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Deontay Wilder: The War Has Just Begun

Posted on 02/29/2020

By: Sean Crose

“I just want to let you know,” Deontay Wilder says directly to the camera in an Instagram post released Friday evening, “that I am here, your king is here, and we ain’t going nowhere.” Wilder is obviously referring in the video to the fallout from last Saturday night, when he was soundly bested by Tyson Fury in less than seven rounds at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. “The war,” Wilder says in the brief video, “has just begun.” Having now met Fury twice in the ring, drawing once, and losing last weekend, Wilder looks to be making it clear that he’s set on making a third fight with the towering Englishman.

“I will rise again,” he states in the video, where he’s wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and appears to be at home (a young child can be heard talking in the background at one point). “I am strong. I am a king. You can’t take my pride. I am a warrior. I’m a king that will never give up. I’m a king that will fight to the death.” Although he appeared willing to fight to the death last weekend, co-trainer Mark Breland arguably saved Wilder from himself when he threw in the towel in round seven, a fact Wilder doesn’t allude to the in the video. “If anyone don’t understand that,” Wilder continues, referring to his willingness to keep fighting, “don’t understand what it is to go to war, don’t understand what it is to fight, we will rise again. We will regain the title. I will be back. We will hold our heads up high.”

Wilder proceeds to compare himself to a mythological creature. “Your king is in great spirits,” he says, “and we will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and regain the title. I’ll see you in a few months, for the war has just begun.” Although the video, which lasts less than two minutes, comes across as over the top, this is an era of over the top heavyweights. Fury, for instance, has earned himself a well earned reputation for saying absolutely outlandish things over and over again. Perhaps it’s all a sign of the times.

Although he doesn’t mention Breland in the video, Lance Pugmire and Mike Coppinger are both reporting that Wilder does indeed wish to continue to have the former Olympian and welterweight titlist on his team. It had been suspected that Wilder would remove Breland from his camp after Breland stopped last weekend’s title match with Fury.   

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Louis-Conn II: A Heavyweight Title Fight Comes To Television

Posted on 05/11/2017

Louis-Conn II: A Heavyweight Title Fight Comes To Television
By: Sean Crose

For those who don’t know, Joe Louis was one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. What’s more, he was one of the greatest boxers of all time. Believe it or not, these are facts that few fight analysts and/or historians will ever argue against (boxing know-it-alls are a traditionally ornery bunch). As in the case of Ali (and precious few others) Louis’ greatness is pretty much universally accepted. Just how good was the guy? Well, from the year 1936 to the year 1950, the man didn’t lose a single fight. Not. A. Single. Fight. Oh, and he had well over thirty bouts during that time span.


Jack Sharkey, James Braddock, Max Baer, Max Schmeling, and Joe Walcott were just some of the notables Louis met and bested during his notable run. Impressive stuff for a man widely known for taking out one no-hoper after another (for a while, Louis’ competition was known as “the bum of the month club”). Yet, while Louis is rightly regarded as one of the most dominant boxers to ever slip on a pair of gloves, there were men out there known to present the guy with a challenge. Schmeling beat him the first time they met. Walcott gave him almost more than he could handle. Even the over the top “Two Ton” Tony Galento had Louis briefly taste the mat.

One fighter that gave Louis more trouble than the man could have possibly imagined, though, was Billy Conn. A product of Pittsburgh, Conn had a less than terrific start as a boxer, before finally getting the hang of things and collecting a whole lot of wins for himself. After winning and defending the light heavyweight title, however, Conn decided to go for greatness and take on Louis for the heavyweight championship of the world. It was a bold and daring move. Louis wasn’t just any heavyweight, after all. And besides, moving up to take the biggest prize in sports against a bigger man (Louis would outweigh Conn by at least twenty pounds)was a daunting challenge in and of itself.

Yet Conn almost pulled it off. Meeting Louis at New York’s Polo Grounds on the evening of June 18th, 1941, Conn employed incredible boxing skills to frustrate Louis and avoid the impact of the champions’ frightening power punches. Not only was Conn proving to be the great Louis’ equal – he was handily beating the man. Then came the thirteenth round. The slick, slippery Conn decided to play tough guy after surprisingly hurting his opponent. Yet the results of Conn’s hubris were entirely predictable…Louis ended up winning by knockout that very round. The story, however, wasn’t over. After the Second World War, which saw both Conn and Louis serving in the military, the two fighters were to meet again, on June 19th, 1946, at Yankee Stadium.

A lot of time passed since the first fight, however, and the world had changed in incredibly dramatic ways. The United States, previously seen as a kind of marginalized, movie making nation where poor people were apt to move, was, as a result of the war, now the world’s great power, deeply engaged in a “cold war” with the Soviet Union for the direction of civilization (hard to believe, but true). What’s more, American life itself had changed since Louis and Conn had first squared off. Television, which had been around for years, was about to really take hold with the American public. And boxing was to become one of the young medium’s prime attractions.

And what better way to bring boxing to tv fans than to broadcast a live rematch between the great “Brown Bomber” and his slippery foe?

Unfortunately, the second fight wasn’t nearly as thrilling as the first. “He can run, but he can’t hide,” Louis claimed beforehand, in perhaps the first utterance from a fighter that absorbed itself into everyday language. Louis was right. He was able to end Conn’s second attempt at glory in the eighth round. Conn’s big moment had passed, having slipped into the vapor of time half a decade and a full historical era earlier. Still, the rematch between Louis and Conn served it’s purpose, bringing a heavyweight title fight to a groundbreaking new medium. Make no mistake about it, boxing is still living in the shadow of that long ago night in New York

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Mexican Civil War: Canelo vs. Chavez

Posted on 02/26/2017

Mexican Civil War: Canelo vs. Chavez
By: Francisco Martinez

May 6th at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada Saul Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. are set to collide in a battle being recognized as Mexican Civil War. A war for bragging rights. A war to see who is Mexico’s best fighter today. The popularity of both is a sure hit formula for success. As Golden Boy Promotions boss, Oscar De La Hoya predicts a 1 million pay per view buy estimate when it’s all set and done.


“The winner of this fight has so much at stake because imagine the loser having to go back to Mexico and answer to all those Mexicans fans that were cheering you on hoping you would win. It’s gonna be difficult so for both guys there’s so much at stake, there’s so much pride and when you have pride involved in a boxing match you’re gonna get a great, great, terrific fight. These guys don’t know how to take a step going backwards and literally and genuinely these guys hate each other. I’m looking forward to it, it’s gonna be an exciting fight”

As for the face of boxing, the cash cow Saul Alvarez who feels the same way about things but is more confident in what’s at stake as he assures its Chavez Jr. opportunity to knock him off the throne. An opportunity he has given him “The people know that I’m the best fighter that’s exists today. He has the possibilities and opportunity to defeat me and become just that, the best”

The mega showdown comes at a catchweight of 164.5lbs Saul Alvarez moving up and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr moving down. Having the chance to ask Alvarez trainer Chepo Reynoso who the weight benefits he simply said “At the end of the day, they’ll both fight so where’s the advantage? The winner gets to move forward. You can already smell the great fight that it’s going to be on May 6th”

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. also faces a $1 million penalty fine for every pound he comes over. Making it one of the most hefty fines in boxing in recent memories. Both fighter’s egos clashed on live television in a small argument that led to a hand shake in a high stakes bet, winner takes all including both the purses sending shockwaves through out the boxing community. Just how solid is this bet? Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. had this to say.

“You know when I found out about this bet I didn’t agree with it. I don’t agree with it. I talked to Julio and Canelo that this bet can’t be made. Why? Because it’s not ethical because of the terms within the contracts. It’s not valid that they bet both their purses. The contract states if Julio comes half a pound over or a pound he has to pay $1 million dollars. Let’s say if Julio comes in 10lbs over he keeps what’s only left. Or he can come in at whatever weight he wants so it’s really not a logical bet. If they made a bet they should just choose two foundations and make it a friendly bet”

Although the bet isn’t as concrete as the hand shake between Alvarez and Chavez Jr. what is concrete is the personal dislike both have towards each other. Both knowing each other since they were kids has only made each other’s criticism towards one another that much more significant. Alvarez believing Chavez Junior’s position in boxing is only established because of his father’s legacy and having the Chavez name. Chavez Jr. in return believes Alvarez has been carefully guided to his position in boxing by the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. had this to say about the personal side of things with Saul Alvarez “I don’t like Canelo too much. He’s mad because I called him out on jumping Gennady Golovkin. Everybody knows this. Some people don’t like it when you tell them the truth but it’s the truth, you know. There’s no need for more words we’ll prove on May 6th who’s better”

Many critics speculate the winner will go on to fight Gennady Golovkin this September as weight is no longer a issue from Saul Alvarez part who insists the contracts are seating on Golovkin’s table as we speak. A $15 million dollar offer that Golden Boy promotions claims to be offering Golovkin. A offer also criticized by the media. Some saying it’s a low number others believing it’s a solid number however the May 6th winner will hold the cards in boxing and will call the shots in any fight there after that much is certain. May 6th is the date for a fight that many thought was not a possible option any longer.

A fight a little to farfetched to think of given the weight separations. A fight indeed demanded by the Mexican people and one that’s great for boxing as without a doubt the whole world will tune it at the end of the day. The catchweight, the million dollar weight fines and the personal attacks aside there’s no question this fight will captivate the masses on May 6th. Mexico demands a fighter with pride and the ability to win against the best fighters of their time as proven through out history as they had with Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Ricardo Lopez, Juan Manuel Marquez and The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya.

May 6th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs “El Hijo De La Leyenda” Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will both engage in a battle where the winner will be rewarded with the loyalty of all of Mexico. Something only a few greats from the past have been fortunate to have throughout their careers. Maybe the most important support one can get in boxing is their own countries loyalty. So tune in this May 6th live on HBO PPV for what is being consider the biggest fight in Mexico’s history.

Follow all coverage leading up to the fight by using #CaneloChavezJr

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Are Boxing Fans Sending A Message To HBO?

Posted on 02/01/2017

Are Boxing Fans Sending A Message To HBO?
By: Sean Crose

HBO, long known as the biggest powerhouse in televised boxing, took a hit this past weekend when it’s terrific Vargas-Berchelt card was bested in the ratings by rival Showtime’s Frampton-Santa Cruz II card. To the casual eye, this may not prove to be any big deal. Frampton-Santa Cruz is a burgeoning rivalry that fans can salivate over, after all, featuring two legit stars (albeit not household names) who make for good viewing when they meet in the ring. Still, there’s the whiff of a sea change about all of this. Sure, it would be premature to write HBO’s boxing programing off at the moment, but there’s little doubt the network has started to insult at least some of its audience.


The truth is that HBO hasn’t been showing much boxing lately, unless you count the kind on pay per view you have to pay for. This in and of itself wouldn’t be such a bad thing for fans if it weren’t for the fact that HBO has previously been known to regularly broadcast fights. Now, however, fights on HBO are few and far between. What’s more, those cards aren’t always competitive. That’s not good news for HBO – if, in fact, the network even much cares. For people are wondering if HBO is simply no longer all that interested in boxing.

What’s more, the fact that HBO has done nothing to assuage fan’s concerns has only added to the problem. While it’s true people “in the know” have pointed to budget cuts as being the reason for HBOs boxing drought, the network itself has not engaged fans in a meaningful way at all. No explanation. No promises of good things to come. Nothing. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise, then, that Showtime won the ratings battle last weekend. People don’t like being ignored, and right now, boxing fans are right to be feeling ignored by HBO.

They also have a right to question whether or not HBO is interested in staying in the boxing business. Again, people “in the know” seem to feel that boxing will remain at Home Box Office, but HBO has done nothing to meaningfully let fans know of a continued (and consistent) commitment to the sweet science. When questions aren’t being answered, people are apt to start walking away. And it’s hard not to wonder if fans are going to start to walk away from HBO.

Since HBO is a subscriber based business, it’s only logical to suspect it would never outright announce a break from boxing. It might lose a bunch of subscribers at once if that were the case. By keeping fans perpetually out of the loop, however, HBO is still risking subscribers telling the network it’s been fun, but that they’re moving on. Again, Frampton-Santa Cruz was a glitzier broadcast than Vargas-Berchelt. Since when has a better card ever allowed Showtime to best HBO in the ratings, though?

Fans may be giving HBO a message here. The question, however, is whether or not the network lets those fans know that it’s listening.

Or that it even cares to listen at this point.

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Three Reasons Why Gennady Golovkin vs Carl Froch Would Make For An Epic War

Posted on 11/14/2016

Three Reasons Why Gennady Golovkin vs Carl Froch Would Make For An Epic War
By: Jordan Seward

Carl Froch is considering coming out of retirement for a mega fight with the WBA, IBF, IBO and WBC middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin.

A fight between the pair has been mentioned in the past but with Froch’s retirement in 2014 it seemed like another potential show stopping fight that had slipped through our fingers, but Golovkin’s promoter, Tom Loeffler, has dropped hints negotiations have begun.


Loeffler met with Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn in Monaco last week and it seems there’s genuine intentions on Golovkin’s behalf. There are talks of Golovkin fighting Daniel Jacobs in March but that one is yet to be signed and sealed.

Former world super-middleweight champion, Froch, 39, hasn’t been in the ring since his famous knockout victory of George Groves at Wembley in May 2014. As an active fighter Froch regularly spoke of a legacy and although in his mind his is secured a fight with Golovkin wouldn’t do his any harm, especially if he won it.

Although there is continued speculation and calls for Golovkin (36-0-33KO’s) to fight Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, ‘Triple G’ obviously enjoyed his UK debut when he beat Kell Brook in their showdown at the O2 in September and there may be more chance of a UK return for Golovkin to fight Froch at Wembley.
If he can entice Froch (33-2-24KO’s) out of retirement, the pair would be set to make $10million each in what would be an out and out war that you couldn’t take your eyes off and here’s why.


There’s a saying in boxing that styles make fights, Golovkin and ‘The Cobra’ share similar styles in that they like to march forward and have a tear up. We’ve seen it throughout Froch’s career, for the lack of natural and technical talent he certainly makes up for with grit, determination and willingness. Froch goes to the trenches and although Golovkin assuredly possess’ the better technical boxing skills he is very capable of doing the same thing. At times Golovkin seems to enjoy fighting on the inside and trading and we would have seen more of this from him if he could find an opponent who could absorb his power. Froch has been rarely involved in a boring fight if ever and with his and Golovkin’s style they just mesh. It all points to one thing – a war.

The Fist vs The Chin

Froch is naturally the bigger man and he is a big super-middleweight with proven power, it’s interesting to think this could be a fight where we look at Golovkin in a completely different light. For a while we’ve wanted someone to ask questions of Golovkin and there’s no guarantee Froch would do that if the fight was to materialise but certainly for once instead of talking of Golovkin’s power there will be a thought on what’s coming back. Golovkin’s chin is relatively untested, so could Golovkin handle Froch’s power? All through Froch’s career there has been no doubts on his chin but he has been put on the canvas twice before, once by Jermain Taylor in 2009 and once by George Groves in their first meeting, although it’s significant to remember he still won both those fights. Nevertheless, in a particular fight against Golovkin, with his power you’d have to consider whether or not even the strongest of jaws could take such punishment. So, there’s a few unanswered questions here that need to be answered.


Carl Froch can happily look back on a glittering career but lest we forget that after the fight with Groves, Froch was after one more mega-fight preferably in Las Vegas but for whatever reasons talks broke down with Chavez Jr and other hosts of names. Comparisons are regularly made between Froch and Joe Calzaghe and debates, often fierce ones, have started about who’s been the best UK super-middleweight boxer. A win against Golovkin who many have at the top of their pound-for-pound lists, could help settle this longstanding battle, so there’s more in it for Froch than just a crock of gold. Golovkin has struggled to find credible opponents that to some don’t justify the hype. In a division that is sparse of bill-topping names the Kazakhstani is desperate for wins over notable names and needs them more than ever. Even the victory over Kell Brook has done little to solve his legacy problems as Brook went up two weight divisions to take the fight. But, if Golovkin was to go up to super-middle and knockout Froch, who is well famed for a granite chin, well that might just justify what the hype is all about.

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Boxing Insider Notebook: Muhammad Ali, Andre Ward, Vinny Paz, Lucas Browne, and more..

Posted on 08/02/2016

Boxing Insider Notebook: Muhammad Ali, Andre Ward, Vinny Paz, Lucas Browne, and more..
By: William Holmes

The following is the Boxing Insider notebook for the week of July 26th to August 2nd; covering the comings and goings in the sport of boxing that you might have missed.


Muhammad Ali: Fighter’s Heaven to be Released August 15th

“If there’s a secret to my fights, it’s how I prepare.” Muhammad Ali

“Forty-two years ago I photographed Muhammad Ali in the rural Pennsylvania sanctuary he called ‘Fighter’s Heaven’ as he prepared for the greatest contest of his career. Here was the most famous and contentious personality on the planet in his private retreat – the calm eye of the public hurricane – which was most of his life. While a global audience was fixated on his fate, I was able to record aspects of Ali virtually unknown.” Peter Angelo Simon, 2016

In October 1974, Muhammad Ali would attempt to regain the world heavyweight boxing championship title that was stripped from him when he refused the Vietnam draft seven years earlier. He faced the brutal, undefeated George Foreman in Zaire, Africa, the fight he had dubbed “The Rumble in The Jungle”.

Only weeks before, on August 11-12, photographer Peter Angelo Simon was invited to experience the private world of one of the most famous people on the planet as he prepared mentally and physically for the biggest challenge of his life.

In August 2016, Reel Art Press presents Muhammad Ali: Fighter’s Heaven 1974. These rare photographs, the majority previously unpublished, are presented as a 176-page hardback book. This two-day photo essay captures Ali the man, unguarded, away from the glare of the media spotlight at his Pennsylvania sanctuary. It includes a foreword by D A Pennebaker, foremost chronicler of American counterculture in the sixties, and an introduction by Peter Angelo Simon.

Non Televised Undercard Announced for Ward vs. Brand

Two-Time World Champion and top-rated pound-for-pound fighter Andre Ward (29-0, 15 KOs) will return to the ring on Saturday, August 6, to continue his conquest of the light heavyweight division when he takes on power-punching Colombian Alexander Brand (25-1, 19 KOs) at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The event, which will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:35 p.m. ET/PT, will now include six bouts of non-televised action for ticketed fans to enjoy before the main showdown.

The promising undercard lineup will feature East Bay familiar, Bilal Mahasin and a collection of Roc Nation Sports’ brightest prospects including, Daniel “Twitch” Franco, Rudy “The Revelation” Puga Jr. and Darmani “Rock Solid” Rock. Roc Nation Sports’ sparkplug Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker also looks to ignite Oracle Arena as the card’s co-feature in a 10-round NABO Junior Welterweight Title clash against Tyrone Barnett.

Lucas Browne Volunteers for WBC’s Clean Boxing Program

Former WBA World Heavyweight Champion Lucas Big Daddy” Browne of Australia is upping the ante in his quest to clear his name and regain his championship by voluntarily enrolling in the WBC’s Clean Boxing Program.

The hard-punching Browne (24-0, 21 KOs) stopped Uzbekistan’s Ruslan Chagaev in round 10 last March in Grozny, Russia, to become Australia’s first-ever heavyweight champion. The dramatic victory, however, was nullified and Browne’s championship was stripped away and returned to Chagaev, post-fight, after he reportedly tested positive for the banned substance Clenbuterol.

Browne, who tested completely clean in a random drug test by VADA six days before the fight against Chagaev, staunchly maintains his innocence of purposefully taking any banned substance ever, and says he is taking steps to ensure he is never again accused of cheating.

“I’m proud to announce that I am now part of the Clean Boxing Program, which is being run by the WBC and VADA,” said Browne. “By voluntarily enrolling in this program I am able to be randomly tested at any time, 365 days of the year.”

Browne, who was the one who insisted that VADA perform drug testing before the Chagaev fight, says the decision to join the program was an easy one to make. “I have absolutely no issues with this, as I am a clean athlete and I believe boxing needs this kind of regulation. I welcome this aspect of safety for the sport of boxing. I despise all drugs, whether they be performance-enhancing or recreational.”

Browne’s manager, Matt Clark, says that by becoming Australia’s first fighter to volunteer for the program, his fighter will hopefully start a trend.

“Lucas is Australia’s premier boxer and resents drugs of any kind,” said Clark. “We hope that other fighters from around the world join Lucas and sign up for the program. Anything that makes boxing safer is a good thing.”

Browne and Clark say they are still fighting “tooth and nail” to clear his name and thank the public for the tremendous support they have received, worldwide.

“Having always been a clean athlete, I am totally opposed to any form of doping,” Browne concluded. “I’ve always felt that cheaters in professional boxing should be banned for life. With 21 KOs in my 21 victories, I’m of the same opinion as (current WBC World Heavyweight Champion) Deontay Wilder: If I was ever to use PED drugs, I might end up killing someone!”

Vinny Paz Movie to be Released November 4th

The upcoming Oscar Buzzworthy film, Bleed For This, the true story of boxer Vinny Pazienza (50-10, 30 Kos), who won world championships in several weight divisions and had the greatest comeback in sports history after experiencing a nearly fatal accident.

Open Road Films released the film’s action-packed, emotionally charged trailer to much acclaim last month.

Bleed For This highlights Pazienza’s ascendancy as a fighter in the mid 1980s, his struggle to overcome the neck injury that nearly kept him out of the ring forever, and his rise to become world champion once again, will appeal to boxing purists and casual moviegoers alike.

Bleed For This is scheduled for a limited release on November 4, 2016, before expanding nationwide on November 23, 2016.

David Benavidez Camp Quotes

Undefeated David Beanvidez is on the fast track to a world title opportunity and he will battle Denis Douglin in the 10 round main event of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on ESPN on Friday, August 5th, live from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Below are some quotes made by David Benavidez during his training camp.

On his recent training camp in Southern California…
“We had another great training camp out here in Long Beach, California. We put the final touches and wrapped up camp and I’m ready to go. There was plenty of good sparring and we worked on some things we know will help us in this fight. I’m in great shape and I feel sharp.”

On fighting in his first main event on ESPN…
“Fighting on ESPN is great exposure for me and my team, especially in the main event. We all worked so hard to get in this position and now it’s time to capitalize on this great opportunity. I know a lot of family and friends back home in Phoenix will be tuning in. I just want to shine out and perform to my best ability.”

On facing his opponent Denis Douglin…
“This is going to be a tough fight. I know Douglin is hungry to give me my first loss. He’s coming off three wins in a row, so I’m taking this fight very seriously. Being that he’s a southpaw, I’ll have to do some things a little different. We worked on all that stuff in camp so I know I’m going to be ready for anything he brings to the ring.”

On training with his father and head coach Jose Benavidez…
“My dad Jose has been guiding my corner from the first day I started boxing around three years old. Together we have a strong bond and I respect him very much. He’s come up with a great game plan tailor made for Douglin. He’s made a lot of sacrifices to help me get to this point and I’m very thankful to him for all that he’s done for me and my brother. I want nothing more than to bring him another great victory.”

On fighting on the East Coast for the second time in his career…
“The East Coast fans are very passionate about their boxing. Douglin, being that he’s from New Jersey, will have a lot of fans rooting against me. But I’m not going to let anything distract me from the task at hand and that’s coming back home with a win.

Brant vs. Fitzpatrick Headlines CBS Sports Network Championship Boxing

This Friday, August 5, 2016, in the Grand Ballroom of the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, Greg Cohen Promotions and Ringside Ticket Inc., in association with David Schuster’s Winner Take All Productions, will proudly present a quadrupleheader of professional boxing, televised live on CBS Sports Network (11 pm ET/8 pm PT).

In the night’s televised main event, red-hot WBA #4- and WBO #7-rated middleweight and current WBO NABO and WBA NABA Middleweight Champion, Rob “Bravo” Brant (20-0, 13 KOs) of Saint Paul, Minnesota, will look to keep his momentum going in a 10-round battle against Cleveland’s Chris “The Irish Ghost” Fitzpatrick (15-4, 6 KOs).

In the six-round super welterweight co-featured bout, Fort Worth, Texas, slugger Skender Halili (10-1, 10 KOs) will look to keep his perfect knockout record intact against experienced Ghanian veteran (now living in Silver Springs, Maryland) Ben Odamattey (16-14-3, 9 KOs).

In another televised four-rounder, undefeated former amateur world champion Cem Killic (5-0, 2 KOs) of Sherman Oaks, California, via Frankfurt, Germany, will take on pro-debuting middleweight Jerhed Fenderson of Las Vegas.

And in the night’s opening televised bout, red-hot prospect Malik Hawkins (8-0, 7 KOs) of Baltimore, Maryland, will look to keep his march to the top of the welterweight division alive against Portland, Oregon’s Sean Gee (3-4).

Chazz Witherspoon to Face Mike Marrone

Chazz “The Gentleman” Witherspoon will take on former world title challenger Mike Marrone On Saturday night, August 6th as D & D Promotions and Silver Spoon Promotions will present “Rumble at the Rink II” at the Grundy Arena in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Witherspoon (33-4, 26 KO’s) of nearby Paulsboro, New Jersey established himself as one of the top American Heavyweights as the St. Joseph’s University graduate won his first twenty-three bouts with wins over the likes of Michael Alexander (11-0), Talmadge Griffis (24-6-3), Jonathan Haggler (18-1) before suffering his 1st defeat to future two-time world title challenger Chris Arreola via controversial disqualification.

Witherspoon went on to win three fights in a row, which was highlighted by an entertaining 8th round stoppage over Adam “The Swamp Donkey” Richards (21-1). That fight was voted Ring Magazine’s 2008 Heavyweight Fight of the Year.Witherspoon then dropped a fight to future two-time world title challenger Tony Thompson.

Witherspoon went on to score 4-consecutive knockouts which included a devastating 3rd-round destruction over Tyson Cobb (14-2).

Witherspoon then took on undefeated prospect Seth Mitchell on April 28, 2012 in a bout where Witherspoon had Mitchell badly hurt in several occasions before Mitchell came away with the victory.

Witherspoon has scored four consecutive knockouts which includes his last bout when he stopped Nick Guivas (11-2-2) in three rounds on August 15th in Atlantic City.
Marrone of Vero Beach, Florida has a record of 21-5 with 15 knockouts.

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