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Showtime Boxing Results: Rios vs. Antillon

By: William Holmes

Top Rank Promotions brings another one of their top fighters to the Showtime network as undefeated Brandon Rios takes on top contender Urbano Antillon live from Carson, California. They will be fighting for the WBA lightweight championship belt. Also fighting on the card will be former IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintron against Carlos Molina in junior middleweight affair. This will be Brandon Rios’ big opportunity to show that he has ability to headline a card and put on an exciting show for boxing fans.

Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank

Kermit Cintron (32-3-1) vs. Carlos Molina (18-4-2); Junior Middleweight

Round 1:

It is immediately apparent that Contrin has a large reach and height advantage on Molina. Cintron throwing out a few jabs and lands a short inside left hook. Molina comes in with a short left hook and throws a few jabs to the body of Cintron. Cintron lands an overhand right. Cintron’s jab is starting to land more cleanly and regularly. Both fighters are attempting to establish their jabs. Molin’a jab starting to connect more often. Molin comes in and hits a few body shots. Cintron loses his balance and the ref rules it is not a knockdown. Molina closed out the round stronger than Cintron, and because of that I give him this round. 10-9 for Molina.

Round 2:

Cintron comes out a little more aggressively and attempts to establish his jab in the center of the ring. Molina hits CIntron with a nice overhand right. Molina hits a left and right to the head that gets the crowd excited. Molina starting tho throw more aggressively and lands some nice hooks to the body. CIntron catches Molina with a hook to the head as Molina tries to come in. Action begins to slow down in the end of the second round. Molina lands a few jabs to the body. Molina really trying to set up his right hand and lands a few jabs. Cintron catches Molina coming in with a short hook. Tough round to score, but Cintron’s jabs do not appear to be affecting Molina. I score it 10-9 for Molina.

Round 3:

Cintron lands a nice overhand right on Molina. Cintron tries to set up a hard overhand right on Molina. Molina catches Cintron with a jab and lands two hooks to the body. Molina continuing to work on Cintron’s body. Cintron lands a nice right cross. Molina catches Cintron with a straight right that draws a reaction from the crowd. Another very close round, Molina seems to land some nice shots to the body of Cintron, and lands more punches when both boxers are tied up. Molina has been closing out the rounds very well so far to steal the round. Cintron misses with a 1-2 combination coming in. 10-9 round for Molina.

Round 4:

Molina lands a jab to the body and head, Cintron still appears to be trying to find his range. Cintron momentarily loses his balance again when tied up with Molina. Milona starting to work on Cintron’s body more frequently. Cintron noticeably having difficulty finding his range. Molina has been hitting Cintron when he’s been coming in, Cintron has been missing. Molina pushes Cintron against the corner, and hits Cintron with a few small combinations. Hard right hand for Molina. Cintron just appears slow and rusty. 10-9 round for Molina.

Round 5:

Cintron’s corner tried to encourage him before the round begins. Cintron still missing with his punches, but Molina lands when he trhwos. Molina working on Cintron’s body. Molina staying persistent with his jab, and lands a beautiful right hand that causes Cintron to back up. Molina lands two nice jabs to Cintron’s face. Cintron lands a nice straight right to Molina, probably the first significant punch he landed of the night. Molina hurts Cintron against the ropes. 10-9 round for Molina again.

Round 6:

Cintron throws a few jabs, and appears to have heard the words of his corner and tries to be more aggressive. Cintron appears he may have blood coming down his nose. Molina hits CIntron with a hard right hand. Cintron’s face is starting to get mangled. Molina lands a hard right hand to Cintron, and appears to hit him with a short back fist before they tied up. Molina starting to get the crowd’s attention and hits him with a few hard shots. Molina really starting to take over the fight. Cintron finally lands a nice overhand right, and also hits him with a hook. Molina comes in and hits Cintron with a nice right. Cintron lands a nice let hook to Molina. Molina’s punches are getting a reaction from the crowd. 10-9 round for Molina.

Round 7:

Cintron still trying to throw, but is trouble finding his range. Molina landings a nice two punch combination to Cintron. Cintron still trying to throw his jabs, but they miss, and Molina’s don’t. Molina comes in and hits Cintron with a hard overhand right and two punches to the body. Cintron tries to throw a two punch combination but misses. Cintron catches Molina with a nice left hook, but Molina answers with a left hook right hand combination. Cintron lands a jab, but can’t answer with his follow up cross. Molina lands a nice two punch combination to Cintron near the end of the round. 10-9 round for Molina.

Round 8:

Cintron snaps out his jab and lands a few. Molina answers with a multi punch combination to the body of Cintron. Molina is being praised by the announcers. Press row also scores it 69-64 so far. Molina with a nice two punch combination to Cintron. Cintron just looks flat. Molina comes in with a two punch combination. Molina mixing it up nicely with a his body and head shots. Molina throws combinations and occasionally eats counters, but clearly being momre effective during exchanges. Molina appears to have hurt Cintron, and his struggling to stay upright at the ropes. 10-9 round for Molina.

Round 9:

Molina catches Cintron with a lead hook as he tries to come in. Molina lands as nice jab to the body and follows with an overhand right. Molina’s bodhy shots appear to have been working so far. Catches Cintron again with a lead right, and follows with a jab. Cintron is short with his overhand right hands. Molina lands a nice straight right, and I think Cintron is hurting in his body. Molina must sense it as he begins to apply more pressure and traps CIntron with combinations against the ropes. Cintron is losing this fight badly. Molina lands a nice left hook to Cintron. Molina throwing nice combinations to Cintron’s body and head. Another 10-9 round for Molina.

Round 10:

Cintron lands a nice overhand right on Molina. Cintron lands a few more shots, but Molina also answers with a hook. Molina throws a few combinations, and traps CIntorn with a few combinations against the ropes. Crowd is staring to get excited. Molina lands a nice combination to Cintron again the ropes. CIntron lands a hard right hand on Molina that appears to hurt him. Too little too late, and Molina ends the round coming in. 10-9 round for Cintron, but Molina should win.

Judges score it

Cintron:92 Molina: 98 all three judges

Brandon Rios (27-0-1) vs. Urbano Antillon (28-2); Lightweight

Rios Vs. Antillon

Round 1

Antillon and Rios both landing continuous shots from the bell. Rios looks to be the aggressor however Antillion is countering with hand speed edge. Antillion not answering back for Rios uppercuts. Rios’s lands a one two and is dominating with two strait upper cuts. Antillon hit Rios on the hip which is a chavez move. Rios ended the round with a three piece combo.

Antillon cut on the bridge of the nose in the first round

Roound 2

Antillion left hook followed by stiff jab. Rios needs room to work. Anillon is bleeding from nose. Double left hook by Antillon. Antillon is ripping away with body shots downstairs. Rios almost put Antillon down with a sweet right hand uppercut. Rios is working the chin with strait jabs. Rios is untouched while Antillon is bleeding purfusly. Rios laughing in his opponents face as the bell rings.

Round 3

Brandon Rios put Antillon down at 241 with a swift uppercut early in the round. Antillon down but quicly resumes. Rios is overcoming Antillon with hooks and uppercuts . Antillon throwing desperate haymakers and is in trouble. Both exchanging hooks with Antillon stuck on the ropes. Antillon misses a wild haymaker and Rios returns with a solid uppercut. Antillion falls knocked out with 9 seconds left. Antillon had no answer for Rios speed. Antillon was pumbled by Rios.

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