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With an Impressive Victory Gervonta Davis Believes He’s Top 5 Pound For Pound

By: Hans Themistode

Gervonta Davis (22-0, 21 KOs) is a star. Or at least, that is what Mayweather promotions believes. 

After a disappointing 2018, in which Davis entered the ring just once, Davis will be making his third appearance on the 2019 calendar when he takes on former champion, although long faded, Yuriokis Gamboa (30-2, 18 KOs). The contest is set to take place tonight at the State Farm Arena, in Atlanta Georgia. 

Let’s backtrack for a second. 

As previously mentioned, Davis is viewed as a star. Yet, he is seldom, if ever, mentioned on any reputable pound for pound list. 

Is Davis a star? It’s hard to argue against it. 

He has sold out show after show this year and has been bombarded with autograph request whenever he is seen in the public eye. 

However, having star power and being considered one of the best fighters in the world are two different things. In an ideal world, any fighter would rather the latter. Having screaming and adoring fans are great, but what does it truly mean if no one believes you are one of the best in the world? 

A win against Gamboa would prove that Davis is in fact a pound for pound level fighter. If this fight had taken place about five years ago. 

Gamboa is clearly past his prime, but at one point in his career, he was considered one of the very best fighters in the world. His 2014 contest against Terence Crawford is still considered by many to be the most difficult contest for who many believe is the best pound for pound fighter in Crawford.

“I watched the Crawford vs. Gamboa fight, that’s the fight I actually keep watching,” said Davis. “Gamboa was touching him up in the beginning of rounds because Crawford was too wide. So, I took that and tried to not be wide, like throwing a lot of round punches.”

If Davis is concerned with that version of Gamboa showing up tonight, then he certainly has nothing to worry about. 

Outside of Gamboa and his camp, no one is expecting him to put up much of a fight, let alone win. It may not seem like a big contest on the outside looking in, but for Davis this is his opportunity to make a huge statement. 

When Crawford and Gamboa met in 2014, although it was a competitive matchup, Gamboa was ultimately stopped in the ninth round. That seemingly doesn’t bold well for Gamboa as Davis has stopped all but one opponent. 

The questions surrounding Davis and his pound for pound ranking will be officially be put to bed if he can manage to stop Gamboa faster than Crawford did.

“If I do, it would tell that I’m top five, pound-for-pound, for sure.”

If Davis truly believes that a top five pound for pound spot awaits him with an impressive stoppage victory over Gamboa than we might as well pencil in his spot now. 

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