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Dominic Breazeale Reportedly Taking Deontay Wilder To Court Over Hotel Fracas

Posted on 04/14/2017

Dominic Breazeale Reportedly Taking Deontay Wilder To Court Over Hotel Fracas
By: Sean Crose

And here it seemed like all would be forgotten.

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After both men fought successfully in Alabama back in February, WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder was reportedly involved in a large sized hotel lobby scuffle with fellow heavyweight Dominic Breazeale. “I want to address the fact,” Breazeale tweeted after the incident, “that Deontay Wilder and a mob of about 20 people unprovokedly attacked my Team and my family in the lobby last night.” Although the sport of boxing has a long history of outside the ring incidents such as these, children were unfortunately involved this particular time around. “According to Breazeale,” I wrote at the time, “he and his coach were struck in front of Breazeale’s wife and kids.”

And now things seem to be heading to court. According to TMZ, Wilder is being sued by Breazeale. What’s more, Breazale is also suing the hotel where the incident took place. According to TMZ, Breazeale claims his wife pleaded with Wilder and his brother to put an end to the violence. “Breazeale says his wife begged the Wilders to stop fighting in front of the children,” the site claims, “to which Deontay replied, ‘F-ck your kids.'”

Confusing video footage of the brawl only added to the overall confusion of the incident. Hopefully Breazeale’s children, who are said to have been traumatized by the event, will recover successfully from any trauma they may have endured.

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