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Wilder Was Right to Turn Down 120 Million from DAZN

Posted on 02/11/2020

By: Shane Willoughby

Last year the Bronze bomber was ridiculed by a large number boxing fans for what at the time seemed like a mindless decision, the time Wilder and his team turned down 120 million to fight Anthony Joshua. It was seen as a perfect example of self-sabotage.

Where else was wilder going to get those type of purses? However, Deontay Wilder was 100% correct in his decision to turn his back on 120 million; which is crumbs to what he can get now.

The landscape of boxing has changed, and there has been a new influx of what seems like an endless amount of money. Thankfully this may mean we actually might get to see the fights we want to see.

But, it’s not DAZN, or FOX or ESPN, but Saudi Arabia. Saudi is not only attempting to rebuild their country’s reputation but subsidise fighters and promoters with large sums of money.

Saudi Arabia have been in boxing for maybe 3 years, working with the WBSS. But last year they made a massive splash, and we haven’t even started to feel the ripple effect yet. There is no country or TV network or promotional company that can compete with what this country has planned.

Last year Saudi Arabia reportedly paid Eddie Hearn 83 million to hold the Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua rematch in their country. To put that into perspective that was almost as much as DAZN was paying Wilder for 2 fights with AJ.

Can you imagine if Wilder knocks Tyson Fury out in emphatic fashion. Forget the 3 fights DAZN was offering for Wilder, that 120 million wouldn’t even be a fraction of what the Saudi’s would pay for one fight between Wilder vs AJ.

If they are willing to pay Amir Khan reportedly 7 million to fight a washed-up Billy Dib and offer Eddie Hearn 83 million for Ruiz vs Josua. Wilder could be looking at purses that only Mayweather has seen for one fight.

The possibility of the Wilder vs Joshua fight happening in Saudi Arabia is extremely likely. Especially if Wilder beats Fury. Eddie Hearn has said that he is looking to do at least 3 fights there in 2020. He has also come out and said if Fury and AJ were to fight it would have to be in Saudi Arabia, despite them both being British.

Whilst Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel would love to have the fight in the States, money talks and for them to advise Wilder to turn down what would be a definite 9 figure sum for one fight, is a treacherous act, and they both should be done for treason.

Principles and morals will be thrown out the window. All the talk of he has to cross the street, and I want the titles to come home, will be certainly put to an end, like we eventually saw with Mayweather and Pacquiao. Like Mayweather and Pacquiao, when a certain figure is on the table we see unity. Which is an absolute blessing for us boxing fans.

So, well done Wilder you have gambled on yourself and it appears as if it has paid off. You and your team made a bold decision, hoping that you can return to the table at a later date and get more money. You have one last task and that is to defeat Fury on February 22nd.

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