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Yordenis Ugas: “Going Into The [Manny Pacquiao] Fight, My Arm Remained Swollen But I Didn’t Feel Any Pain”

Posted on 08/26/2021

By: Hans Themistode

There was something incredibly odd about Yordenis Ugas.

The Cuban native removed his shirt during last weekend’s weigh-ins for his contest against Manny Pacquiao and revealed an unbelievable physique. But while Ugas appeared to be in the best shape of his professional career, something seemed off.

Although Ugas is one of the bigger welterweights in the division, the WBA 147 pound champion appeared bigger than normal, particularly to his left bicep.

Numerous video footage surfaced of Ugas grimacing in pain. Several fans and media members took the time to examine the footage closely and came to the conclusion that Ugas mostly likely tore his bicep muscle, something his camp vehemently denied. While Ugas went on to not only defeat Pacquiao but he ultimately used his left hand effectively, landing an indefensible jab all night long, and proving that his left arm was just fine.

With constant rumors and speculation surrounding his grotesque left bicep, Ugas revealed that he did, in fact, suffer an injury. But, it took place long before he entered the ring.

“I injured my bicep several weeks ago during sparring,” said Ugas during an interview with Ringsideviews. “I wasn’t scheduled to fight Pacquiao yet. I continued training but I did stop sparring.”

Not only did Ugas produce a severely left swollen arm but during their final staredown, the 35-year-old appeared to wince in considerable pain on several occasions. Despite that, Ugas went on to frustrate the future Hall of Famer on the night.

Numerous jabs upstairs, followed by left hands to the body and over the top of Pacquiao’s guard, seemingly left him puzzled on what to do next. Although Ugas was more reserved in his offensive output, throwing more than 400 fewer punches than Pacquiao, he was ultimately the more efficient of the two, landing over 37% of his total shots to the 16% of Pacquiao. Nevertheless, his decision to choose quality over quantity, had nothing to do with his left bicep.

On the outside looking in, Ugas is fully aware that he appeared to be a one-armed fighter. But, he assures everyone, that while it was ostensible his arm was in bad shape, he felt no level of discomfort whatsoever.

“Going into the fight, my arm remained 100% swollen but I didn’t feel any pain.”

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