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Demetrius Andrade vs Liam Williams Agree To Fight Terms
Posted on 02/10/2021

By: Hans Themistode

It appears as though the mega-fight Demetrius Andrade has long been calling for, won’t be happening anytime soon.

After spending much of his time in the middleweight division calling out the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Jermall Charlo and Gennadiy Golovkin – Andrade has grown tired of waiting and has agreed to terms with rising contender Liam Williams.

Recently, opponents of the British product have spent the following day recovering from injuries as he has gone on a seven-fight knockout streak. Williams penchant for ending his nights early have pushed him to the number two spot in the WBO sanctioning body and has placed the two lone blemishes of his career in the rearview mirror.

Four years ago in 2017, the highly-rated contender suffered back to back defeats at the hands of Liam Smith. As previously mentioned however, Williams has bounced back nicely, and since then, has called for his shot at a world title.

As for Andrade, the WBO titlist has heard his name mentioned by Williams on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, the Rhode Island product has shown no interest in the bout, claiming the matchup itself does nothing for his boxing resume.

Still, after failing to secure unification contests against his fellow contemporaries, Andrade has thrown his hands up in frustration and, at least according to promoter Eddie Hearn, has accepted William’s fight proposal.

Before Andrade’s reluctant agreement to take on the mostly unheralded Williams, the long-reigning champion believed he was on the verge of papering a deal between himself and WBO super middleweight titlist Billy Joe Saunders.

Andrade, 32, agreed to move up in weight to make their showdown a reality. All that needed to be done was for both sides to send over the contract agreement. That, of course, did not happen as Saunders has elected to take on pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez instead.

With Saunders officially booked for the time being, and his fellow belt holders in no rush to acquiesce to his fight demands, Andrade has decided that a fight with Williams is better than continuing to sit on the sidelines. Something he has done since January 30th, 2020.

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Demetrius Andrade Warns Jermell Charlo: “Come And Test Me For Real”
Posted on 02/09/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Hate is a strong word to use. But for unified Jr middleweight titlist Jermell Charlo, that’s exactly how he feels about Demetrius Andrade.

“F*k Andrade,” said Charlo during an Instagram Live. “I hate Andrade, he’s a btch.”

From the moment both men have crossed each other’s path, there has been a genuine dislike for one another. At one point, the pair appeared to be on their way to knocking each other’s heads off as a bout agreement was agreed to in 2014.

However, their showdown fell through due to financial reasons. Since then, they’ve gone their separate ways. For Charlo, the Houstonian is in possession of three of the four titles at 154 pounds and has established himself as the man to beat in the division. As for Andrade, he’s currently in the midst of his own title reign one weight class higher.

Although Andrade is presently focused on luring some of the bigger names into the ring with him, he would have no problem with taking on Charlo. Provided of course, he moved up in weight.

“We can fight right now,” said Andrade. “Come up to 160. I’m not making 154 no more, I done put some weight on.”

Regardless of the not so kind things Charlo had to say about Andrade, the Rhode Island native has noticed something about his long time rival. In short, the aggressive tone he places on display online is far and away different when Andrade is actually within arms distance.

“When we see each other, that energy don’t come across the line. Come get it, jump the line. Come and test me for real.”

The words spewed by Andrade could easily be misconstrued. With the amount of vitriol Charlo has towards him, a street fight could break out at any moment when they happen to be in the same vicinity.

While Andrade wouldn’t back down from one, he certainly doesn’t want to entice one either. Prior to any blows being landed from either man, Andrade rather a signed contract slide across his desk followed by a substantial deposit into his bank account before things get physical.

“I’ll fight you and get paid but I’m not about to street fight you.”

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Billy Joe Saunders Wants Demetrius Andrade Before Canelo: “I Swear To God On My Kid’s Life I Am Extremely Confident Of Knocking Him Out Cold”
Posted on 01/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Billy Joe Saunders won’t allow Canelo Alvarez to pull a fast one on him.

While Saunders is happy as can be to be near the top of the Mexican star’s wishlist, he realizes that he won’t be first in line. That, of course, will more than likely go to WBC mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim in February. Should Alvarez do what many are expecting which is to walk right through his man, then Saunders will place his WBO super middleweight title on the line against Alvarez in May.

With Saunders (30-0, 14 KOs) screaming for a showdown with Alvarez for years now, he appears on his way to having his wish granted. Still, even with the biggest contest of his career staring him square in the face, he won’t allow it to distract him from the sneaky move Alvarez is attempting to pull.

“I’m not sitting around waiting until May,” explained Saunders during an interview with IFL TV. “It’s just too long. He’s fighting in February so I want to fight in February or the first week of March, something like that. I can’t just let him fight, get into a camp and then roll straight over into another camp. It’s a clever move from them but I want to be out there as well. If he thinks I’m going to be just sitting around until May twiddling my thumbs he’s got another thing coming.”

Although the 31-year-old Saunders is coming off the heels of a one-sided victory against Martin Murray in early December, he simply won’t allow any rust to pile up as he waits on the sidelines for Alvarez to take care of business in February. Choosing an opponent for the British product isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. However, facing any run of the mill fighter would do nothing to prepare him for the challenge that Alvarez presents.

Nevertheless, he does have one person in mind who would be the perfect opponent.

“(Demetrius) Andrade vacate the world 160 title. Move up and tell the WBO that you’re moving up and we can get it on. Vacate, move up and you’re mandatory. Let’s rock and roll. The winner of us fights Canelo.”

A matchup between Andrade and Saunders is one that has floated about for quite some time. In October of 2018, after coming to terms on a fight agreement, their showdown went by the wayside as Saunders failed a pre-fight drug test.

Since then, Andrade (29-0, 18 KOs) has attempted to rekindle their original fight agreement. Saunders, to his credit, has always expressed a willingness to face the unbeaten southpaw.

To most observers, a possible showdown between them is a virtual coin flip. The notion however, that their contest would be competitive, is laughable to Saunders.

In fact, the once smiling face of the two-division titlist appears dead serious when discussing the severity of the beating he would dish out to his possible future opponent.

“I swear to God on my kid’s life. I am extremely confident of knocking him out cold – I love boxing southpaws, I love boxing someone with his style, I have a very good track record against southpaws. Eddie Hearn, make the fight.”

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Demetrius Andrade: “Canelo Shouldn’t have to fight All These Guys, We Have To Fight Each Other”
Posted on 12/18/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Demetrius Andrade has never quite seen eye to eye with Canelo Alvarez, but in this case, he understands where he’s coming from.

As the WBO middleweight titlist prepares himself to take in the sights for Alvarez’s upcoming showdown against WBA/Ring magazine super middleweight belt holder Callum Smith, he can’t help but wish that he was in that exact position. For years now Andrade has called for a showdown with Alvarez. Unfortunately for him however, his pleas haven’t come true.

While the wait to face Alvarez is still a long one, Andrade has taken a peak at who else wants to face the pound-for-pound star and he has come to a conclusion.

“We have to fight each other,” said Andrade during an interview with DAZN. “Canelo is fighting Callum Smith, he’s fighting GGG (Gennadiy Golovkin) and these guys but we need to fight each other. We can’t sit there and wait to see who Canelo picks. We need to get in the ring with each other so we can demand for Canelo to pick us.”

Alvarez, of course, is roughly 24 hours away from facing the much larger Smith in the Alamodome in San Antonio Texas. According to the Mexican native, the decision making that went into facing Smith simply boiled down to his career accomplishments. With two titles in the 168-pound division as well as the World Boxing Super Series trophy, Alvarez believes that Smith is the best that the super middleweight division has to offer.

While Alvarez alleges that Smith was picked due to his merit, Andrade (29-0, 18 KOs) believes that everyone else who is calling for a showdown with the pound for pound star should stop begging and groveling and simply put in the work.

“It’s like (Jermall) Charlo, Billy Joe Saunders, Callum Smith and GGG have a poster of Canelo over their beds and be like please pick me Canelo, please pick me. I feel bad for Canelo. We need to start fighting each other so that we can demand the Canelo fight. Canelo shouldn’t have to fight me, GGG, Charlo and all these guys. We need to fight and eliminate who needs to be eliminated.”

For Andrade, his path to an Alvarez showdown isn’t an easy one, but he believes it’s clear. Former WBO middleweight champion and current WBO super middleweight belt holder Billy Joe Saunders has long wanted to face Andrade. Due to various reasons over the years, they have yet to actually face one another.

With a win in his last contest against Martin Murray, Saunders has once again thrown his name into the mix for both a matchup with Andrade and Alvarez. While nothing is imminent, a date with Saunders is just what Andrade suspects he needs in order to separate himself from the pack of future Alvarez opponent hopefuls.

“That’s what I’ve been asking for, for a long time now. I want to get in there with the elite guys, one of the best guys. Saunders is one of those guys. I have the WBO in the 160-pound division. Me moving up to 168 should be an easy deal to make.”

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Eddie Hearn On Gennadiy Golovkin’s Future: “He Will Fight Charlo, He Will Fight Munguia And He Will Fight Andrade”
Posted on 12/14/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The sole focus of IBF middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin is mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta. Yet, for roughly three years now, Golovkin has placed all of his energy in taking on multiple division titlist Canelo Alvarez.

But with two fights shared between the pair in 2017 and 2018, fans of the long-reigning middleweight champion would like to see him step into the ring with the other notable names in the division, including WBC belt holder Jermall Charlo, WBO titlist Demetrius Andrade or to a lesser extent, a matchup with Jaime Munguia.

For promoter Eddie Hearn, discussing what’s next is difficult considering the undefeated Szeremeta, whom Golovkin will face this weekend, is as motivated as ever. Still, Hearn understands the pent up frustration that boxing fans have displayed. Rest assured, the long time promoter not only expect’s Golovkin to take on his fellow champions, but he also guaranteed it.

“The ultimate challenge that he wants to accept next is Canelo Alvarez but he’s just focused on Szeremeta,” said Hearn on a media conference call. “I believe his resume stands as the best middleweight in the world but he will fight Charlo, he will fight Munguia and he will fight Andrade if the Canelo Alvarez fight doesn’t present itself.”

At the age of 38, Golovkin would appear to be closer to the end of his career, more so than the beginning. Thoughts of him slipping came into question following his most recent bout. In what many were expecting to be a one-sided fight, Golovkin struggled mightily with perennial contender Sergey Derevyanchenko late last year. While the Kazakhstan native managed to eek out a victory, the closeness of it left fans counting the days until he decides to hang up the gloves.

The reactions following their contest though, are completely over-exaggerated according to Hearn. Not only does he believe Golovkin isn’t slowing down any time soon, but he is also under the impression that he will prove his doubters wrong in the near future.

“It was only because the Derevyanchenko fight was close that people start questioning is Gennadiy at the latter end of his career, I think not. The pleasure of working with Gennadiy Golovkin is he’ll never turn his back down on an opportunity or challenge. I think he is extremely motivated to go and fight anyone.”

Throughout the near 15 year career of Golovkin, he has carried a pen and paper as he has scratched off virtually every name on his hit list. Even at the age of 38, Golovkin’s list is still a long one. But first thing’s first, he must scratch off Szeremeta’s name before he reaches the others.

“There’s a list of fighters that he wants to fight and they do include those names. He just has to get through Friday night first.”

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Shawn Porter Wants To See Demetrius Andrade Face Off Against Jermall Charlo: “I Think Andrade Would Win That Fight”
Posted on 09/29/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Jermall Charlo turned plenty of heads this past weekend. The WBC middleweight titlist put on an absolute show in picking apart former title challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko on Saturday night.

On paper, their matchup appeared to be a competitive one. But after 12 one sided rounds, it was anything but.

The question surrounding Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) now is who exactly should he face next? The Houston native would still love to face off against IBF belt holder Gennadiy Golovkin or pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez. Great matchups of course, but former two time welterweight champion in Shawn Porter has another name in mind.

“I want to see Andrade fight Jermall Charlo,” said Porter to Fight Hype. “That’s the fight that I want to see. I would love to see it right now.”

Over the years, Charlo has built up an aura of invincibility to a certain extent. With 31 wins in just as many fights, no one has come even close to beating him. But while he’s looked damn there unbeatable thus far, Porter sees plenty of holes in his game.

“Here’s the thing. With Charlo you have to make him think and move his feet. From what I’ve seen, he has problems with guys that move and busy. It’s almost like with he’s a step behind when a guy is busy and moving. I think that Andrade is that fighter that can move, bring the fight to you and the most rangiest guy in boxing. He’s also a southpaw at that. That would be a lot for for Charlo to prepare for. Honestly, that’s probably why he doesn’t mention his name. He knows that’s a tough fight for him.”

Andrade, 32, may hold the WBO middleweight, but he hasn’t exactly faced a murderer row’s of competition as of late.

Still, even with the lack of big names on his resume paired with Charlo’s accession in the division, Porter believe’s that the Houston native would pick up the first loss of his career if they ever were to meet up.

“He’s one of the more intelligent boxers out there and I think that’s a very tough fight for Jermall Charlo. I think Andrade would win that fight.”

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Ranking The 5 Best And Most Logical Opponents For Demetrius Andrade
Posted on 07/19/2020

By: Hans Themistode

October 20, 2018; Boston, MA, USA; Demetrius Andrade and Walter Kautondokwa during their 12 round bout for the vacant WBO middleweight championship at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Demetrius Andrade has spent the majority of his career begging for a big fight. The current WBO middleweight champion and former two division titlist however, has yet to get a response.

The respect for his skill set has always been high in boxing circles, maybe even too high. With 12 years under his belt as a professional, the former Olympians resume is lacking. 

This world wide pandemic isn’t going to make it any easier on him finding an opponent either. But with it being seven months since his last ring appearance, he’ll need to jump into the ring soon to keep the COVID-19 inducing rust off. 

The fans are not interested in watching him in a grotesque mismatch. So who should he take on next? We’ve put together a few names that would be both competitive and logical to make. Keep reading to find out. 

5. John Ryder

Super middleweight contender John Ryder (28-5, 16 KOs) would seem to follow the same pattern of previous Andrade opponents. Someone without a big name, who fans would give little chance at winning. With that being said, Ryder deserves some respect. WBC belt holder Callum Smith is considered one of, if not the very best at 168. In Ryder’s last time out in the ring, he gave Smith arguably the toughest fight of his career. In fact, many believed that he should have walked away with the nod.

He doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of star power, but he’s a very good fighter. If Andrade can out class him like everyone else he has faced, then that would be a statement. 

4. Chris Eubank Jr

Chris Eubank Jr is an enigma. His last name lends him a bit of star power. Yet his performances in the ring hasn’t lived up to the hype. 

At the moment, Eubank Jr. (29-2, 22 KOs) holds the WBA interim middleweight title. But his opponent on the night in Mat Korobov, essentially handed it to him as he separated his shoulder in the second round and was unable to continue. Still, a wins a win. 

Much like Andrade, Eubank Jr. has always thrown his name in the mix for big fights. But unlike Andrade, he has scored a number of them. The biggest win of his career came just last year against former two time champion James DeGale. Sure it was great on paper, but he wants more. 

Well, look no further then a showdown with Andrade. Not only do both men need a big time win, but with the other notable fighters at 160 completely booked, this fight seems easy to make. 

3. Ryota Murata 

Ryota Murata (16-2, 13 KOs) certainly has impressive credentials. He took home gold in the 2016 Olympics and quickly parlayed that with winning a word title in 2017. But with two losses sullying his record, it’s difficult to know what to make of him. 

A 2017 loss to Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam was the first red flag. The second came from a 2018 matchup with Rob Brant. But Murata proved that both defeats were fluky as he won immediate rematches via stoppage. 

With the lack of names on the resume of Andrade, Murata would be his toughest fight by far. 

2. Callum Smith 

WBC super middleweight champion Callum Smith may reside one weight class higher, but Andrade has never had an issue moving up in weight. In terms of accomplishments, Smith would be the ideal opponent. A win over the British born champion would land him a world title in his third weight class. 

Smith (27-0, 19 KOs) is currently still hoping for a showdown with Canelo Alvarez, but if that doesn’t come to fruition, then Smith vs Andrade is the fight to make. 

1. Jaime Munguia 

The 154 pound title reign of Jamie Munguia (35-0, 28 KOs) was an underwhelming one. At no point did he take on an opponent who was thought to have a remote chance at winning. With that being said however, Munguia has looked pretty damn good each and every time he has stepped foot inside of the ring. 

Squeezing down to the Jr middleweight limit has gotten tiresome for the Mexican born fighter, so he has opted to move up to 160. An 11th round stoppage win over Gary O’Sullivan proved his decision was a sagacious one. With Munguia holding the WBO title at 154, he gets the chance to skip the long line of contenders as he ranks number one in the sanctioning body at 160. 

Andrade has long expressed an interest in facing Munguia. Well, it appears that he could very well get his wish. 

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Ranking The Five Best Opponents For Canelo Alvarez
Posted on 07/13/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The music is playing, but Canelo Alvarez is yet to find a dance partner. 

The four division world champion has been in the market to find a suitable opponent, but no one has taken the bait. As of late, names such as Anthony Dirrell, John Ryder and Sergiy Derevyanchenko have reportedly been in the running. 

While some of those names may gain the attention of fans, the vast majority of them have no interest in what they bring to the table. Regardless of COVID-19 preventing fans from entering arenas, Alvarez won’t be given a pass for facing a soft touch. 

Although his promoter has already watered down his opposition for his September date by stating that Alvarez won’t be fighting a fellow champion, we’ve decided to come up with a list of our own. Since the Mexican star campaigns at three weight divisions, we’ve sprinkled a few names from each weight class to make our list more compelling. 

So with that being said, here’s our list for the top 5 opponents that Alvarez should choose for his next contest. 

5. David Benavidez 

David Benavidez (22-0, 19 KOs) may only be 23 years of age, but the argument can easily be made that he’s the best fighter at 168 pounds. From a stylistic standpoint, Benavidez would be the toughest matchup for Alvarez. With a staggering seven inch reach, the pound for pound star would have a difficult time getting in.

At some point though, the shorter Alvarez will bulldoze his way inside, and when he does, how will Benavidez react? Also, does he have the experience to out box his man from the outside? 

This matchup brings so many questions, but there’s only one way to answer them. 

4. GGG

With two fights already in the books, it feels as though the score will never be settled between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin (GGG). The reason behind it is simple, GGG seems to have gotten a raw deal.

Their first matchup in 2017 left most of the boxing world shaking their collective heads when it was announced a draw. Most believed GGG (40-1-1, 35 KOs) did more than enough to bring in the victory. Their rematch one year later was much closer, but most were inclined to score it either a draw, or a close win for GGG. 

At the age of 38, the former unified middleweight champion has seen better days. And although most would believe that Canelo wins a third fight easily, the storyline and long lasting feud is good enough to see them do it one final time.  

3. Demetrius Andrade

At this point, it’s becoming ridiculous. Two division world champion and current WBO middleweight belt holder Demetrius Andrade just can’t seem to land a big fight. 

He’s always been regarded as one of the most talented fighters in boxing circles, but he has yet to get on the big stage to prove it. Andrade (29-0, 18 KOs) has been calling for a matchup with Alvarez for years now. Yet, the four division world champion has said on numerous occasions that Andrade is a boring fighter that doesn’t put any butts in seats. 

Well, with COVID-19 currently running amuck, Andrade doesn’t need to be a draw. Even with Alvarez currently campaigning at 168, Andrade has said that he has no issue moving up in weight. 

There has been a growing narrative around Alvarez. His resume looks impressive but most of the names associated with it were past their primes when he took them on. If Andrade were to hit the Alvarez sweepstakes however, that narrative no longer applies. 

2. Jermall Charlo

There’s something about Jermall Charlo (30-0, 22 KOs) that leaves fans with more question marks than answers. He’s currently an undefeated world champion and former two division titlist. 

His physique is intimidating and his fighting style makes you question the sanity of anyone who steps into the ring with him. 

Through 30 career fights, he hasn’t come close to losing. His resume isn’t as deep as it probably should be, but he’s fought solid opposition. Julian Williams, Austin Trout and Matt Korobov were all handed one sided losses when matched up against him. With that being said, we still want to see more. 

There is a growing belief that the Houston born Charlo is the best fighter at 160 pounds. His reign at 160 could be truncated however as he’s told multiple media outlets that he would move up in weight in order to get his hands on Alvarez.  

The interest surrounding this matchup would be high, and the fans would run to their television screens in order to see who wins. 

1. Artur Beterbiev

If Canelo Alvarez chooses any of the names on this list, then boxing fans will be beyond satisfied. But if for some reason, unified light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev (15-0, 15 KOs) is chosen, they’ll shed tears of joy. 

For as great as the names associated with this list are, Alvarez would be favored against all them. Well, except for Beterbiev. The hard hitting knockout artist has never met a chin that he couldn’t dent. Alvarez however, is known for not only his impregnable defense but his iron will. 

Unlike every other fighter on this list, Alvarez would have a noticeable disadvantage in terms of strength. The deck will be completely stacked against him from start to finish in this one. But that is exactly why it ranks number one. Canelo Alvarez is regarded by many as the best pound for pound fighter on the planet, but he can really stamp that notion with a win over Beterbiev. 

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Demetrius Andrade Calls Out Andy Ruiz and Andre Ward
Posted on 05/07/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Demetrius Andrade was an interested observer on December 7th 2019. In one hand was a bag of popcorn as the fan in him sat back and enjoyed a boxing match. In the other, was a pen and paper as he jot down notes. After 12 uneventful rounds Andrade was left unimpressed and holding his chin. 

October 20, 2018; Boston, MA, USA; Demetrius Andrade and Walter Kautondokwa during their 12 round bout for the vacant WBO middleweight championship at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

The WBO Middleweight champion looked on as Andy Ruiz Jr. was virtually shutout by Anthony Joshua to lose his Heavyweight titles. Before his poor showing, Ruiz was on top of the world, pulling off one of the biggest upsets in boxing history when he stopped Joshua in the seventh round during their first contest. 

That version of Ruiz would be difficult to deal with, but the one who showed up in the rematch is easy pickings for Andrade.

“I would fight Andy Ruiz,” said Andrade on ABBoxing during an interview. “Don’t train, don’t do anything, let’s fight. Give us the same excuse you gave when you fought Joshua the second time that you didn’t train. Give me that fight and I can beat him.”

Andrade has offered to move up in weight to take on big name opponents in the past. He recently went on record offering to jump up to the Super Middleweight division in order to take on WBO title holder Billy Joe Saunders. But a move to Heavyweight would be a completely different animal. To his credit, Andrade has always been praised for his skills and his heart. But that doesn’t mean he wants to jump into the ring with every and any of the big boys from the Heavyweight division. 

“I’m not fighting Wilder. I don’t want to get hit with that shit bro. I would fight anybody in my weight class but if I’m going up to the Heavyweight division, I am only going to name the people that I think I can beat and I know I can beat that kid. I can beat Andy Ruiz, hands down.”

With world titles at both 154 and 160, Andrade, 32, is smack in the middle of his prime and would be favored against roughly anyone in his weight class. But a matchup with Ruiz would leave him at a major weight disadvantage. The former Heavyweight champion last tipped the scale at a grotesque 283 pounds. Over 120 pounds heavier than Andrade. 

Big fight hunting has always been the name of the game for Andrade (29-0, 17 KOs). For years, he spent his time trying to get the likes of Canelo Alvarez and Jermall Charlo into the ring with him. But with both of those contests ostensibly not taking place, Andrade has turned his attention to not just Ruiz, but to another big name fighter. One that seldomly ever gets called out. 

“If Andre Ward wants to get back in the ring I would fight him. I’ll beat him with my jab and my IQ. I’ve got way more speed than him, my feet work is way better than him, like he isn’t going to touch me.”

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