurry in the center of the ring.

The third round started to turn Gesta’s way, the latter moving in and out with his shots, while Molina was looking to land a really big punch. Both fighters landed with a flurry of punches towards the end of the round.

In the fourth, Gesta began switching from an orthodox to southpaw stance and connecting with his speedy combinations. Molina became more stationary and started to get confused by Gesta’s new stance and speed.

The fifth had Gesta bouncing on his feet, continuing his in-and-out game plan, getting out of the pocket after his flurry. Molina slowed down a bit, but started to sit down on his punches more.

The sixth was a much better round, as Molina starting to move his body more, and pumping out his jab. Gesta continued bouncing around the ring, and controlling the tempo. Molina’s face was swelling and both men continued to throw flurries at the end of each round.

Molina continued coming forward in the seventh, eight and ninth rounds, while Gesta moved laterally, picking his shots and moving out. Molina was landing his shots cleaner, while Gesta was landing the flashier shots.

The final round had both fighters come out swinging. Each man’s corner told their respective fighter that they would need the final round to win.

Gesta moved in for a quick flurry of shots, while Molina landed a couple of power rights to Gesta’s head.

Result: 98-92 Molina, 96-94 Gesta, 95-95 Split Draw

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