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No Rematch Clause for Spence vs. Porter?

By: Shane Willoughby

There doesn’t appear to be a rematch clause for the winner of Errol Spence vs Shawn Porter. Both fighters have expressed what their plans are after the fight but they haven’t mentioned a rematch, which normally is a sign of there being no rematch clause.

It isn’t unusual for a fight of this magnitude – to champions unifying the belt to not have a rematch clause. But what it does reveal is both fighters are extremely confident in themselves.

During the prolonged negotiations with Wilder and Anthony Joshua, AJ ensured there was a rematch clause if he lost. In fact, there was a rematch clause if he lost against Joseph Parker.

Now you look at it that it was actually very good business, but a sign of insecurity. Earlier this year we saw Canelo Alvarez take on Danny Jacobs. Although both fighters had belts only Canelo had a rematch clause. Which meant when Jacobs lost, which he did he wasn’t able to fight for his belt again.

With Spence and Porter, they may not have the profile of an AJ or Canelo to dictate terms and agreements but they appear much more secure within themselves.

Especially Spence, who is being built as the next biggest star in America. This is now his 2nd Pay-per-view in a row and Al Haymon is investing a great amount in him. But a loss at this stage in his career can really put a hold on his progression.

Now, many fight fans see Spence as a clear favourite but Porter is a dangerous fighter who can trouble any welterweight. It just seems a bit careless not to have a rematch clause in place, especially for Spence.

All it takes is a clash of heads or robbery on the scorecards and Al Haymon’s gravy train is on hold. Although both fighters are signed to PBC, Shawn Porter is far from a megastar in the sport, and it’s clear to see that most of Haymon’s investments are in building Spence to replace Mayweather.

Without a rematch clause it just spells disaster. Haymon has done fantastic at freezing Terence Crawford out of the welterweight picture, keeping his fighters away from the WBO champion but if Porter beats Spence all of that would have been for nothing.

In an ideal world for PBC, Spence goes and beats Porter and Pacquiao and goes to the negotiating table with 3 belts against Crawfords 1. But if he loses to Porter the future of PBC at welterweight rests on ‘Showtimes’ shoulders. It’s hard to see Porter voluntarily giving Spence the rematch, given how long it took him to sign for this fight.

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