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Errol Spence Jr Still Waiting on Clearance: “I Can’t Spar Yet”

By: Hans Themistode

Errol Spence Jr had everything you could ever ask for. Millions of dollars in his bank account, two Welterweight titles and worldwide recognition as one of the best fighters around. But just when he was on top of the world, he was nearly thrown from the mountain top due to a horrific car accident. 

The sports car of Spence was unrecognizable as it flipped over several times and sent the unified Welterweight titlist flying from his seat. News of Spence surviving the crash was a relief, but serious injuries seemed to be a forgone conclusion. Yet somehow, some way,  he walked away without a scratch. 

Minor scrapes and busted out teeth made the boxing world and his fans wipe their collective brow. On the outside looking in, a few dental issues seemed like a good trade off for the sort of wreck he was in. But he isn’t exactly out of the woods just yet.

“I have no restrictions in my training except sparring,” Spence told co-hosts and former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “I can’t spar yet because I got my teeth knocked out. They put two posts in my mouth, well, three posts in my mouth. I’m waiting on them to heal. And once they heal, then I’ll get my permanent teeth. And then I’ll be able to spar.”

Over the past two months, sports fans around the world have been bored out of their minds. Not only are they forced to stay inside due to COVID-19, but there isn’t a single sport that is currently being played to help pass the time. Classic fights from the 70s, 80s and 90s are appreciated, but fans have grown restless. 

Everyone might be tired of COVID-19 but in a weird way, it has been a blessing for Spence.

“In all actuality, this pandemic has really been helping me out a lot. Basically [with] recovery and just taking my time to get back. But I’m already back. I’m a hundred percent. I went to a facility in Cleveland, where they checked me out, checked my brain, gave me MRIs and things like that, and everything went well. So, everything’s been going good. I think I’m 100-percent healthy and in shape.”

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