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Boxing Insider Interview with Daniel Geale “I create a lot of problems for (Cotto)”

Posted on 05/26/2015

by: Matthew N. Becher

On June 6th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Miguel Cotto will defend his Lineal Middleweight title against former two time world champion Daniel Geale. Geale was able to take some time from his New Jersey based training camp to answer some questions for Boxing Insider.

geale1 You came over a month in advance to continue training in the U.S., Is this something you usually do for your fights outside of Australia? And have you adjusted to the time difference yet?

Daniel Geale: Yes I usually come over a month in advance to get used to the time difference. It takes about a few weeks to really get used to the time change. Right now at this moment I feel great. What does a typical day of training consist of for you?

Daniel Geale: In the morning, I get up with my team, we have a nice breakfast. Then we head to the gym and I start my cardio which usually consists of running on a treadmill. Then I’ll start doing on my pad work and bag work. On sparring days I’ll take it easy in the morning and won’t do as much cardio. Then on some days I will do a late night workout. Cotto wanted this fight at a 157lb catch weight, how does this hurt/help you and what is your weight looking like at this moment?

Daniel Geale: The catch weight is not a problem for me at all. I’m always in good fighting shape all year around. Although he might be coming up from the smaller weights I feel I’m better at keeping my weight down. I think he’s the one that’s going to be hurt from the situation. Do you think Cotto will have problems fighting you, since you will be the first true middleweight he has ever faced?

Daniel Geale: I think I create a lot of problems for him. Like you said, he’s never been in the ring with a true middleweight, and that’s my advantage. I’m the bigger man and going to use all my God-given attributes to come out on top. What weaknesses do you see in Cotto that you look to exploit?

Daniel Geale: That is confidential information. I will show everyone on fight night but we do have a game plan to exploit weaknesses. People are already talking about a Cotto vs. GGG unification in the fall, what would you like to say to those people?

Daniel Geale: It motivates me that people are already looking past me. This is a great opportunity to prove the world wrong and show my countrymen that I am a true champion. I’m going to bring that belt home. Do you feel that you are being under estimated in this fight?

Daniel Geale: Yes I do, that’s what fuels my fire. It’s been a rough go for Australian boxers as of late (Dib, Soliman, Bika), do you feel any added pressure to win for your country?

Daniel Geale: Not at all, those are different fighters in different situations. I’m actually motivated for the opportunity to bring the title home. I feel real relaxed and I want to thank Gary Shaw for creating this opportunity here in the USA. I’m also excited to be back on HBO. You fought Golovkin last year and the winner of this fight will need to defend the title against him, did you learn anything from that fight that could help in a rematch?

Daniel Geale: You always learn a lot in defeat and I definitely learned a lot in the Golovkin fight. Most definitely I will have a different game plan in the rematch. Thank you very much for your time champ, and Good Luck on June 6th in Brooklyn. We wish you all the best.

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