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Canelo Alvarez: Keys to Victory

Posted on 05/01/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Styles make fights. It is exactly why IBF Middleweight champion, Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) is viewed as one of Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs) toughest opponents to date. Outside of Floyd Mayweather, Canelo just hasn’t faced someone that has the full package that Jacobs possesses. Power, movement, boxing ability, Jacobs has it all. Solving the Daniel Jacobs puzzle will be a difficult one, but not impossible.

Check out the three keys that could ultimately lead Canelo Alvarez to victory Saturday night.

Work The Body

Jacobs is a big man. Standing at almost 6 feet tall, he dwarfs the 5 foot 8 Canelo. However, the IBF champ isn’t your typical big guy. Jacobs doesn’t use his size to bully smaller foes. Instead he uses movement to attack by using different angles. Canelo has a history of having issues with fighters that are constantly moving. Jacobs is expected to use his feet to his advantage. Canelo can slow down the bigger man by mounting a consistent body attack. Jacobs might be light on his feet to start the contest but, will he be able to withstand those constant shots to the body? With the power Canelo possesses it would be hard to imagine Jacobs being able to move for all 12 rounds. If Canelo neglects to go downstairs, then we could see Jacobs box circles around the Mexican superstar.

Make Him Miss And Pay

There is no secret that Jacobs plans on utilizing his height and reach advantage come fight night. He is after all three inches taller than Canelo while sporting a three inch longer reach as well. The jab of Jacobs will be a big part of his game plan. Canelo has terrific head movement, we can expect that to be on full display. Not only does Canelo need to make Jacobs miss but he also needs to make him pay with big counter shots as well. If Canelo is successfully able to land his counter shots early and often then he could make Jacobs second guess his own offense.

Keep Things Close

For as great as Jacobs is on the outside, his inside game leaves a bit too be desired. Canelo is a terrific boxer. There is a reason why he is on virtually every pound for pound list, his boxing skill can’t be denied, but against a fighter like Jacobs he is at a disadvantage if he tries to make this a boxing contest. If Canelo elects to keep this fight at long range, he could find himself eating leather all night. Canelo‚Äôs biggest advantage comes from the clinch and his inside game. Jacobs just hasn’t shown a natural tendency at being a great inside fighter. This is where Canelo can make a statement as he does some of the very best inside work in all of boxing. Constant combinations to the body and head will be key. Canelo also seems to be the more physically stronger man. He can use this to his advantage as well on the inside. Can Canelo win if he keeps this fight on the outside? Sure he could, but he can turn this fight into an easy one if he can constantly get on the inside and rough his man up a bit.

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