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Christian Carto Wins 11th Straight KO at SugarHouse Casino Friday

By: Ken Hissner

Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions in Association with David Feldman returned before a standing room only crowd to the SugarHouse Casino Friday night with a 10 bout card.

In the Main Event South Philadelphia sensation Christian Carto, 11-0 (11), stopped Ugandan out of St. Paul, MN, Phillip Adyako, 7-10 (4), at 2:43 of the second round.

As Carto took his walk to the ring the many supporters of him were on their feet cheering. In the opening round Carto looked much taller than Adyako and used his jab effectively keeping Adyako on the defense. Carto landed a right to the body followed by a left hook to the head of Adyako. Halfway through the round Carto landed a lead right followed with a left hook both to the head rocking Adyako. Just prior to the bell Carto landed a pair of left uppercuts to the chin and followed by a left hook to the head of Adyako.

In the second round Carto landed a left hook to the head of Adyako knocking him back several feet stunning him. Carto jumped on Adyako landing a dozen unanswered punches without return causing referee Gary Rosato to wave it off.
Carto is scheduled September 22nd at the SugarHouse Casino. In the corner for Carto were trainer Mickey Rosati, Jr., and cut-man Joey Eye.

In the co-feature super welterweight southpaw Erik Spring, 10-1-2 (1), of Reading, pulled out a majority decision over southpaw David Wilson, 5-1-1 (1), out of New Haven, CT, over 6 rounds.

In the opening round both southpaws used their jabs for the first minute until Wilson opened up with Spring countering. A lead left from Wilson to the chin of Spring rocked him. In the second round both boxers opened up with wild right hooks. Wilson used several left uppercuts to the body and chin of Spring to control the round having Spring on the defense.
In the third round Spring landed a good combination making Wilson tie him up. It was a wild swinging round with more misses than landing punches.

In the fourth round Wilson continued to be the aggressor landing lead overhand lefts followed by right uppercuts keeping Spring on the defense. Both continued throwing haymakers with few landing. In the fifth round Spring started fast going to the body of Wilson digging in uppercuts. Spring became more aggressive backing Wilson up though the latter got his punches in. Spring seemed to pull out the round. In the sixth and final round Spring came out fast landing right hooks to the head of Wilson who came back with little in return. It was the best round of the bout with Spring rocking Wilson with a lead left to the chin. Wilson suffered a slight cut to the left eye brow. Referee was Blair Talmadge.

Judge LaRosa had it 57-57 while judges Hill and Poturaj had it 58-56. This writer had it 57-57.

Both boxers were returning to the ring after 2 years. Whitmore entered the ring with his usual Afro wig, gold chain and sun glasses to the delight of the fans. Cruiserweight Khalib “Big Foot” Whitmore, 6-2 (5), of Philly, was stopped by Elvin Sanchez, 8-3-1 (6), Paterson, NJ, at 1:54 of the second round scoring a knockdown.

In the opening round Whitmore landed a straight left to the chin of Sanchez stopping him in his tracks. Sanchez midway through the round landed a solid left hook to the head of Whitmore. Both showed some ring rust. In the second Sanchez came out southpaw and it was bombs away for both fighters with Whitmore getting the best of it. A left uppercut by Sanchez to the chin of Whitmore put him down. He got up after referee Rosato’s count but looked out of it. Sanchez jumped all over Whitmore driving him into a neutral corner causing referee Rosato to call a halt. Whitmore wasn’t happy with the stoppage but it looked like the right call.

In the fight of the night Super featherweight Antonio “The Tiger” Dubose, 9-2-1 (2), of Philly, scored a knockdown in an action packed fight defeating Josh Manuel Crespo, 7-5-3 (3), of New Haven, CT, over 6 rounds.

In the opening round Dubose rocked Crespo with an overhand right to the chin. Crespo came right back with a right to the chin of Dubose. In an all action packed round Dubose seemed to pull it out. In the second round it was Dubose rocking Crespo with a straight right to the side of the head. Dubose landed five unanswered punches before Crespo landed a body shot. Dubose got the fans to their feet dropping Crespo with a flurry of punches. After referee Talmadge’s 8-count from a Dubose flurry of punches Crespo got up but seemed lucky to be saved by the bell. In the third round Dubose used a variety of punches easily taking the round as Crespo seemed to take the round off.

In the fourth round the action continued with Crespo going to the body with uppercuts. Dubose was on the defense up until the 10 second warning and had Crespo out on his feet starting with a lead right to the chin following up with a combination at the bell. In the fifth round a low blow by Crespo gave Dubose only about 15 seconds to rest. Near the end of an action packed round Dubose missed with a lead right but followed with a left hook to the head of Crespo getting his attention. In the sixth and final round Crespo looking for a knockout landed a 3-punch combination to the body and head of Dubose who was using an effective jab up until then. Crespo’s legs seemed shaky but kept plodding forward until a Dubose right to the chin stopped him in his tracks near the end of the round and the fight. The fans appreciated this scrap.

Judges Adam Friscia and John Poturaj scored it 58-55 while judge Dewey LaRosa and this writer had it 60-53.

Super middleweight Brandon “B-Rob” Robinson, 5-1 (4), of Upper Darby, PA, destroyed Shane Pearson, 2-2 (2), of Statesville, NC, at 0:25 of the second round by technical KO.

In the opening round Pearson was the aggressor though throwing few punches as Robinson was content in countering and doing it well. In the second round Robinson returned to form and landed a dozen unanswered punches. Referee Talmidge was stepping in and backed out until Pearson hit the canvas face down. Talmidge immediately called in the ringside physician without a count.

Welterweight southpaw Vinnie Floyd, 3-3-1 (2), of Philly, lost to Marquis “Marvelous” Taylor, 7-1 (0), out of Houston, TX, over 6 round’s.

In the first round it was ugly with too much holding mostly on Taylor’s part. Floyd did just enough to take the round. Floyd was trying to make it a fight but Taylor was jabbing and grabbing. In the second round Taylor pushed Floyd to the ropes with borderline punches with Floyd landing one chopping left getting Taylor off of him. Floyd followed up with a pair of straight lefts to Taylor’s head knocking him back several feet. In the third round it was more of the same with Taylor getting away with rabbit punches and questionable low punches.

In the fourth round Taylor landed another rabbit punch on the back of Floyd’s head getting a warning from referee Rosato. Taylor keeps coming in low landing body shots. Floyd allows Taylor to push him to the ropes landing only too few counter lefts to the head of Taylor In the fifth round Taylor rocked Floyd with an overhand right to the chin. Taylor got warned for a low blow from referee Rosato. Floyd can’t seem to get untracked with Taylor pushing him to the ropes and using so many dirty tactics. In the sixth and final round Taylor landed a solid left hook to the chin of Floyd. Taylor landed half a dozen unanswered punches having Floyd backed to the ropes. For Floyd it was a learning experience.

All 3 judges, Hill, Frisica and LaRosa had it 60-54. This writer had it 59-55.

Super lightweight Demetrius Williams, 1-3 (0), of Philly, lost a lackluster decision to Reading southpaw Kashon Hutchinson, 3-3 (1), over 4 rounds.

In the opening round southpaw Hutchinson seemed to take an edge in a close round. In the second round it was Williams taking control in taking the round. In the third round it seemed Williams got very defensive giving Hutchinson the round. In the fourth and final round with Hutchinson continuing coming forward mostly landing the jab and an occasional straight left seemed to want it more. Williams landed several lead rights but not enough to take the round. Talmadge was the referee.

All 3 judges along with this writer had it 39-37.

Bantamweight Jerrod “Golden” Minor, Philly, 1-0 (1) halted Steven Lopez, 0-2 (0), of Philly, at 2:34 of the 4th and last round. Referee Rosato’s stoppage was questionable even though Minor won every round. Lopez deserved to go the distance. It was a slugfest throughout all four rounds.

Super lightweight southpaw Shamsudden “Silent Killa” Justice, 1-0 (1), of Philly, in his debut halted late sub Matthew “Titos” Gosalves, 0-3 (0), of Lancaster, PA, at 2:11 of the 4th and final round.

In the first round it was all Justice trying to go for an early knockout. Halfway through the round Gosalves finally settled down from being on the run to stand his ground. Gosalves was a late substitute. In the second round Justice chased and Gosalves survived. Near the end of the round Justice finally decided to go to the body with a three punch combination hurting Gosalves.

In the third round Justice continued with uppercuts to the body. With plenty of fans behind him Justice seemed to want to play to the crowd instead of concentrating on doing what his father-trainer Zahir Justice wanted him to do. In the fourth and final round you could sense referee Rosato wanted to stop the lopsided match and did to the regret of Gosalves.

Houston, TX, Cruiserweight Christian Montano, 2-0 (1), scored 3 knockdowns in stopping Dameron Kirby, 0-1 (0), of Wash. DC.

Marc Abrams was the publicist. Alex Barbosa was the Ring Announcer. Fred Blumstein was the timekeeper. Kings Promotion will be back September 29th at the 2300 Arena.

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