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Davis Pagan: The Nicest Boxer in Britain

By: Oliver McManus

Davis Pagan is known as “the nicest boxer in Britain” but he’s not just a humble man, he’s also a fantastically talented fighter with an 8-1 record as a super-welterweight; his one career loss was a fluke to Sonny Whiting and was avenged a mere three months later.

Aged just 27, the Basildon resident has been a pro for just over two years and is looking to consolidate on some solid foundations thus far and turn 2018 into his biggest fighting year yet – anyway, here’s what he had to say;

So you’ve been a pro since April 2016, 9 fights so far, how would you assess your career to date?

I believe I have had a successful start to my career despite a minor blip which I avenged soon after but I’ve already headlined a small show and boxed abroad and I’m very proud of all my friends and family who always turn out in force to support me! Each fight experience is one I’ll never forget thanks to everybody’s support!

And you’ve already been out in the ring this year, how often do you want to fight over the course of 2018?

I like to keep busy as I learn every fight so the more fights I can fit in the more on my way to be a more complete fighter so as long as everybody still interested in coming to support it’ll be possible to get out 4 more times this year.

I want to ask you about your fight with Andrei Dolhozhyieu, in Finland, how did that opportunity come about?

My stablemate Juho Haapoja who was European Cruiserweight champion at the time was headlining a show in his hometown in Finland so he managed to get me on with him which I’m very grateful for and also very thankful to all the Finnish people involved for making me feel so welcome.

Now you’re an MTK fighter, how influential has that link-up been?

I’m not an MTK signed fighter (oops, sorry) but I have good links with them getting me on their shows my manager Dereck and MTK cooperate well so really appreciative to get on the shows which are growing to be a huge platform for fighters.

I’m always interested, as a boxer, when you’re injured how do you maintain motivation to get back and fight?

I’ve been injured a few times including now and it does get you down and you end up feeling a bit lost but I try and keep positive and adapt my training methods to accommodate the injury, it’s more of a mental battle as I feel I’m losing opportunities to fight, but I’m a firm believer in everything for a reason.

Let’s talk about something a bit different, your Winston Churchill tattoo, just what was behind that?

I’m very patriotic and a proud Englishman so what better what way to show that than have one of the greatest British icons on me (laughs) – I’m very interested in British history and love how he rallied Britain in times of hardship, we also share the same birthday too.

Now , I’ve been told you’re the nicest boxer in Britain, is that true?
Hahaha!! Who told you that!? Don’t tell my future opponents! I heard people say it about me a few times but I bet my wife would say otherwise whilst I’m dieting and coming up to a fight! I always treat people how I’d like to be treated so maybe it comes from that?

And finally mate, what’s next for you? Any goals over the next 12 months?
I just want to keep busy and gain experience but before 2018 is over I want to be having a belt of some description around my waist!

There you are then, not just a nice guy but a bloody good boxer – Davis Pagan has proven himself in the ring, no less so than in his revenge victory over Sonny Whiting in which he displayed a boxing intelligence lacking in many; the super welterweight was last out at the beginning of March with an emphatic points victory over, durable, Andrei Hramyka; for the rest of 2018 and, indeed, Pagan’s career we will just have to wait and see what gets delivered.

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