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Q&A Tomasz Adamek: “I’m Stronger, Taller, Better” Than Hopkins

Posted on 03/30/2009

IBF Cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek talked to on Monday afternoon about the prospects of one of 2009’s biggest boxing events – a fascinating clash with living legend Bernard Hopkins which the world’s #1 cruiserweight still has hopes of being made:

BoxingInsider: What was your reaction when you heard Hopkins and Golden Boy offered you the paltry sum of $500,000?

Tomasz Adamek: I’m fighter. My job is in the ring. I have to depend on Ziggy (Rozalski, manager) and Pat English (lawyer), they work for me with Golden Boy. If Ziggy says we have a good deal for you, I’m ready. When Ziggy says, No good, we want to stop negotiation. This negotiation I give to Ziggy, he’s my boss. He’s a good businessman. He knows what is good for me.

BoxingInsider: Has there been any new news regarding this negotiation process with Hopkins and Golden Boy?

Tomasz Adamek: When the negotiation gets better I’m ready. I’m champion. I will give Hopkins great big fight. Whoever it is Hopkins, Jones, Johnson, I’m ready.

BoxingInsider: Hopkins is an extraordinary great champion, one of the greatest in history. If the fight ultimately does get made, what most concerns you about him and his style?

Tomasz Adamek: He’s a great boxer, great champion. But I think I’m stronger, I’m taller, I’m better. I’m ready to meet with him in the ring – only when my lawyer and Ziggy makes contract.

BoxingInsider: Going back to the KO win over Johnathon Banks, how did you feel about your performance?

Tomasz Adamek: I wasn’t tired. I felt fresh. Now I’m ready and hungry for hard training and fight. I had a short camp for Banks fight – maybe eight weeks. I can make weight now – I’m natural cruiserweight. After the fight with Banks I could have fought the next week because I felt fresh.

BoxingInsider: Did Banks do anything in the fight which you did not expect? Were there any surprises from Banks?

Tomasz Adamek: I expect everything from every opponent. Every opponent has two hands. Andrej (Gmitruk) my coach tell me what he think I should do, he’s a good smart coach, I did what he tell.

BoxingInsider: Back to Hopkins, do you still have hope that this fight can and will be made?

Tomasz Adamek: I hope. I have always hope. But I wait on the information from Ziggy and Pat English. I’m ready to come back to hard training. I’ll wait.

BoxingInsider: Bernard Hopkins will read this interview. Would you like to say a few closing comments directly to Hopkins? About how much money would be a fair offer.

Tomasz Adamek: I want to tell him I have respect for him. He’s a great champion but I want to fight with him. I have respect for every one of my opponents – it’s my job.

BoxingInsider: How much money should he pay you?

Tomasz Adamek: I would like the most (means I would like the most I can possibly get, not the lion’s share of the purse). The negotiation is with Ziggy and Pat English. When they say it’s a good deal with me, I’m ready.”

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