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Christian Carto and Jerome Conquest Win in South Philly Friday

By: Ken Hissner

Kings Promotions returned to the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia Friday featuring former National Golden Glove champion and current unbeaten bantamweight Christian Carto of South Philly.

In the Main Event bantamweight Christian Carto, 12-0 (11), of Philadelphia, went the distance for the first time easily defeating a game southpaw in Alonso “El Elegante” Melendez, 14-2 (12), of Chihuahua, MEX, over 8 rounds.

In the first round the taller Melendez used his reach but Carto landed several right hand body shots. Carto landed a flurry of punches without return to the delight of his many followers. In the second round a lead right from Carto to the chin of Melendez stopped him in his tracks. Carto followed-up with a 3-punch combination but ran into a left hand counter from Melendez to the chin. Carto landed four punches to the body of Melendez. In the third round Melendez landed a good right hook to the head of Carto. Melendez landed a right jab and was countered by a Carto left hook to the chin. Carto landed solid punches on two separate occasions to the chin of Melendez some twenty seconds apart. In the fourth round a left hook from Carto drew blood from the nose of Melendez. Carto jumped on Melendez landing a solid right uppercut to the chin. Melendez landed a counter left to the chin of Carto.

In the fifth round a lead right from Carto to the chin of Melendez backed him up several steps. Carto landed four unanswered punches to the body and head of Melendez. In the sixth round Melendez landed a left to the face of Carto who returned four punches to the head without return. In the seventh round Carto landed four punches without return backing up Melendez several steps. Carto landed four body punches before Melendez returned a left to the chin of Carto. In the eighth and final round Carto continued to dominate the bout. Melendez was returning to the ring after a two year lay-off.

All 3 judges Dave Braswell, John Poturaj and Marc Werlinsky as well as this writer had it 80-72 for the winner. “I was please with his performance,” said Mickey Rosati (trainer of Carto). The winner as usual had little to say “I felt real good,” said Christian Carto. He was mobbed by his many fans. At ringside was Mickey Rosati, Sr. with his granddaughter next to him. Sr. was an unbeaten boxer during a short stint in the ring.

In the co-feature lightweight southpaw Jerome “The Conqueror” Conquest, 9-2 (1), of Philadelphia, defeated Carlos “Rock Hands” Rosario, 7-3 (4), of Pennsauken, NJ, for the WBF North American junior lightweight title over 8 rounds.

In the first round Conquest used an effective jab to outwork Rosario. In the second round of a close contest Conquest out landed Rosario though few punches were landed. In the third round there was a lack of action with Conquest landing what little did land. In the fourth round a “fight broke out” with both landing combinations. At the bell Conquest landed several punches to the chin of Rosario.

In the fifth round both fighters threw punches at the same time with a Rosario punch going south of the border dropping Conquest. Referee Conquest was given a full 5 minutes to re-coup. When the contest continued Conquest went right after Rosario landing a flurry of punches. In the sixth round Rosario did too much “posing” as Conquest dominated with his jab dancing around the ring. In the seventh round Rosario landed a lead right to the chin of Conquest. Knowing he was behind Rosario loaded up hoping to land the right hand as Conquest kept him at bay for the most part with his jab. In the eighth and final round Conquest stunned Rosario with a right hook to the head. Conquest countered with a straight left to the chin of Rosario. The last 30 seconds were the best of the fight with both throwing bombs and Conquest getting in the better of the two.

Judges David Braswell and Lynne Carter scored it 77-74 while judge John Poturaj had it 78-73. This writer had it 79-73. Representing the WBF were Greg Hackett and James Gibbs. The referee was Benjy Esteves, Jr.

“It was a great fight as I expected. They have been asking for this fight for a year. I’m getting better and better every year and I want more competition even with the limited amateur experience. I took his best shot and I used my jab knowing he couldn’t adjust to my boxing ability while he loaded up with his right hand,” said Conquest.

In the opening bout super lightweight from North Carolina Maynard Allison, 9-2 (6), now out of Philadelphia, was stopped at the end of the second round by Juan Rodriguez, 8-7-1 (6), of Haymarket, VA.

In the first round Allison countered the body of oncoming Rodriguez. In the second round Allison is missing wild overhand rights following his jabs but Rodriguez couldn’t take advantage of this until all of a sudden “bang” and down went Allison. It was a short right hand to the chin by Rodriguez who had a bloody nose. Allison beat the count but referee Dali waved it off as the bell sounded.

Allison is originally from NC and his trainer is former boxer Rasheed Brown questioned this but got no answer. “He had his moments but in the second round I felt I was starting to get to him,” said Rodriguez.

Super lightweight David “Two Gun” Gonzales, 8-2-2-1nc (2), of Philadelphia, and Darius “I Am King” Ervin, 4-1-1nc (0), of L.A. ended up in a No Decision do to a clash of heads at 1:53 of the second round. The referee was Dali. “He stopped it do to a cut by my left eye,” said Gonzales. The cut was under the eye lid.

In the first round there were more misses than connections. In the second round the much shorter Gonzales tried his best to make a fight out of it but ran into the first punch of the fight landed by Ervin a right to the chin. Referee Dali had his hands full separating these two. Do to a clash of heads Gonzales was examined by the ring physician who halted the bout. This saved the fans of 5 more rounds like the first one.

Super welterweight southpaw Erik “Abnormal” Spring, 10-2-2 (1), of Reading, PA, was upset by Anthony “Put ‘em down” Prescott, 7-7-2 (2), of Cherry Hill, NJ, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Spring did enough to outwork Prescott. In the second round Prescott pinned the taller Spring in a neutral corner. Prior to the end of the round Prescott had Spring in trouble. In the third round Prescott continued to press the action getting the better of Spring.

In the fourth round Spring worked his way back into the fight landing lead left hands to the head of Prescott who countered well but not well enough. In the fifth round Spring continued outworking what looked like a tiring Prescott. In the sixth and final round Prescott countered with several hard right hands to the chin of Spring.

Judge Braslow had it 58-56 while judges Poturaj and Werlinsky had it 59-55. This writer had it 58-58.

Light heavyweight Brandon Robinson, 7-1 (6), of Upper Darby, PA, stopped George Sheppard, 1-3 (0), of Norfolk, VA, at 1:20 of the fourth and final round.

In the first round Robinson was the aggressor. At the bell both fighters were letting leather fly. In the second round Sheppard stood his ground willing to exchange with Robinson who outworked Sheppard with combinations mostly to the head. Sheppard decided to start moving backwards and was taking quite a bit of punishment from Robinson to the body and head.

In the third round Robinson continued to dominate. In the fourth and final round do to a clash of heads Sheppard took a knee. When time resumed Robinson jumped all over Sheppard landing a barrage of punches having Sheppard hanging over the ropes facing the crowd when referee Dali had no choice but to halt the contest. A jubilant Robinson said “I took the fight on a weeks notice.”

Super featherweight Roberto “Infamous” Irizarry, 4-1-1 (0), of Camden, NJ, defeated southpaw Bryan Perez Nevarez, 2-8-1 (1), of Carolina, PR, over 4 close rounds.

In the first two rounds it was the southpaw Nevarez landing several overhand lefts to the chin of Irizarry. At the 10 second warning ending the first round there was a clash of heads as the time ran out ending the round.

In the third round Irizarry got his best punch in up until then a lead right to the chin of Nevarez. In the fourth and final round both fighters let it all hang out. Nevarez had asked Irizarry to come in and fight and he should have watched what he asked for as Irizarry came in and fought.

All 3 officials had it 39-37. This writer had it 38-38.

In the first walkout bout light heavyweight Amir Shabazz, 4-2 (0), of Philadelphia, was stopped by Alan Lawrence, 2-0 (2), of Newark, NJ, at 1:24 of the first round.

In the first round of action a crushing left hook from Lawrence to the chin of Shabazz dropped him under the ropes. Referee Eric Dali immediately waved it off.

In the second walkout bout welterweight Rasheed Johnson, 2-1 (1), of Philadelphia, knocked out Demetrius Williams, 1-4 (0), of Philadelphia, at 0:36 of the first round.

It was all over in the first round when Johnson landed a lead right hand flattening Williams. Referee Esteves didn’t even have to count.

The ring announcer was Alex Barbosa. It was a very large crowd with Eleven Sports broadcasting the event.

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