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Live Report: Floyd Mayweather Media Work Out

By Eric Duran

Floyd “Money” Mayweather held a open media workout today in Las Vegas. An estimated 300 media outlets from around the world gathered at the event. Hundreds of fans also lined the parking lot just to get a glimpse of the current, pound for pound, champion of the world. In Mayweather fashion, he arrived approximately one-and-a-half hours late.

Before beginning his workout, Mayweather answered questions from the print media.

(Photo: USA Today)

As Mayweather spoke, you got the feeling May 2nd cannot come quick enough.

“I don’t enjoy [boxing] as much as I once did,” he said.

“It’s become a business, this is my job,” stated Mayweather. His mood seemed somber as he spoke in a low, soft voice. It was though he realized the magnitude of success he achieved over his career.

“I sat down with Leonard and Almandine told them that I wanted to be the first fighter to ever make 100 million for a fight,” said Mayweather. Mayweather was also quick to mention that it wasn’t just about money, that legacy played a big part in this fight coming together.

“From day one I’ve been instrumental in making this fight happen. It wasn’t easy but I continued to push for it,” stated Mayweather.

Mayweather insisted that the timing for this is perfect.

“Five years ago we have been the best two fighters in the world, but we weren’t global stars yet,” stated Mayweather. Mayweather went on to say, “everything is about timing, we’re both household names now, our names have grown outside the sport. There are no regrets at all about how long it took to make the fight.”

Although Mayweather spoke about legacy, he doesn’t feel that winning or losing will determine his place in history.

“My career shouldn’t be defined by one fight,” stated Mayweather. “I’ve broken all the records and I’m going to do so again.”

Mayweather said he isn’t concerned about the hype surrounding his fight with Manny Pacquiao, insisting the focus should be in the actual fight itself. “it’s about two Hall of Fame fighters, fighting each other,” stated Mayweather.

When the focus shifted to the actual fight, Mayweathers mood changed.

“He’s a very reckless fighter. I’ll adjust as the fight goes and capitalize on his mistakes,” stated Mayweather. He went on to say that at the press conference to announce the mega-fight, he believes Pacquiao was surprised by his size.

“Manny wears little lifts in his shoes to make him look taller. He didn’t realize what a big welterweight I am, even though I walk around between 150-152,” stated Mayweather.

When asked about his celebrity outside of the ring, Mayweather was to say, “it should always be about what I do inside the ring, but expect an over the top ring entrance.” He was adamant that his camp has been going great and that he could go twelve hard rounds today.

Mayweather also expressed concern because of how recent judging is once again giving boxing a bad name, saying, “the judges judge how they want to judge, but we definitely need new judges.”

As questions came to a close, Mayweather reminded everyone how he has been so successful.

“We’ll see what [Pacquiao] brings to the table. I’ve been on the top for so long because every move is calculated 5-10 steps ahead of time,” stated Mayweather.

“When the book is finished on Floyd, they’ll say he was great.”

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