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The “50th” Win the Biggest Problem for Boxing

Posted on 09/04/2017

By: Ken Hissner

This writer refused an invitation to watch Mayweather – McGregor on PPV. Since I heard so many various opinions late, Saturday night I raced through it. A rematch would never sell after this “sleeper!” Round after round it all looked the same.

How an MMA fighter can hold off a 13 month retired former world champion for 9 rounds with a busy but not effective jab is beyond me. If one of the current champions in the welterweight division were Mayweather’s opponent he could have been in deep water.

Photo credit: USA Today

First thoughts were Mayweather was “carrying” McGregor but as it went on with Mayweather throwing half a dozen punches per round it reminded me of the problems he had with southpaw Zab Judah for the better part of the first 5 rounds.

This “glorified sparring session” disappointed most I am sure. It was “another black eye to boxing” as far as this writer is concerned. Nevada and any other commission that sanctioned this 12 round exhibition as an official bout only shows their ignorance and lack of knowledge of boxing and even the boxing of today.

Marciano’s 49-0 record has stood for over 50 years though a handful have passed it they all eventually suffered a defeat. Chayaphon Moonsriis a 105# world champion out of Thailand who is 48-0. I haven’t read anything about him but in my own writings for his last several bouts. With the competition he has been fighting he should surpass both Marciano and Mayweather in 2018. Then what?

Calling this the 50th win of Mayweather’s career is only cheapening the record. He could have gotten it fighting a professional boxer I’m sure. There is always a Guerrero or Berto available. Where are the true fight fan’s today and why are they not speaking out?

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