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Bryanna “Pink Ranger” Fissori, (Boxing Insider Writer), takes on Iony Razafairison this Friday at Bellator 139 in Mulvane, KS.

Posted on 06/23/2015

This is a fight you won’t want to miss though we expect it will not be the last we hear from either fighter. Fissori fights out of Honolulu, Hawaii where she trains with an up an coming all female crew called team “Women of War,” under head coach Richard de Los Reyes.


“I definitely consider myself a Hawaii fighter and there is power in that,” Fissori told “There is a warrior spirit here that is real. That is why so many great fighters come out of the islands. The spirit of aloha that comes with that complements the grace of God that radiates through them and I am blessed to be in this place.”

Fissori started her fighting career nearly six years ago when she moved to the island and answered a Craigslist ad for female sparring partners. It was well over a year before she entered the cage, but she was ready, securing a 6-2 amateur record and two championship belts to go along with it. The name “pink ranger” came from the pink gi she purchased to wear to her first jiu jitsu tournament. Being a child of the original Power Ranger era, her teammates started referring to it as “the pink ranger suit” and every time she put it on it was “morphin’ time.” The name stuck, which seems great to Fissori who doesn’t mind being a 90’s superhero.


“The name has actually given me a really great platform to inspire all generations including younger ones,” said Fissori. “It is kind of fun to see everyone from little tiny kids to grown up big, strong body builder men wearing t-shirts with the pink ranger on them!”

The bout with Razafiarison will be the promotional debut for both fighters with Bellator. Razafiarison is currently on a three fight contract with the promotion. Fissori is excited for the opportunity to showcase her skills on in the Bellator cage.

“I’m really blessed to have this opportunity,” said Fissori. “Fighting is not an easy road, but the amazing support of my sponsors and fans has made all the difference and I hope everyone enjoys the show!”

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