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Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay Over $800,000 In Sexual Assault Case

By: Sean Crose

“Boxing star Adrien Broner has been ordered to pay more than $700k to a woman who claims AB sexually assaulted her at a nightclub back in 2018, court records show.” 
The above quote, from TMZ (the site has changed the amount owed in an update), indicates that Broner has once again gotten himself into a world of trouble. The incident that led to the heavy fine reportedly occurred on June 8th of 2018. According to TMZ, the accuser, who goes by the alias “Katherine Larson” reported Broner “smothered her” on a couch, “and shoved his tongue down her throat at a Cleveland nightclub.” Larson also claimed “Broner continued the assault until his friend pulled him off her.” 

After Larson went to the police, Broner reportedly pleaded guilty to assault and unlawful restraint charges. On Tuesday, the judge in the civil case ordered Broner to pay more than $830,000 to Larson.In it’s article, TMZ quotes the judge as saying there was “clear and convincing evidence that (the fighter) acted maliciously and that a substantial punitive award is necessary to punish and deter him from engaging in similar conduct in the future.” Larson claimed she suffered from PTSD due to Broner’s actions, and subsequently required a considerable amount of therapy. 

“In issuing the award,” TMZ states, “the judge noted that Broner had not shown up to defend himself against the woman’s claims.” 
Broner is known for getting in trouble. Once known as one of the top stars in the sport, perhaps even heir to Floyd Mayweather’s throne, he went through money and people’s patience with outlandish behavior. After losing to Marcos Madiana in a 2013 war, Broner fell from on high. Still, the antics continued, and the man found himself in some form of trouble with the law over and over again. Although still popular, the Cincinnati native hasn’t won a major fight in years. His most recent outing, against the iconic Manny Pacquiao, resulted in a one sided decision loss last January. 

In the video of the police report TMZ provided, a friend/associate of Larson’s claims neither she nor Larson even knew Broner. “That’s all I know,” Larson herself says, “that he’s a boxer.” In the video, Larson tells the officer on duty that she was out having a good time when “all of the sudden I’m laying flat on my back and he’s on top of me.” Larson states that she tried to get out of the situation but that “he kept like telling me to shut up and telling me to kiss him.” Both Larson and her associate are clearly upset in the video. “It was all these dudes in here,” Larson recalls of the incident, “and nobody did anything.”

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