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Ronnie Shields, Trainer Of Jermall Charlo, Throws Cold Water On The Possiblity Of A Demetrius Andrade Showdown: “Some Things Are Unforgivable”

Posted on 07/21/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For as much as both Demetrius Andrade and Jermall Charlo don’t like each other, they share a considerable amount of similarities.

The pair turned pro in 2008 just a mere two months apart. Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) captured his first world title at 154 pounds in 2013. Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) quickly followed him one year later to win his first world championship one year later in the same weight class. Charlo would then bring home his second world title in as many weight classes in 2018 when he nabbed the WBC middleweight title. Following the same pattern, Andrade would do the same six months later, winning the WBO middleweight championship against Walter Kautondokwa.

At the moment, both Charlo and Andrade are considered the best that the 160-pound division has to offer. To end all debate on who should be crowned the best fighter in the weight class, fans have urged both men to step into the ring with each other. However, according to Ronnie Shields, trainer of Charlo, he advises that fans don’t hold their breath.

Simply put, the fight isn’t going to happen.

“It goes back years before to when Andrade signed a contract to fight his brother Jermell and Andrade was champion,” said Shields during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “Andrade backed out of the fight. Once he did that, they said they’ll never give him an opportunity to make money with them, in the sport of boxing.”

In 2014, a matchup between Jermell Charlo and Andrade was thought to be signed sealed and delivered. Their contest was set to be the co-feature to Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Team Andrade was perturbed with what they believed was a low-fight offer to face Charlo.

According to Andrade’s father, Paul, his son was offered a contract of $250,000. Those numbers, however, were deemed unsatisfactory. Instead of pulling out of the fight immediately, team Andrade waited until the week of the fight to do so. Their thought process was that they wanted to give both sides more than enough time to increase the initial offer. Once team Andrade realized that more money was not coming down the pike, they opted to remove themselves from the card.

Although Charlo was found a replacement opponent, he lost a then, career-high payday and the opportunity to fight for a world title. Both Jermell and Jermall have pointed to that infamous incident as the main reason why a showdown between them is unlikely to ever occur.

But while fans believe Jermall Charlo and his team should move past those issues of the past, Shields doesn’t have that same thought process. With a chance to set the record straight on what exactly happened nearly a decade ago, Shields pulled back the curtain on everything that took place behind the scenes.

“Of course everybody wants to see it but some things are unforgivable,” explained Shields. “To me, that’s one of those things. You denied his brother an opportunity to fight for a world title, for no reason. Well, the reasoning was, he left his promoter and went to Jay-Z. Jay-Z didn’t like the fight and told him not to take it so he didn’t take it. That’s something he has to live with for the rest of his life.”

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Eddie Hearn Reveals He’s Made An Offer To Chris Eubank Jr. To Face Demetrius Andrade

Posted on 05/24/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For a number of years now, promoter Eddie Hearn has thrown his hands up in frustration. Although he has gotten a number of fights for Demetrius Andrade, he has failed to get the WBO middleweight titlist a marquee one. With that said, he could be on the brink of doing just that.

The 33-year-old Rhode Island native is fresh off a fairly competitive win over Liam Williams on April 17th. After sending his man to the canvas in the second round, Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) got past a few scary moments of his own to pick up the win. With the two-division belt holder anxious to know what’s next, Hearn finally had an answer.

According to the long-time promoter, he’s made a significant offer to WBA interim titlist Chris Eubank Jr. for a showdown later on this year. Although both sides are in the infancy stages of their negotiations, Hearn made it clear that team Eubank Jr. is “very interested” in putting together a fight.

For the British native, a matchup with Andrade is exactly the sort of fight he was hoping for. During a recent interview, Eubank Jr. (30-2, 22 KOs) expressed a desire to shed his interim tag and become a full middleweight belt holder. Originally, he believed a matchup with WBA “Super” champion, Ryota Murata, would likely be next. Now, with Hearn willing to place Eubank Jr. in with Andrade instead, his world title dreams could become a reality later on this year.

After spending the better part of a year and a half on the sidelines, Eubank Jr. returned to the ring on May 1st against fringe contender Marcus Morrison. While he proved to be tough, Eubank Jr. was simply a step ahead as he cruised to a unanimous decision victory.

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Demetrius Andrade On Canelo Alvarez Refusing To Fight Him: “You Can Give People The Opportunity To Make A Legacy But I Can’t Do That?”

Posted on 05/17/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Reality is slowly setting in for Demetrius Andrade. The current WBO middleweight belt holder has always had an eye on a showdown against Canelo Alvarez. Following the Mexican native’s recent win over Billy Joe Saunders roughly a week and a half ago, Andrade took it upon himself to crash the post-fight presser.

In a playful yet serious tone, Andrade congratulated Alvarez on the win and asked him when he would be given the opportunity to face him. Seemingly annoyed with his presence, Alvarez savagely lashed out at Andrade.

“Get the fuck out of here,” said Alvarez. “You are a horrible fighter, horrible fighter. You are never going to get the fight.”

As the curse words between both men continued, Andrade was escorted out of the building by security. Having had several days to digest the words of Alvarez, Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) simply can’t understand why everyone else is getting the opportunity to prove themselves on the biggest stage while he’s forced to sit on the sidelines.

“He’s a coward,” said Andrade during an interview on the Ak and Barak show. “That’s some coward shit. You can give people the opportunity to fight and get in there and make a name for themselves, make a legacy but I can’t do that?”

No matter how badly Andrade would love to get Alvarez in the ring, the 30-year-old is fully focused on a unification showdown against Caleb Plant. A win for the Mexican star would allow him to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion of all time.

By and large, the resume of Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) is viewed as one of the best in all of boxing. In the case of Andrade, on the other hand, the Rhode native knows he hasn’t shared the ring with many of the top names. Although he won’t fulminate with anyone in defense of his level of opposition, Andrade is left incredulous when he compares his accomplishments and skillset, to several opponents that Alvarez has recently stepped into the ring against.

“If you look at my record, okay but what did Billy Joe do to get that fight? You’ll go in there and fight Rocky Fielding but what has he done for the sport of boxing. What about (Avni) Yildirim? What has he done for the sport of boxing?”

With Alvarez digging his heels behind his refusal to face Andrade, the former two-division titlist is seemingly running out of ideas. Although he’s tried on several occasions, promoter Eddie Hearn continues to pace up and down his office when trying to land a big fight for Andrade.

On several occasions, Hearn has stated that he has attempted to drag several high-caliber fighters into the ring with Andrade including, Gennadiy Golovkin and Jermall Charlo. Now, with Alvarez also completely taking himself out of the mix, Hearn expressed his level of frustration.

“Demetrius Andrade is the most difficult fighter I’ve ever had to make a fight for,” said Hearn during an interview with BoxingInsider.com. “By far.”

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Canelo Alvarez Believes He Knows Why Demetrius Andrade Wants To Fight Him: “Payday, Payday”

Posted on 05/11/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For a number of years now, former two-division world champion Demetrius Andrade has told everyone who would listen that he could defeat Canelo Alvarez if he was only given the chance. The Rhode Island native has chased a showdown with the Mexican star when both were campaigning at 154 and 160 pounds. Even now, with Alvarez currently one weight class higher, Andrade has repeatedly stated that he would have no issue with moving up in weight to make the fight happen.

This past weekend, Andrade continued his push to get Alvarez in the ring. The current WBO middleweight titlist sat ringside as he watched the pound-for-pound star dismantle Billy Joe Saunders, forcing the Britt to retire on his stool at the end of round eight. Following the win, Andrade took it upon himself to crash the post-fight press conference to congratulate Alvarez on the win and ask him when the two could possibly share the ring with one another. After a few minutes of back and forth arguing, Alvarez revealed that he knows why Andrade is so persistent in landing a fight with him.

“Payday, payday I know that,” said Alvarez. “You are never going to get the fight.”

With the win this past weekend, Alvarez added the WBO super middleweight belt to his WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine titles. Now, the 30-year-old will look to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion of all-time by taking on IBF titlist Caleb Plant.

By and large, Alvarez is viewed as the consensus best fighter in the world mostly due to the proliferation of world titles he has in his possession and the numerous wins against former world champions plastered to his resume.

There’s a long list of reasons why Alvarez refuses to face Andrade but his lack of name recognition remains one of the main reasons. While the 33-year-old may have complied a spotless record through 30 professional fights, Alvarez simply has a hard time recognizing anyone he has actually stepped into the ring against.

“Man you fight with nobody, you are a champion but you fight with nobody.”

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Eddie Hearn: “Eubank vs Andrade, I Like This Fight”

Posted on 04/26/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For the past few years, promoter Eddie Hearn has had front row tickets to watch Demetrius Andrade fight in the ring. Normally, oftentimes pretty early, Hearn would simply shake his head as the WBO middleweight belt holder outclasses his opponents.

Roughly one week ago, Hearn shook his head once again as Andrade cruised to a unanimous decision victory against a game but clearly overmatched Liam Williams. Immediately following the win, Hearn called for a showdown between Andrade and WBC belt holder, Jermall Charlo. The two have gone back and forth for years but haven’t been able to come to an agreement behind the scenes for their contest to become a reality.

Although Charlo or IBF titlist Gennadiy Golovkin would be his first choice, Hearn could steer Andrade towards a top contender for a high-profile fight instead.

“Eubank vs Andrade, I like this fight,” said Hearn while on Instagram live.

Eubank Jr., 31, currently holds the WBA interim middleweight crown following a somewhat fortunate win against Matt Korobov in December of 2019. The Russian native appeared to win the opening round between the pair but was forced to throw in the towel following a shoulder injury in the second.

Since then, Eubank Jr. (29-2, 22 KOs) has sat idly on the sidelines. He’ll look to work off a bit of ring rust when he returns this Saturday night against fringe contender Marcus Morrison. For the British product, he’s expressed a desire to face all of the top names in the division, most specifically, Eubank Jr. is targeting a showdown against WBA full titleholder, Ryota Murata.

His plans to dethrone Murata, however, could become sidetracked if Hearn has it his way. The longtime promoter doesn’t want to put too much of his focus on the possibility of Andrade and Eubank Jr. stepping into the ring against one another. But, if the British native takes care of business come Saturday night, he’ll give it more thought.

“Let’s see what happens on Saturday with Chris Eubank but I have no problem bringing Andrade to the U.K. to fight Chris Eubank Jr. for the world title.”

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Liam Williams: “I Believe Demetrius (Andrade) is Probably The Best Of The World Champions”

Posted on 04/21/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Liam Williams will have to wait a little bit longer for his world title dreams to become a reality. The middleweight contender fought a competitive fight against WBO belt holder Demetrius Andrade this past weekend at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Although Williams gave it everything he had and visibly stunned Andrade in the later rounds, the British native was simply outgunned as Andrade cruised to a unanimous decision victory. While he was hoping to pick up the win, Williams is under the impression that the loss to Andrade isn’t the end of the world. Especially considering that he lost to who he believes is the best in the weight class.

“I don’t feel like I’m going to take too much of a step back,” said Williams during the post-fight interview. “I believe Demetrius is probably the best of the world champions, other than Canelo.”

Hearing his name mentioned as the best in the middleweight division doesn’t come as a surprise to the Rhode Island native. For years now, Andrade has screamed from the mountain tops that he’s the best 160 pounder in the world and is willing to face every and anyone to prove it.

Despite his brazen statements, Andrade has yet to face any of the division’s top names including WBC titlist Jermall Charlo and IBF belt holder Gennadiy Golovkin. Although he hasn’t shared the ring with either of those previously mentioned fighters, for Williams money, he’ll bet that Andrade is the cream of the crop.

Before actually facing him, however, Williams had an entirely different perception of Andrade from the outside looking in. But with 12 hard rounds in the books, including a second-round knockdown, Williams gave Andrade all of the respect in the world.

“Demetrius is a very good fighter. He’s better than I thought and more slipperier than he appears on tv. I hurt him a couple times I feel but he was gone before I knew it and couldn’t capitalize on it. He’s very good.”

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Demetrius Andrade – Supply and Demand

Posted on 04/19/2021

By: Hector Franco

Providence, Rhode Island’s Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) made the fourth successful defense of his WBO middleweight title, winning a unanimous decision over mandatory challenger Liam Williams (23-3-1, 18 KOs) this weekend in Florida.

Andrade’s performance at times was spectacular, scoring highlight reel uppercuts throughout. In the later rounds, mainly in the ninth, he looked vulnerable and hurt from a right hand landed by Williams.

Overall, his performance was more than enough to earn a clear victory. However, was it enough to get the other champions in the division to step in the ring with him?

Throughout his now 12-year career that started in 2009, Andrade has only faced one former world champion. That came in 2017 against Germany’s Jack Culcay, where Andrade won a split decision to win the WBA super welterweight title in what may have been the closest bout of his career.

In what would have been Andrade’s most significant test, he was scheduled to take on Jermell Charlo in December 2014. The fight didn’t take place due to disagreements regarding the fight purse.

For years, Andrade has had promotional issues that kept him relatively inactive, fighting only once in 2014, 2015, and 2016. When he finally left his promoters at Banner and Star Boxing in 2018, he joined Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing.

The thought was that with an elite promoter, Andrade would be presented with opportunities that otherwise would not be available.

The middleweight division currently has four titleholders, including Andrade. Kazakhstan’s Gennadiy Golovkin holds the IBF title, Japan’s Ryota Murata holds the WBA title, and Jermall Charlo holds the WBC title.

Golovkin, a fighter whom himself was avoided in his prime, is 39 and is rumored to be deep in negotiations to take on the previously mentioned Murata. There have also been talks that the future Hall of Famer could be headed towards a showdown against middleweight contender Jamie Munguia later on this year. Pair those factors with Golovkin also angling for a third showdown with Canelo Alvarez and it appears an Andrade showdown is unlikely.

Andrade’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, has had difficulty securing elite matchups for the Rhode Island fighter, even against fighters that he promotes himself.

“He is the most avoided fighter I have ever worked with,” Hearn stated to Sports Illustrated. “I can’t get anyone to fight him. If he didn’t have a belt, I would understand.

“Why would you fight Demetrius Andrade? But he has a belt. Golovkin and Charlo should be trying to unify. Everyone is pricing themselves out apart from Demetrius Andrade.”

A unification bout against Jermall Charlo would make the most sense for both fighters, as the WBC titleholder hasn’t faced many elite opponents since moving to middleweight. The best win Charlo has had in the division was last September when he defeated Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Recently, Showtime and Premier Boxing Champions announced their upcoming lineup with Charlo set to defend his title against massive underdog Juan Montiel. As of now, a fight between Charlo and Andrade doesn’t look imminent.

In an era where fighters step in the ring twice a year at the most, it would be unfair to ask a fighter as talented as Andrade to do more. But playing the waiting game has kept him on the same plateau for years.

The demand for Andrade to face fighters like Alvarez and Golovkin lies squarely in the hands of hardcore boxing fans. After a while, fans will become more and more apathetic to Andrade’s situation.

The sport of boxing has never been fair. There are fighters who have had less than half the skill of Andrade that have gotten twice as many opportunities. However, like life, sometimes you have to create your own opportunities.

Joe Frazier once told Marvin Hagler that he had three problems. He was black, southpaw, and he was good.

Andrade is all three and, just as important, has about as much charisma as anybody in boxing. When will this translate to him getting a shot to prove himself against the best boxing has to offer?

It will likely continue to be a waiting game.

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Eddie Hearn: “Champions Are Supposed To Fight Champions, Jermall Charlo Is Fighting, Ummm I Can’t Remember His Name”

Posted on 04/18/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Once again, promoter Eddie Hearn sat back in awe as he witnessed Demetrius Andrade do what he does best, dominate. The current WBO middleweight world champion was pushed more than usual against top contender Liam Williams. However, he was able to take care of business at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida late last night.

With another subpar name now plastered to the resume of Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs), Hearn was fuming following the win.

Over the past few years, Hearn has tried on numerous occasions to stage a contest between both Andrade and current WBC middleweight titlist Jermall Charlo. Yet, no matter how hard he tries and no matter how much money he throws in the face of Charlo, he continues to look the other way.

The Houston native’s refusal to fight Andrade makes no sense to the promoter, especially considering the newly announced opponent that Charlo will be facing

“Champions are supposed to fight champions,” said Hearn following Andrade’s win. “Jermall Charlo is fighting, ummm I can’t remember his name.”

The forgotten name of Charlo’s next opponent by Hearn is fringe contender Juan Macias Montiel. The two are slated to face off on June 19th, at a yet to be determined site. In the opinion of Hearn, Montiel simply follows a disturbing pattern for Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs). While the pugnacious knockout artist claims that he wants to unify the division, he has yet to show interest in making their contest become a reality.

If Charlo needs someone to emulate, he should look no further than his very own twin brother, Jermell Charlo, who is already a unified champion at 154 pounds and will look to become the undisputed king when he takes on WBO belt holder Brian Castano on July 17th.

“His brother is doing a great job, he’s going for it in the division fighting champions. I don’t know what he’s (Jermall Charlo) doing. If he doesn’t want to fight on DAZN, we’ve made him a massive offer. Demetrius will go and fight on FOX. It’s not a problem.”

More than anything, Hearn is seemingly growing frustrated with his inability to land a big fight for the undefeated southpaw. Although there is a long list of fighters that Hearn would love to throw Andrade in with, possibly none would be bigger than a showdown between Andrade and Charlo.

“Jermall Charlo against Demetrius Andrade is a big, big fight. It’s two great American world champions. Why are the champions not looking to fight Demetrius Andrade.”

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Demetrius Andrade Grinds Out A Clear Decision Win Against Liam Williams

Posted on 04/17/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Another one bites the dust.

For months on end, Demetrius Andrade sat back and listened as British native and top contender, Liam Williams, shouted nonstop that he would strip Andrade of his WBO middleweight world title. Yet, when given the chance earlier tonight at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida, all of Williams trash talk was rendered useless.

Like most of his contest, Williams pushed forward early. He opened up with a barrage of punches but quickly found himself hitting nothing but air. Andrade refused to engage, instead, he choose to play defense until the time was right. With one minute left in the opening frame, Andrade began letting his hands go. He consistently landed several uppercuts that left Williams holding near the end of the round.

The following frame was much of the same as Andrade continued to avoid the oncoming shots of his man until he found the perfect opportunity. Once again, that came at the end of the round as Andrade sent Williams to the mat with only a few seconds remaining.

To his credit, Williams rose to his feet and survived the round. Clearly behind at this point, Williams began upping his work rate. He found moments of success until Andrade changed the tempo of the fight by landing shots at will.

As the middle rounds approached, Andrade appeared to be in cruise control. His more lethargic demeanor was noticeable to Williams as he landed a huge shot in round seven that left Andrade visibly rattled. The current WBO belt holder backed up against the ropes and clinched onto his man until the end of the bell.

With Andrade in no mood to lose ground on the scoreboards, he got back to his boxing in round eight. He stuck his jab right into the face of Williams, forcing the British native to fight with a high guard. That of course, left his midsection wide open, something Andrade would take full advantage of.

As the championship rounds rolled by, Andrade appeared more than content with boxing and keeping his man away. With the title dreams of Williams slipping away, he attempted to empty the tank in order to land a game-changing shot.

Unfortunately for the British native, it never happened as Andrade made it to the final bell and walked away with his world title still wrapped around his waist.

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Demetrius Andrade Questions Canelo Alvarez And Gennadiy Golovkin: “You’re Looking To Fight All Of These Other People, Like What Do They Have That I Don’t Have?”

Posted on 04/12/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Demetrius Andrade is quite frankly sick and tired and of talking about it. The former two-division world champion and current WBO middleweight belt holder has been heavily criticized for the opponents he’s stepped into the ring against. His upcoming title defense against British native Liam Williams isn’t helping matters either.

The two are slated to face off this coming Saturday on April 17th, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, in Hollywood Florida.

Andrade, 33, has screamed until he’s blue in the face in the direction of the bigger names in the boxing world. Yet, no matter how hard he tries, no one of note has taken him up on his offer to face him in the ring. The ongoing theme surrounding Andrade’s career is that he’s simply too high risk for such little reward.

In his mind, however, that makes absolutely no sense.

“How is that realistic to say,” said Andrade during a recent interview with Manouk Akopyan. “How do you have nothing to gain when you’re fighting a world champion?”

Just as Andrade mentions, he believes his championship status should allow certain fighters to become more enticed with fighting him. While he’s willing to face many of the big names in or around his division, Andrade has placed a certain emphasis on IBF middleweight titlist Gennadiy Golovkin and unified super middleweight champion, Canelo Alvarez.

Although both have heard Andrade express an interest in fighting them, neither appear to be in a rush to accept his challenge. Instead, both Alvarez and Golovkin continue to place their attention elsewhere.

When glancing at the resume of both champions, Andrade can’t help but laugh when he reads off some of the names that have gotten the opportunity he’s been craving. With world titles in two separate weight classes and a dozen years as an unbeaten pro, Andrade simply doesn’t understand how certain fighters got their chance to face them while he continues to wait.

“You’re willing to fight (Kamil) Szeremeta, you’re willing to fight (Avni) Yildirim, you’re willing to fight Rocky Fielding. You’re looking to fight all of these other people, like what do they have that I don’t have? That talk is just excuses.”

In the case of Golovkin, he annihilated Szeremeta via seventh-round stoppage this past December. Alvarez, on the other hand, made it look easy against mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim on February 27th, earlier this year, stopping him in the third.

Following those aforementioned wins, neither Alvarez nor Golovkin mentioned Andrade as a possible opponent. Alvarez is currently in the midst of training camp as he prepares to take on WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders. In the case of Golovkin, his next fight hasn’t been revealed as of yet but he is reportedly interested in a showdown with middleweight contender Jaime Munguia.

Regardless of both men continuing to go in another direction, Andrade claims that his focus is on his own career and his upcoming title defense against Williams.

“I’m going to put an ass whopping on Liam Williams, come April 17th.”

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Terence Crawford: “When You Look At Canelo’s Career, It’s Like He’s Shied Away From The Black Fighters”

Posted on 03/22/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Terence Crawford has always been a supporter of Canelo Alvarez.

Just last month the WBO welterweight belt holder was sitting front row and center as he watched the Mexican star dismantle mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim via third-round stoppage at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida. Alvarez is currently scheduled to take on Billy Joe Saunders on May 8th, in an attempt to unify the British native’s WBO super middleweight championship with his WBC, WBA and Ring magazine titles.

While they have fought at different weight classes, Crawford has kept close tabs on the career of Alvarez. Although most have praised him for the numerous world titles he’s poached from several fighters, Crawford has noticed a trend when it comes to the type of opponents Alvarez has fought.

To be as blunt as possible, Crawford believes Alvarez is avoiding fighters of a certain racial group.

“When you look at Canelo’s career, it’s like he’s shied away from the black fighters,” said Crawford during a recent interview on SiriusXM Boxing. “I think the black fighters give him the most problems.”

In terms of African American fighters, Alvarez has fought a long list of them including Floyd Mayweather, Erislandy Lara, Austin Trout and most recently – Daniel Jacobs in May of 2019. Still, Crawford is under the impression that the dominant performances that Alvarez has put on display during the course of his career will come few and far between if he continued to lace up his gloves against African American boxers.

More than anything, Crawford seemingly has an issue with Alvarez ignoring two fighters in particular.

“He’s shied away from Jermall Charlo and (Demetrius) Andrade for a long time.”

Both Charlo and Andrade have long called for a showdown against Alvarez. On numerous occasions, they have both been in an ideal position to take on the Mexican star. In September of 2016, Alvarez stopped Liam Smith to capture his WBO Jr middleweight title. Before that occurred, however, Andrade held the WBO crown but was subsequently stripped due to inactivity.

Andrade hoped that Alvarez would fight him soon after but instead, the Mexican star opted to drop the title and face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at a catchweight of 164 pounds before officially making the move to the middleweight division.

In the case of Charlo, the surly knockout artist captured the WBC interim middleweight crown in 2018 with a second-round knockout victory over Hugo Centeno Jr. Several months later, Alvarez would win the full title against Gennadiy Golovkin. With Charlo holding the interim belt, he held the number one position to challenge Alvarez.

While the Houston native pushed for the fight to become a reality, Alvarez was instead stripped of his title and awarded the “Franchise” belt. That in turn freed him from making any mandated title challenges.

All along, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has claimed that Alvarez reached out to him to become “Franchise champion,” not the other way around.

Although Crawford believes he is shying away from both fighters, trainer of Alvarez in Eddy Reynoso, stated last year that a showdown between both Alvarez and Charlo has to happen.

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Even If He Becomes His Mandatory, David Benavidez Doubts Canelo Alvarez Will Face Him: “He Has A History Of Vacating Titles”

Posted on 03/10/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Credit : Chris Farina / Mayweather Promotions

David Benavidez doesn’t claim to know everything, however, he does believe he knows how his future will ultimately unfold.

Currently, the former WBC super-middleweight belt holder is patiently watching the clock in his hotel room as he waits for his upcoming showdown against fringe contender Ronald Ellis to finally arrive in what would be his first fight since losing his title on the scales late last year. The two are slated to face off in the main event slot at the Mohegan Sun Casino, in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Picking up the win this Saturday night is a foregone conclusion to the 24-year-old. But so is a matchup with current unified champion Canelo Alvarez.

“I know I’m going to be the undisputed champion,” said Benavidez during a recent interview with Fight Hub TV. “I know I’m going to be the one to beat Canelo. I’m just waiting for the opportunity.”

With his showdown against Ellis elevated to a WBC world title eliminator, Benavidez (23-0, 20 KOs) could move one step closer to a matchup with Alvarez.

Well, in theory, yes, but in actuality, Benavidez doesn’t believe so.

“He has a history of vacating titles when he’s meant to fight a strong mandatory. He knows that I’m a threat.”

On numerous occasions, Alvarez has in actuality, vacated his world title. In 2016, two-division world champion Demetrius Andrade claimed that Alvarez avoided a showdown with him when he sat in the mandatory position for the Mexican native’s WBO Jr middleweight world title. Alvarez would, in fact, go on to drop his championship and instead, elected to take on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at a catchweight of 164 pounds. Four months later, Alvarez would then challenge Gennadiy Golovkin.

Similarly enough, current WBC middleweight titlist Jermall Charlo has shared a similar story.

Shortly after Alvarez successfully unified his WBC and WBA middleweight titles by taking the IBF crown held by then-champion Daniel Jacobs in 2019, Charlo called for his chance as he held the WBC interim crown.

Alvarez though, would have his title taken away from him by WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman and instead, replaced with the “Franchise,” tag instead. A new and still confusing term.

In those instances, Alvarez elected to go in another direction but in the case of mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim, the pound-for-pound star faced the Turkish product and made quick work of him, stopping in three rounds just a few weeks ago.

For the most part, fans fulminated over the selection of Yildirim as the mandatory challenger as he held that position even after he was defeated in his most recent fight against Anthony Dirrell more than two years ago. Still, for Benavidez, he wasn’t bothered by the entire ordeal.

The way he see’s it, Yildirim was better off stuffing his pockets with large sums of cash rather than receiving the same sort of beating at his hands for less than half the pay.

“I feel like I definitely deserved the mandatory spot to fight Canelo but if you look at it, Yildirim was mandatory since he lost to Anthony Dirrell two years ago. I really don’t have a problem with that. I feel like Canelo just wanted to stay active and that was probably the easiest fight available to him.

“Yildirim, at the end of the day, every fighter deserves to get paid. I feel like if I was going to fight Yildirim I would’ve knocked him out easily. At least now he made more money for getting knocked out.”

As it currently stands, the entire fight calendar of Alvarez (55-1-2, 37 KOs) this year is completely booked. On May 8th, he is set to take on WBO belt holder Billy Joe Saunders. Should he pick up the win, his goal would be to then move on to an undisputed showdown against IBF titlist Caleb Plant.

At no point has Alvarez mentioned the possibility of taking on Benavidez. But while most might take that as a slight, the 24-year-old views it as a compliment. Although he doesn’t believe team Alvarez would admit it, Benavidez is firmly under the belief that they know deep down inside just how dangerous he is.

“As much as they want to say that I don’t have experience and I have problems with the weight, at the end of the day, they haven’t taken the fight. They’ve been leaving me for last because I’m the hardest out of the bunch. If I was such an easy target, he would’ve taken my WBC title back then.”

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Demetrius Andrade Doesn’t Believe Canelo Alvarez Has Improved That Much Since Floyd Mayweather Fight: “He’s Gotten A Little Better”

Posted on 03/02/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For unified super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez, he’s seemingly had two careers.

There is the pre-Floyd Mayweather fight version of himself and the current pound-for-pound star who stands before everyone today.

Although he was always considered a terrific fighter, Alvarez took his career to a whole other level after he suffered his one-sided loss against Mayweather in 2013. Just about everyone who’s watched both halves of his career has taken notice of his defensive improvements and new offensive firepower.

In the opinion of Demetrius Andrade however, he doesn’t quite see the humongous jump in his game that everyone discusses. The WBO middleweight titlist does admit that Alvarez has taken steps forward, but they are minuscule at best.

“He’s gotten a little better,” said Andrade during an interview with FightHype. “He’s gotten technically better with his feet work a little bit. He learned how to cut off the ring finally. He should have learned from that Floyd fight but he’s still like a walking forward type guy who learned how to use his head a little bit now. But he’s still just a stationary target for somebody like me.”

For Andrade, he loathes handing Alvarez any sort of compliment, mostly because he believes the Mexican native hears enough of them on a consistent basis. In fact, the two-division champion only says Alvarez has gotten better simply because he doesn’t know the right words to use to describe his marginal improvement.

“He’s gotten better but that’s it. I don’t know what word to use other than better. What’s under it? He’s gotten better in certain things. He got a little better like he’ll slip four or five jabs but I’ve been slipping four or five jabs all of my life.”

June 26, 2019; Providence, RI; WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade works out for fans and media at the Providence Rink ahead of his bout on the June 29, 2019 Matchroom Boxing USA card at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI. Mandatory Credi

Currently, Alvarez is still enjoying his time off following his third-round win over Avni Yildirim this past Saturday night at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida. After forcing his man to quit at the end of the third round, Alvarez revealed that he would be taking on WBO titlist Billy Joe Saunders on May 8th.

In the mind of Andrade, Saunders essentially has no chance. Even with the 160-pound belt holder believing that Alvarez truly hasn’t improved that much since facing Mayweather nearly ten years ago, in Saunders, it won’t matter as it’ll be an easy night at the office.

“Billy Joe performances and efforts just die down eventually. They know that he can only do so much. There’s no power behind the sh*t, he’s sloppy with the sh*t. He doesn’t live and eat boxing the same way other people do, like you can tell from his outside living.”

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Eddie Hearn Gives His Point Of View On Why Jermall Charlo Hasn’t Fought Demetrius Andrade: “If Charlo Believed He Would Win, He Would Fight Him”

Posted on 02/26/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Eddie Hearn thought it was going to be pretty easy. With someone as skilled as Demetrius Andrade, the long-time promoter figured all he needed to do was provide him with a platform to showcase his skills and the big fights would come rolling in. However, after spending so many years promoting him, he’s found it virtually impossible to find a notable contest for him.

With no big fights on the horizon, Hearn is coming to the realization that throughout all of his years as a promoter, Andrade (29-0, 18 KOs) could very well be the most difficult fighter he’s ever tried to get a big fight for.

“I think so,” said Hearn during an interview with BoxingInsider.com. “Billy Joe Saunders is up there, Devin Haney is now looking like one of those guys as well. It’s a huge compliment to these fighters that the champions won’t face them because what it means is they’re really good.”

Amongst the many names that Hearn has attempted to lure into the ring to face the WBO middleweight belt holder is WBC titlist Jermall Charlo. For years now, Hearn has sat back and listened to the surly knockout artist scream and shout that he was the best fighter in the division.

Following Charlo’s most recent win against Sergiy Derevyanchenko this past September, the Houstonian claimed that he wanted to become a unified champion. However, when Hearn reached out to team Charlo with what he felt was a significant offer, reportedly for seven million dollars, nothing came to fruition.

Despite the large sum of cash, for whatever reason, their negotiations never quite got out of the racing blocks. Although several months have passed since then, Hearn is still acrimonious over the entire event.

“What pisses me off is you’ve got people like Charlo who finishes his fight and he says he wants to unify the division and wants every belt. Well, I’ve got one for you, Demetrius Andrade. Here’s a huge offer to fight on DAZN but he says no, he doesn’t want to fight on DAZN so I say okay, let’s do it on Showtime or FOX. We want the same money that you just paid Derevyanchenko, that’s it.”

With Hearn willing to acquiesce to all of Charlo’s demands, more or less, the head man over at Matchroom doesn’t believe Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) will jump into the ring with Andrade anytime soon.

Simply put, it doesn’t matter how much money he throws in his face or how badly he attempts to antagonize him. Hearn unambiguously believes that Charlo knows in his heart of hearts that if they do fight, he just won’t win.

“What is it? Do they not think they can beat him? Ultimately it is, cause if it was an easy fight or if Charlo believe’d he would win, he would fight him.”

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Demetrius Andrade vs Liam Williams Agree To Fight Terms

Posted on 02/10/2021

By: Hans Themistode

It appears as though the mega-fight Demetrius Andrade has long been calling for, won’t be happening anytime soon.

After spending much of his time in the middleweight division calling out the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Jermall Charlo and Gennadiy Golovkin – Andrade has grown tired of waiting and has agreed to terms with rising contender Liam Williams.

Recently, opponents of the British product have spent the following day recovering from injuries as he has gone on a seven-fight knockout streak. Williams penchant for ending his nights early have pushed him to the number two spot in the WBO sanctioning body and has placed the two lone blemishes of his career in the rearview mirror.

Four years ago in 2017, the highly-rated contender suffered back to back defeats at the hands of Liam Smith. As previously mentioned however, Williams has bounced back nicely, and since then, has called for his shot at a world title.

As for Andrade, the WBO titlist has heard his name mentioned by Williams on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, the Rhode Island product has shown no interest in the bout, claiming the matchup itself does nothing for his boxing resume.

Still, after failing to secure unification contests against his fellow contemporaries, Andrade has thrown his hands up in frustration and, at least according to promoter Eddie Hearn, has accepted William’s fight proposal.

Before Andrade’s reluctant agreement to take on the mostly unheralded Williams, the long-reigning champion believed he was on the verge of papering a deal between himself and WBO super middleweight titlist Billy Joe Saunders.

Andrade, 32, agreed to move up in weight to make their showdown a reality. All that needed to be done was for both sides to send over the contract agreement. That, of course, did not happen as Saunders has elected to take on pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez instead.

With Saunders officially booked for the time being, and his fellow belt holders in no rush to acquiesce to his fight demands, Andrade has decided that a fight with Williams is better than continuing to sit on the sidelines. Something he has done since January 30th, 2020.

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