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Lucrative Mayweather-McGregor Novelty Bout Officially Set For August 26th

Posted on 06/14/2017

Lucrative Mayweather-McGregor Novelty Bout Officially Set For August 26th
By: Sean Crose

Cue John Williams’ famous theme to the movie “Jaws.” The shark is heading to shore. For the much hyped, hoped for, and hated Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match is set to go down at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas on August 26th. “IT’S OFFICIAL!!!” Mayweather boasted on his Twitter account. And indeed it is – to the delight of some and the ire of others. The fight will highlight a pay per view card hosted by Showtime, which means fans will have to pay out of pocket for this one or stream it illegally. Those intrigued by the matchup, however, surely don’t care.


It became increasingly obvious that Mayweather, whose record is 49-0, would face McGregor, a loud, bullying UFC star who has never had a professional boxing match in his life, when Mayweather put the date of August 26th on hold at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas. The hold on that date was removed, but after a Wednesday meeting with the Nevada State Athletic Commission came the fireworks, via Mayweather’s announcement.

In truth, this fight means nothing by way of boxing’s current pecking order unless McGregor, who is essentially a boxing novice, stuns the pound for pound great in an upset for the ages, or performs so brilliantly in defeat that attention must be paid. Indeed, Mayweather’s quite clear he’s in this one for the money. McGregor, on the other hand, acts as if he truly believes he has a chance. And perhaps he does. Most boxing analysts simply don’t think so.

None of that will stop the hype train for this, however. Mayweather, who has done time for being an abuser, and who leads an openly hedonistic lifestyle, has long been seen by the world at large as a rogue. McGregor, too, likes playing the bad guy, swaggering about in Gottiesque fashion and mercilessly mocking all those who oppose him. Yet both men have huge, almost fanatic fanbases. Mayweather fans are fiercely – almost comically – loyal, while McGregor fans tend to goofily encourage the Irish native’s anti-social behavior. Mayweather and McGregor may not be nice guys, but that might actually be the reason they appeal to significant swaths of fans.

As much money and attention as the fight is sure to bring in, there are concerns that another Mayweather dominated dud could impact the reviving popularity of boxing. For Mayweather’s twelve round fight against Manny Pacquiao brought in tons of money, but little fan approval. Mayweather is a ring tactician, after all, not a thrilling fighter. And many, if not most, expect him to dominant McGregor come August. Then, of course, there’s the matter of race, always a hot button issue. Those who argue McGregor would never have gotten the fight if her weren’t white might have a point. And, in the hyper, nearly idiotic, defensive mood the nation finds itself in, the verbal jabs of two major league mouths might lead to some drama no one wants to see unfold.

With that in mind UFC honcho Dana White has said the weight limit for the bout will be at 154 pounds, making it a junior middleweight affair. The bout will also go twelve rounds, be held at the T-Mobile arena in Vegas and and be fought with 10 oz. gloves.

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