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Is Okolie Ready for Glowacki?

Posted on 01/21/2020

By: Shane Willoughby 

Okolie is probably the number one prospect in the Cruiserweight division and has been linked with what would be his biggest test yet.

The former British, Commonwealth and European champion has been moved at a rapid speed in his short 14 fight career. Lawrence Okolie who is managed by 2-time unified champion Anthony Joshua and promoted by Eddie Hearn is already in line for a world title in his next fight.

Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing Twitter Account

Okolie has been on a great run and has already become somewhat of a name in the UK; headlining his own shows after only 9 fights. He is now been linked with a possible match up with former champion Krysztof Glowacki for the vacant WBO title.

There’s no doubt that Okolie will fight for a world title, it’s just whether he is ready now. The 27-year-old should be in no rush but if we are to go by the track record of his career he probably wants the fight now.

The Cruiserweight division is going through a bit of a transition, with most of the top fighters who dominated this weight class have either retired or moved to heavyweight. There is still the likes of Briedis and Dorticos still hanging around but after that, there isn’t much competition for the Brit.

In addition to that, Glowacki isn’t exactly a spring chicken and there have been several questions surrounding his chin in recent years. So it might be the perfect time for Okolie.

But the issue is for the Londoner is once you decide to make that jump to the top level there isn’t any turning back. And with the Cruiserweight division not being particularly stacked he could find himself at a dead end.

Lawrence Okolie has dealt with almost was every cruiserweight domestically so it’s definitely time for him to step up. Cruiserweight for years has been seen as an opportunity for fighters to transition but the unfortunate thing is it’s not known for growing great fighters.

Many of the greatest fighters to campaign at the division either already made their name at light heavyweight or went on to dominate at heavyweight. Whilst Okolie is definitely big enough to campaign at heavyweight there is so much more for him to learn before making the jump.

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Ngabu: Whenever Okolie Wants It, I’ll Be Ready!

Posted on 07/29/2019

By: Shane Willoughby

After Lawrence Okolie’s impressive 7th round stoppage over Mariano Angel Gudino, he has put himself in a great position to fight the elite in the division. Unfortunately, what looks to be his next opponent is one of the most avoided fighters in the Cruiserweight division.

Yves Ngabu is currently the European Cruiserweight champion who has won all 20 of his fights but has struggled to find opponents. Ngabu spoke about the struggles he has had.

“For my first EBU title fight, I had 3 opponents cancel the fight and two weeks before they had to look for an opponent. My last EBU fight I had again, another 3 opponents cancel the fight, so it’s not my fault.”

It appears he is really a victim of his own success. However, if Okolie decides to step in the ring with Ngabu it will show great courage and self-confidence from the young brit.

However, the Belgium champion wasn’t so impressed with ‘The Sauce’ last performance. “You can’t take that much [from the fight] because the opponent was not that good.” He added, “When you are in the ring with someone that doesn’t do that much you can feel comfortable but I have seen some little things that I think will help me.”

Stylistically it will be interesting with Okolie standing at 6ft 5 and Ngabu just 6ft. However, the size and the range doesn’t appear to be a worry for the European champion.

“People say he is awkward. You can’t take anything away from him. Everything he has done now he has done perfect. He is a good fighter – he won all his fights so this is the challenge.”

Ngabu emphasised that “I have to impose that he can’t hold to start with. That’s something we are working on.”

Negotiations for the fight has started but a date is yet to be confirmed. But it is extremely likely that the fight will happen in the UK. Which could mean British judges and maybe favourable scoring for Lawrence Okolie?

“This is something I don’t think about, I know it can happen but let’s see if the fight goes the 12 rounds because we are cruiserweights. I can punch, he can punch so, I think there’s is more chance it doesn’t go 12 rounds.”

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