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Hearn Open To Promoting More Celebrity Boxing

Posted on 11/19/2019

By: Sean Crose

Although the DAZN streaming service is clearly uninterested in presenting subscription buy numbers to the public, promoter Eddie Hearn may be indicating that this month’s Logan Paul – KSI boxing rematch was a financial success. Why? Because Hearn has expressed interest in promoting other novelty bouts. “After promoting his first YouTuber event,” claims Sky Sports, “Hearn would consider staging another in the future, and revealed how big names had contacted him about a potential next bout.” Although Hearn made it clear he doesn’t want the sport of boxing to be demeaned, he still came across as intrigued by the possibilities.

“Would I encourage more of this, I have to say yes, at this moment in time,” the promoter was quoted as saying, “I would, but at the right time, the appropriate time, whilst still respecting the code of the sport.”

Although many in the boxing world rolled their eyes at the Logan-Paul KSI rematch, the two YouTube stars clearly prepared for the event and gave it their all in the ring. What’s more – and perhaps most importantly – their huge fan bases appeared to walk away from the event happy. The fact that the fight itself was rather exciting – if sloppy – no doubt helped matters. 

Having apparently had success with Logan Paul – KSI 2, which went down at LA’s Staples Center and aired live on DAZN, it makes sense that Hearn is interested in continuing to go down a profitable route. He also seems willing – in public at least – to not let things devolve into the level of farce. Whatever else could be said about Logan Paul and KSI, few would argue that they didn’t take their showdown seriously. It may not have been a high quality boxing match – but the two fighters were clearly respecting the dangerous sport they were engaged in that night (if only the same could be said for all active boxers). 

“Everybody gave them stick from the boxing community,” Hearn said of Logan and KSI, “but now you have to give them respect, because they always say you don’t get the respect of the community until you step through the ropes. They’ve done it twice now, on the biggest of stages.” The question now, of course, is whether or not other people outside the fight game would take a boxing match so seriously. They should, especially if they choose to engage in a professional match. Too many people get hurt and/or die for the sport to be taken lightly. 

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