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Floyd Is Now Ducking Pacquiao Questions

Posted on 11/23/2009

Floyd Mayweather was invited to be a guest on the George Lopez TV show in Los Angeles but has ducked and dodged his way out of the appearance once he learned he would have to face questions about boxing Manny Pacquiao, has learned.

This is just further evidence that Mayweather has already decided to duck the fight and that sending Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer unknowingly to Las Vegas to supposedly begin negotiations is likely just another silly smokescreen from the Mayweather camp.

If he were so confident, wouldn’t Mayweather be keen to talk about Pacquiao on national airwaves as a way to help build up the fight, or at least state his case on why negotiations should sway in his favor? Wouldn’t Mayweather love the chance to gain more exposure and fame so that he can try to become a household name, the face of boxing and one of the biggest superstars in all of sports and entertainment?

What is there to hide? Now Floyd has reached the point that he even fears simple questions about Manny Pacquiao from a TV show host? What the heck is going on?

Leonard Ellerbe is out there saying it will be an easy fight for Floyd. Floyd has said on numerous occasions that Manny Pacquiao knows he can’t beat me because he’s one dimensional, etc.

People, don’t get your hopes up. I’ll say it again. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is not going to happen – because Floyd is so frightened he can’t even answer questions about Pacquiao now. And you think he would ever step in the ring with him? No chance.

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