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Oscar De La Hoya Disappointed In Team Isaac Cruz For Turning Down “Lucrative” Offer To Face Ryan Garcia

Posted on 01/06/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Oscar De La Hoya kept a close eye on the ongoing war of words between both Isaac Cruz and Ryan Garcia. The two lightweight contenders continued to hurl derogatory statements at one another with Garcia urging the budding star to accept an upcoming showdown against him.

Yet, according to De La Hoya, Garcia’s promoter, Cruz was given an opportunity to settle his issues with Garcia in the ring, something that he has reportedly turned down.

“It is very unfortunate Isaac Cruz team turned down a very lucrative offer,” said De La Hoya on his social media account. “More than he made with Tank.”

Cruz, of Mexican descent, recently saw his stock skyrocket following his previous trip to the ring. With Gervonta Davis in desperate need of a replacement opponent on December 5th, following the removal of his original opponent Rolando Romero, Cruz eagerly stepped in.

Although most were expecting a quick and easy night at the office for Davis, Cruz gave him everything he could handle. For the first time in the career of the hard-hitting star, Davis was forced to go the full 12 round distance. While he would ultimately eke out the close unanimous decision victory, Garcia is of the belief that Cruz did just enough to pull out the win.

Still, despite Garcia heaping praise on the rough and rugged contender, the former WBC lightweight titlist was hoping to deliver a statement of his own in stopping Cruz in their presumptive showdown. But, with De La Hoya revealing that team Cruz has opted to go in another direction, the hunt for Garcia’s next opponent will now continue.

For the 23-year-old Garcia, he’s anxiously awaiting his next ring date. After starting his 2021 on the right foot, scoring a seventh-round stoppage win over Luke Campbell, Garcia was forced to sit on ice for the remainder of the year due to a combination of mental health recovery and right wrist surgery which subsequently led to the cancelation of his contest against Joseph Diaz.

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Isaac Cruz On Gervonta Davis: “How Did I Go From Somebody He Didn’t Know To Someone He Wants To Avoid?”

Posted on 01/04/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Isaac Cruz couldn’t help but laugh.

The highly ranked 135-pound contender was given virtually no chance heading into his showdown against Gervonta Davis on December 5th, late last year. Despite going undefeated in his previous 18 trips to the ring, the Mexican native was widely expected to become another knockout victim. However, regardless of those sentiments, Cruz gave Davis everything he could handle.

For the first time in the career of the hard-hitting multiple division titlist, he was forced to go the full 12 round distance. Still, while he ultimately eked out the close unanimous decision victory, Cruz has implored Davis to face him once more.

In spite of the somewhat controversial outcome, team Davis has already ruled out a possible rematch between the pair. Considering how Cruz was viewed before their contest took place, the Mexican native is in total disbelief as he believes Davis will do anything in his power to avoid facing him for a second time.

“It’s crazy,” said Cruz to a group of reporters. “How did I go from somebody he didn’t know at 135 to someone that he wants to avoid at all costs for a rematch. It’s absolutely astounding.”

Shortly after their contest, Davis, 27, revealed that he injured his left hand in the sixth round, essentially leaving him a one-handed fighter for the majority of their showdown. Yet, regardless of his physical ailment, team Davis believes there is absolutely no need for a rematch.

Although Cruz would love nothing more than to redeem himself, the 23-year-old appears ready to move on. With his star power reaching an all-time high, he hopes to land marquee matchups against the division’s other prominent names. Most notably, Ryan Garcia. With the flamboyant young star daring Cruz to face him next, the Mexican product will have a plethora of options for his next ring appearance.

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Isaac Cruz Doesn’t View Ryan Garcia As A Threat

Posted on 01/01/2022

By: Hans Themistode

For countless years now, Ryan Garcia has thumped his hands on his chest and screamed at the top of his lungs that he’s the best 135 pounder alive. Isaac Cruz, however, finds that notion laughable.

Throughout the short career of the 23-year-old Cruz, he’s enjoyed sizable success. Still, despite going undefeated in 18 straight contests, the Mexican star saw his stock rise to unparalleled heights following his most recent trip to the ring.

On December 5th, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Cruz pushed multiple-division champion Gervonta Davis like no other. While Cruz would ultimately come up short, losing via close unanimous decision, many were pleasantly surprised with his under-the-radar abilities and toughness. With his grueling showdown against Davis now behind him and considering the long list of championship-level fighters at 135 pounds, Cruz is convinced more than ever that Garcia is simply not a top-tier threat.

“Ryan Garcia hasn’t been a fighter that’s caused any big danger in the division,” said Cruz during an interview on DAZNBoxing.

The criticism heaved in the direction of Garcia by Cruz, is something that the flamboyant lightweight contender has dealt with for most of his career. Nevertheless, 2021 appeared to be his breakout year.

On only the second day of 2021, Garcia showed tremendous heart by peeling himself up off the deck against Luke Campbell to score a seventh-round stoppage win at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

With a bevy of options seemingly available to him, Garcia’s 2021 fell by the wayside as he was sidelined for the remainder of the year due to a combination of mental health rest and right wrist surgery.

Admittedly, Garcia has confessed that he envisioned a much more active 2021 but plans on making up for lost time in 2022. Amongst a long list of names he wishes to face is Cruz himself.

Completely full of confidence, Garcia is adamant that should the two meet in the ring, he’ll take care of business well before the final bell. In the mind of Cruz, though, Garcia appears more interested in growing his social media following as opposed to lacing up the gloves and swapping fists in the ring. If, however, terms to a deal can be reached between the pair, Cruz would welcome their showdown with opened arms.

“He’s more focused on making videos and having followers on Instagram. But if he wants to fight, let him come at me.”

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Isaac Cruz Believes Gervonta Davis Is “Afraid”

Posted on 12/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Gervonta Davis never appeared unnerved at any point in his career. As the now three-division world titlist prepares to enter the ring for the final time in 2021, the 27-year-old pugnacious knockout artist seems even more sure of himself.

In just a few short hours, the Baltimore native will look to end the world title dreams of Isaac Cruz. The two will officially battle it out at Staples Center In Los Angeles, California, on Showtime pay-per-view.

As with all boxing events, both foes came face to face following their weigh-ins yesterday afternoon. Cruz, 23, stood toe to toe with Davis, refusing to be the first one to break away from their stare-off. While Davis ultimately broke first, he flexed his muscles intentionally in front of Cruz. The Mexican native, in turn, attempted to regain his position. However, Davis physically pushed Cruz aside before making his way off the stage.

While Cruz first appeared irritated by the entire ordeal, he broke into a full-blown grin as he believes the actions of Davis were a direct result of fear.

“He’s gonna lose,” said Cruz to ESNEWS. “He’s afraid.”

Cruz, the winner of 17 consecutive contests, believes he’s on the verge of having his dreams realized. Originally, the highly ranked 135-pound contender was set to make an appearance on the undercard of the event. But, with Rolando Romero, the previously scheduled opponent of Davis, forced to withdraw due to mounting legal troubles, Cruz was elevated to the main event.

Presently, not only is Davis heavily favored to win his upcoming clash against Cruz but, the hard-hitting multiple-division titlist is expected to do so via stoppage. Still, despite those assumptions, Cruz is undeterred in his self-belief.

Considering the long list of former Mexican fighters that have come before him, Cruz is anxious to have his name etched amongst them.

“He’s gonna be defeated for the first time in his career by a great Mexican.”

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Isaac Cruz: “Kambosos Showed People That There Are No Superheroes On This Earth”

Posted on 12/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Before Teofimo Lopez stepped into the ring against George Kambosos Jr. last weekend at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater, there was an undeniable aura surrounding him.

The 24-year-old New Yorker saw his stock rise to unprecedented heights following an unlikely victory over Vasyl Lomachenko one year prior. Though Lopez was tabbed as one of boxing’s youngest and brightest stars, Kambosos Jr. stood both unimpressed and undeterred.

As a pro-Lopez crowd continued to cheer him on, they were left speechless as Lopez was dropped in the opening round before ultimately suffering the first loss of his career.

Just a few days from now, Isaac Cruz will have his own opportunity to upset the applecart. The 23-year-old lightweight contender will face by far the biggest challenge of his career when he takes on WBA “Regular” titlist Gervonta Davis at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on December 5th.

Despite reeling off 17 straight victories, Cruz is considered a sizable underdog. Regardless of the preconceived notions surrounding his chances against Davis this Sunday night, Cruz simply points to last weekend’s results as a reminder.

“You know what Kambosos showed people? That there are no superheroes on this earth,” said Cruz during an interview with SecondsOut. “Everybody is human, everybody has a weakness. I’m going to find Gervonta’s weakness and then we’re going to see what happens Sunday night.”

Originally, Cruz was taken aback when he was first informed that he would be moved up from the undercard to the main event. Previously, highly ranked lightweight contender Rolando Romero was set to take on Davis. However, with the outspoken and flamboyant power puncher removed from the card due to several ongoing legal issues, Cruz was gifted the opportunity.

For Davis, changing his preparations to deal with a much shorter fighter as opposed to the taller Romero, was something he revealed was a flawless transition.

Most recently, the hard-hitting Baltimore product was last seen in the ring six months prior at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, against Mario Barrios.

While Barrios proved to be one of his more difficult opponents, Davis eventually floored his man before finishing him off in the 11th. Considering the violent nature in which Davis normally ends his fights, Cruz reveals that he’s taken his preparation to another level.

While Kambosos Jr. did provide Cruz with a bit of added motivation, the Mexican native admits that his true drive comes from an entirely different source.

“What Kambosos showed us is that champions can be beaten. But my inspiration isn’t him. It’s my wife and it’s my kid.”

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Gervonta Davis: “I Respect Isaac Cruz For Stepping Up And Taking The Fight”

Posted on 11/04/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Gervonta Davis couldn’t wait to get his hands on Rolando “Rolly” Romero. The 135-pound contender spent the past several years poking and antagonizing Davis at no end. After reaching his breaking point, Davis agreed to squash their differences by squaring off in the ring.

Although the two were officially scheduled to throw down on December 5th, at Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California, Romero was removed from their contest altogether as numerous allegations of sexual assault have been filed. As Romero now turns his attention to the more serious matter, team Davis began the search for a new opponent.

With the opportunity to face the biggest name of his career, 135-pound contender Isaac Cruz happily signed his name on the dotted line. Since suffering defeat at the hands of journeymen Luis Miguel Montano in 2016, Cruz has put together one of the more impressive streaks in the division, winning 17 straight.

Earlier this year, Cruz had a career-best performance against former titlist Francisco Vargas. Cruz went on to easily outpoint his man, winning a wide unanimous decision. In spite of Cruz looking nearly unbeatable in his past 17 fights, he’s still considered a big-time underdog against Davis.

The 26-year-old Baltimore product recently pounded out the much larger Mario Barrios at 140 pounds to capture the WBA “Regular” title. For his matchup against Cruz, Davis has opted to defend his WBA “Regular” championship at 135 pounds.

Unlike Romero, Davis has no built up animosity towards his new opponent. In fact, he reveres him. However, when it’s all said and done, Davis is heading into their showdown with the mindset of not leaving it in the hands of the judges.

“I respect Isaac Cruz for stepping up and taking the fight, but everyone knows what I do,” said Davis. “I come in looking for the knockout and that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this fight. I’m back in Los Angeles where the stars shine and I’m going to light it up against Isaac Cruz at Staples Center on December 5.”

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