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Shannon Briggs Isn’t Counting Logan Paul Out Against Floyd Mayweather: “I Don’t Know Who’s Going To Win But I Like His Odds”

Posted on 06/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

November 9, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; KSI and Logan Paul during their bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

In the eyes of many, there’s little to no doubt that Floyd Mayweather will walk into his contest against Logan Paul, the exact same way when he walks out. The retired former five-division world champion is set to take on the social media star later on tonight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida.

Currently, Mayweather is pegged as the huge favorite. According to multiple betting websites, a bettor would have to plunk down roughly $1,000 in order to pocket $100 on Mayweather winning. As for Paul, he’s viewed as a long shot. For example, according to the betting market, a gambler could place a $100 bet on the former YouTuber and take home approximately $500.

The nature of the lopsided odds stems from Mayweather being considered arguably the greatest boxer of all time and Paul mostly thought of as a novice. Regardless of that notion, former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, simply doesn’t agree with it. In his mind, with the size advantage heavily in favor of Paul, no one should be counting him out.

“He got size and he got power so I like his odds,” said Briggs during an interview with FightHype.com. “I don’t know who’s going to win but I like his odds. Logan can punch, he’s a big guy.”

Although Briggs admits that he hasn’t spent any time with Paul during his training camp, he still vividly remembers what he’s capable of. Before Paul made his boxing debut against fellow social media star KSI in 2019, Briggs worked closely with him. He stood by his side during press conferences and kept an eye on him during his sparring sessions.

Needless to say, Briggs was thoroughly impressed with what he saw. While Paul would ultimately go on to lose that contest against KSI, he has spent the past few years working on his craft.

On one end, Briggs knows good and well that a handful of years in the gym won’t equal to the decades upon decades of work that Mayweather has under his belt. But while Briggs concedes the experience and overall skills department, he points to the one thing that Mayweather won’t have in his favor.

“Logan is a big strong guy and he can punch. His technique is very fit to fight a better fighter.”

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David Haye Wins in 2 Rounds with a Knockout Over Arnold Gjergjaj

Posted on 05/21/2016

David Haye wins in 2 rounds with a knockout over Arnold Gjergjaj
By: Stewart J Lawrence

With a fight simulating a 2-minute work out! David Haye destroys a fighter nicknamed the ‘Cobra’, but really had as much bite as a goldfish


The show was billed as the ‘Haye Maker HQ’, and had all the billing as the great comeback, and the man that was here to upset the Heavyweight division. Like the 6 Billion dollar man, he had been repaired (after shoulder surgery), made bigger, faster, stronger, and here to show everyone why he should be feared. Maybe that could have been the case, if he had a serious threat in the opposite corner. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

Haye came out of the corner, with his typical stance, hands relatively low, and stalking his prey. The ‘Cobra’, looked up for it! Was he going to prove all the doubters wrong? And show us that he was actually about to cause the upset he had been saying all week? Unfortunately not, and the first solid shot put him down. Haye sensing that it could be an early nights work, took his foot off the gas, and allowed the round to end. The second started, and again maybe the ‘Cobra’ could cause this upset! Unfortunately not, and with a straight jab, the Swiss man was down. This carried on, till Haye decided he’d had enough, and a flurry of punches later, the ref counted out (a very relieved) Arnold Gjergjaj.

David Haye scored a knockout, but the boxing community was far from impressed, with many fighters showing their disgust on social media. Even Barry McGuigan finding it hard to contain his contempt for what had been on display.

A poor fight that will not be helping David Haye’s cause.

Haye tried talking his opponent up after the fight, but he wasn’t convincing anyone. Haye said that ‘People thought I was the past, but I am still the future. Anthony Joshua is a fight I would relish, but next for me is Shannon Briggs. He came to England and talked a good game’.

When asked about his opponent, David defended the choice stating; ‘All the big names are in other fights. He has the longest unbeaten run in Heavyweight boxing. It’s not my fault I punch as hard.’

So next for David Haye will be Shannon Briggs in September and should be a tougher test than his two previous opponents. Either way, ‘The Hayemaker’ is back, and another fighter is vying to get into the exciting Heavyweight mix.

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“Let’s Go Champ” — Shannon Briggs Scores Another KO

Posted on 03/30/2015

Shannon “Let’s Go Champ” Briggs continues his pursuit of Wladimir Klitschko with another quickie KO

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