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Broner Pushes Woman, Punches Man In Video

Posted on 09/10/2017

By: Sean Crose

Adrien Broner was recorded pushing a woman and punching a man in Las Vegas. In video footage provided by TMZ, the woman appears to be a companion of the multi-title winning fighter while the man Broner punches is seen being sent to the pavement. It’s unclear what started Broner’s violent behavior, but what looks to have begun as a rather innocuous moment clearly took a violent turn. Broner is initially viewed in the video taking pictures with fans. He then appears to storm off as his companion tries to stop him. Broner pushes the woman away, then is seen punching the unknown male.

As of this writing, Broner has not been arrested, though this is far from his first incident of questionable – to put it mildly – behavior. Over the years the Cincinnati native has earned a reputation that has gone from bad to worse. After first being seen as an accomplished loudmouth, the man now stands on the verge of being viewed as a public menace. Arrests and convictions are now accepted as par for the course, as is violent behavior outside the ring. This latest situation involving Broner is one of a growing line, which includes driving a vehicle with bullet holes in it and a now infamous incident outside a bowling alley.

Broner was last seen in the ring several months ago, in a fight he lost to undefeated Mikey Garcia.

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