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Unbeaten Sebastian “Towering Inferno” Fundora Wins on ShoBox

Posted on 06/22/2019

By: Ken Hissner

Sampson Boxing and Paco Promotions Presented a card Friday at the WinnaVegas Casino & Resort, in Sloan, Iowa, over USA Showtime. In the Main Event Super Welterweight Sebastion “The Towering Inferno” Fundora of California stopped Manuel “Baby” Zepeda of Mexico at the end of four.

In the Main Event 6:05 1/2 Super Welterweight southpaw Sebastion “The Towering Inferno” Fundora, 13-0 (9), 152 3/4, of Coachella, CA, easily stopped Manuel “Baby” Zepeda, 17-1 (4), 152 1/4, of Tijuana, Mexico, after 4 rounds when Zepeda’s corner refused to let him continue.

In the first round Zepeda did good body work backing up against the much taller Fundora. Fundora continued pressing forward after this for the remainder of the round landing punches 2-1 over Zepeda. In the second and third rounds Fundora drove Zepeda into the ropes with both hands landing. Zepeda spent the entire round on the defense for the most part.

In the third round being warned by his trainer to start fighting or he will stop the fight. It didn’t help much as he showed Fundora too much respect. Fundora had an easy round. Before the round started in the fourth round the trainer told the referee Mark Nelson he was stopping it.

Unbeaten Lightweight prospect Michel “La Zarza” Rivera, 16-0 (10), 135, from Santo Domingo, DR, easily defeated Rene “El Bravo” Tellez Giron, 13-1 (7), 134 1/2, of Queretaro, Mexico, over 8 rounds.

In the first round Giron immediatly came out fast against the taller Rivera who was using his jab to set up Giron but failed to throw the right. Midway through the round referee Adam Holland warned Rivera for leaning on Giron who came in low. Rivera picked up the action in the final minute with flurries.

In the second round Rivera was having his way while Giron was missing wild left hooks. Rivera used his height and reach well but got hit with a left hook on the chin in the final seconds of the round. In the third round Rivera landed half a dozen punches mostly to the head of Giron who was against the ropes. Giron then punched back getting Rivera to back up several steps. In the final seconds of the round both fighters were throwing punches.

In the fourth round Giron finally landed a couple of those wild left hooks leaping at Rivera on the chin. Rivera came back to control the ring for the most part but got warned several times for pushing Giron. In the fifth round a combination from Rivera halfway through the round drew blood from the nose of Giron. Giron seemed to slow down quite a bit in this round as Rivera was landing right uppercuts to the chin of Giron.

In the sixth round Rivera kept Giron at arms-length for the most part. The shorter Giron was frustrated at times not able to get inside. In the seventh round Giron worked the body of Rivera trying to slow down his punches thrown.

In the eighth and final round Giron kept coming in low with Rivera landing uppercuts at will on the chin. In the final seconds of the fight Giron’s left hooks fell short and he got countered by Rivera rights to the chin. A right to the chin from Rivera dropped Giron. He took the count getting up not looking hurt. Rivera kept up outworking Giron up to the final bell.

Scores were Hoyle and LaFratte 78-73 twice and Mora 79-72 as did this writer have it.

Lightweight southpaw Yeis Gabriel Solano, 15-0 (10), 134 ½, of Monteria, Colombia, won a hard fought split decision over Elias “El Macho” Damian Araujo, 20-2 (8), 133 ¾, of Santa Fe, Argentina, over 8 rounds.

In the first round it was close with Araujo pressing the action while the younger soutpaw Solano countered him well. In the second round Araujo kept Solano against the ropes for the most part. Araujo had over 100 amatuer fights and as many professional fights that Solano had as an amateur.

In the third round Araujo continued pinpointing his punches as solano against the ropes threw as many punches but less effective. This was a carbon copy of the previous round.

In the fourth round Solano tried to keep the fight in the middle of the ring but it didn’t last for more than a minute of the round. A left hand counter from Solano put Araujo back several steps. He followed up shortly thereafter hurting Araujo again with a left hand close to the back of the head. The younger Solano may have punched himself out in the final minute of the round being back to the ropes. Solano landed a half push and punch driving Araujo into the bottom of the ropes from a right hook to the back of the head. Araujo took an 8 count from referee Mark Nelson. He was able to get through the final seconds of the round.
In the fifth round Araujo kept Solano against the ropes with body punching.

When Solano was able to back up Araujo he would get pushed into the ropes. In the sixth round Araujo had Solano back against the ropes. The younger less experienced Solano may feel he needs to “rest” against the ropes saving energy but he is getting outpunched by the lighter punching Araujo.

In the seventh round Solano was back on the ropes within seconds. Halfway through the round Solano rocked Araujo with a right hook driving him back several steps. Araujo in the middle of the ring came in head low and was getting hit with Solano right hooks to the side and back of the head. Araujo was looking more tired than the younger Solano.

In the eighth and final round it was Araujo with wild power shots driving solano back to the ropes. Solano spent most of the round in the corner before sliding over against the ropes.

Scores were Mora 76-75 for Solano, LaFratte 77-74 Araujo and Hoyle 78-73 Solano. This writer had it 76-75 for Araujo.

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