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Jackie Kallen: Is Julio César Chávez Jr. Any Good?

Posted on 09/25/2013

After the mega-fight on the 14th, is anyone thinking about any other fights? Life goes on in the boxing world and I am interested in seeing the fight this weekend in Carson, CA between Julio Cesar Chavez, jr. and Brain Vera. It could end up being a really good one. On paper, Chavez, jr. should handle him easily. But don’t count Vera out.

Chavez jr. was on an incredible 46-0-1 run when he ran into Sergio Martinez last September in Las Vegas. He ended up suffering his first loss and hasn’t fought since. His weight has always been an issue. Those who have seen him recently question whether he will be able to hit the 168 mark that the fight is set for.

Even Vera has publicly mentioned the fact that he won’t be surprised if Chavez jr. comes in overweight. Even at the heavier weight of 168. Th e weight for this fight has been changed before and nothing is for sure until these two step between the ropes on the 28th. Vera’s trainer, Ronnie Shields, says his man will be ready.

After winning four straight fights after losing to Andy Lee in 2011, Vera is determined to take advantage of this opportunity. He knows he is an underdog but loves that fact. He is not all that convinced that Chavez jr. is the monster he thinks he is.

Boxing critics are buzzing about the fact that Chavez jr. did not have easy wins against Rubio and Zbik. His weaknesses have been exposed and Martinez made him look very average. Vera is a smaller man than Chavez, but his confidence is at an all-time high after his wins over the likes of Sergio Mora and three others.

So, does Vera have a chance against Chavez, jr? Most boxing fans don’t think so but HBO is hoping the fight is at least competitive. Chavez, jr. is a name in the Hispanic community and the network would love him to continue gathering speed and fight Martinez again.

But weight is still an issue because Chavez, jr. would need to get back to 160 to fight Martinez. That may not be a smart move and would most likely drain Chavez, jr. of a lot of power.

I, for one, am not expecting Vera to upset Chavez, jr. But I do want to see how Chavez, jr. looks at the heavier weight and I want to see if he able to beat Vera quickly and easily. If he struggles, it will not bode well for his future.

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