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Yordenis Ugas Wins with a Stoppage Over Mike Dallas Jr.

Posted on 02/03/2020

By: Rich Lopez

Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) was back and hosted a card on Super Bowl Eve. It took place at Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi and it was televised on FOX Sports. The spotlight was on former welterweight world title challenger Yordenis Ugas of Cuba. Ugas had a decent 2019. He lost a razor thin decision loss to Shawn Porter for a world title but then bounced back with a dominating victory over Omar Figueroa Jr. Ugas started the New Year with an impressive victory.

In the welterweight main event, Yordenis “54 Milagros” Ugas (25-4, 12 KO’s) dominated and stopped Mike “The Silent Assassin” Dallas Jr (23-4-2, 11 KO’s) of California, in the seventh round. In the opening round, Ugas started fast and came out firing punches to the head and body of Dallas. Ugas continued his onslaught in round two, landing hook shots to the body of Dallas. Ugas landed a right hand that hurt Dallas towards the end of the round. Ugas kept up with the body work in round three. Ugas landed an overhand right that hurt Dallas in the round. Dallas did his best to land punches on Ugas, but many shots were being blocked by Ugas. Ugas continued his pressure and stalked Dallas in round four. Ugas still continued his work to the body of Dallas. Round five was more of Ugas applying the pressure and Dallas doing his best to fight back, however Ugas was in command. In round six, Dallas stood his ground and he put a good effort, but the pressure and the work rate of Ugas was too much. In round seven, Ugas stalked Dallas and threw combinations to the head and body. Dallas did land a left jab followed by a right hand but he was outworked once again in the round. Once Dallas returned to the corner, his corner felt he took too much punishment and stopped the fight. The fight was ruled a TKO at 3:00 of the seventh round.

Ugas was impressive as expected and now he looks for another title shot in the near future.

In the lightweight co-feature, Michel “La Zarza” Rivera (18-0, 11 KO’s) of the Dominican Republic, stopped Fidel “The Atrisco Kid” Maldonado Jr (27-5-1, 20 KO’s) of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the tenth round. Maldonado started putting the pressure on Rivera. Rivera did a good job of boxing and moving. He landed a right hand that was the most telling punch of the round. Rivera picked up the pace in rounds two and three. He started to back up Maldonado landing straight punches to the head and body. Maldonado did better in rounds four and five, but Rivera had the better work rate. Rivera applied a lot of pressure on Maldonado in round six, which forced Maldonado to hold. Rivera continued his onslaught in rounds seven and eight. Rivera was firing straight punches that were snapping the head of Maldonado. In round nine, Maldonado tried to mix it up with Rivera, but he kept getting caught with the same straight punches from Rivera. In the final round, Rivera finally got to Maldonado. Rivera landed a few body shots that made Maldonado cover his body. Rivera then landed a right hook that dropped Maldonado. Maldonado got up and Rivera landed a few shots to the head of Maldonado which prompted the ref to stop the fight. The time of stoppage was 1:40 of the tenth round. Rivera performed well against his toughest opponent up to date.

In a six round super welterweight bout, Clay Collard (6-2-3, 2 KO’s) of Las Vegas, Nevada, stopped Raymond “Tito” Guajardo (5-1, 4 KO’s) of San Antonio, Texas, in the second round.

The fight was a slug fest.

In the opening round, Guajardo went for the knockout immediately. He threw nothing but power shots that were landing to the head of Collard. However, Guajardo had his hands down and his head was wide open. Collard dropped Guajardo with a left hook. Guajardo got up and Collard went for the finish. Collard landed a couple straight punches that stunned Guajardo again and Guajardo went down for the second time. As Collard went to finish off Guajardo again, Collard got caught with a right hook that dropped him to the canvas. Collard got up and both fighters traded shots until the end of the round. In round two, Guajardo went to the body of Collard but then Collard returned body punches back. Collard landed a right hook to the midsection that hurt Guajardo. Collard finished off Guajardo with straight punches to the head. The ref saw enough and stopped the fight. The time of the stoppage was 1:42 of the second round.

In the opening bout of the telecast, Omar “El Relampago” Juarez (7-0, 4 KO’s) of Brownsville, Texas scored an eighth round unanimous decision over Angel “El Arcangel” Martinez (19-19-1, 12 KO’s) of Mexico, in the super lightweight division. Juarez moved and boxed well from rounds 1-3. He used his jab effectively and he also mixed punches to the head and body of Martinez. In round four, Martinez opened up more and let his hands go but his shots were being blocked by Juarez. Juarez continued to box well in rounds five and six. Juarez landed a left hook that dropped Martinez in round seven. Martinez got up and both fighters clashed heads which cut Martinez on the left side of his head. Juarez decided to just box and move in the final round. The final scores were 80-71 (twice) and 79-73 all for Juarez.

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PBC on Fox PPV Results: Benavidez Stops Love, Spence Cruises Past Garcia

Posted on 03/17/2019

By: William Holmes

AT&T Stadium, the home site of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, was the host site of tonight’s PPV offering by Fox Sports and Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions.

This was the first ever boxing pay per view offering by Fox.

The first fight of the pay per view was between Chris Arreola (37-5-1) and Jean Pierre Augustin (17-0-1) in the heavyweight division.

Augustin was seven years younger than Arreola and has never suffered a defeat as a professional, but he has never faced someone on the level of Arreola before.

Arreola started the fight off by coming forward behind his jab, but Augustin was able to land his jabs from the outside and touch Arreola often, but his power didn’t bother Arreola.

Arreola had blood coming from his nose in the second round, but he didn’t appear to be bothered by it. Arreola connected with a stiff jab in the third round that staggered Augustin, and he was backing away and looked wobbly. Arreola followed it with a combination that sent Augustin to the mat and down for a count of nine, but the referee allowed it to continue.

Arreola immediately jumped on the still wobbly Augustin and forced the referee to stop the bout.

Arreola wins by TKO at 2:03 of the third round.

The next bout of the night was between Luis Nery (28-0) and McJoe Arroyo (18-2) in the bantamweight division.

Nery is a talented boxer and is making his US debut. Both boxers were southpaws and Nery was able to keep his distance and land outland his opponent early on.

Nery scored a knockdown in the second round with a short left uppercut, but Arroyo was able to survive the round.

Nery scored another knockdown in the third round after a quick combination that sent Arroyo to the mat. Arroyo had a small laceration by his nose as the third round came to an end.

Nery did not look like he was concerned about the power of Arroyo at all and landed a three punch combination in the fourth round that sent Arroyo down again. Arroyo got back to his feet, but was sent to the mat again in the fourth round after another combination and he got to his feet as the round came to an end.

His corner didn’t wait long to stop the fight in the fifth round, as Nery wins by TKO at 0:10 of the fifth round.

A walkout bout between Lindolfo Delgado (8-0) and James Roach (5-1) in the super lightweight division was shown due to the quick stoppage of the prior two fights.

Delgado looked to be in superior shape, and he has stopped all eight of his opponents that he faced so far.

This bout did not last long. Delgado blasted Roach for nearly the entire round and sent him down for the ten count after a vicious combination that ended with a body shot

Delgado remains undefeated with a knockout at 2:59 of the first round.

The next bout of the night was between David Benavidez (20-0) and J’Leon Love (24-2-1) in the Super Middleweight Division.

Benavidez looked to be a lot taller than Love, and was able to avoid the jabs and body attacks of Love early on. Benavidez was able to land some heavy combinations on Love when his back was against the back of the ropes, and he had Love stumbling back to his corner at the end of the first.

Benavidez continued to pound J’Leon Love when his back was against the ropes in the second round Benavidez landed two hard straight right hands to the chin of J’Leon Love, who covered up and offered nothing in return to stop the onslaught.

The referee jumped in to stop the fight at 1:14 of the second round to give Benavidez the TKO victory.

The main event of the evening was between Errol Spence Jr. (24-0) and Mikey Garcia (39-0) for the IBF Welterweight Title.

The announced attendance for this fight was 47,525.

Spence was active with his jab in the opening round and Garcia was showing good head movement. Spence’s straight left was landing in the first and second rounds, but Garcia kept it close in the second.

Spence’s reach was a major factor in the second round as his jab kept Garcia at bay. Garcia was unable to solve the reach of Spence and took some heavy shots in the third and fourth rounds, as he landed some heavy power shots.

Garcia came out strong in the beginning of the fifth round, but Spence quickly turned the momentum back in his favor with a crisp jab followed by power left hands. By the sixth round Spence looked like he was running away with the fight and was walking Garcia down and in total control.

Spence continued to touch Garcia at will in the seventh and eight rounds and Garcia had no answer for the offense of Spence. Garcia was able to land a few counter shots, but they had little to no effect on Spence.

Spence looked like he was close to stopping the fight in the ninth round as he pounded Garcia from corner to corner, but Garcia was able to stay on his feet and grit his way through the round.

Garcia was warned by his brother/trainer Robert Garcia that he was going to stop the fight before the start of the tenth round if he didn’t’ show him a little more than what he saw in the ninth round. Garcia was able to land some punches, but still got pummeled by Spence through most of the round and didn’t really threaten his opponent.

Garcia needed a knockout in the final two rounds in order to win the bout, but in the eleventh round it appeared it was Spence who was going for the stoppage as he brutalized both the body and head of Garcia.

Even though Spence was comfortably ahead in the final round, his corner told him to go for the stoppage and he did, but Garcia was able to survive the fight.

Errol Spence wins by a wide decision with scores of 120-107, 120-108, and 120-108.

Afterwards, Spence called out Manny Pacquiao for a fight and Pacquiao appeared to willingly accept it.

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Showtime Boxing Results: Spence Makes Quick Work of Ocampo, Roman Defeats Flores

Posted on 06/16/2018


By: William Holmes


Errol Spence Jr., the man many consider to be the top welterweight in the world, returned to his home state of Texas in Frisco at the Ford Center to defend his IBF Welterweight Title against his mandatory challenger.   The Dallas Cowboys Organization strongly supported Errol Spence’s return to his hometown. 


The opening bout of the night was between Javier Fortuna (33-2-1) and Adrian Granados (18-6-2) in the super lightweight division. 

Photo Credit: Showtime Boxing Twitter Account


Fortuna was former champion in the super featherweight division and is fighting up to two weight classes higher than he normally does.  Granados had both a reach and height advantage and it was obvious in the ring. 


Grandaos was on the attack early on and landing shots to the body.  Fortuna was sharp with his straight left hands and was landing the cleaner shots early on.  Fortuna continued to land the cleaner punches in the second round but Granados was using his size to push around Fortuna.


Granados had a good third round and again was using his size to his advantage.  Fortuna lost two points this fight for holding, but those points may have been taken away too early.


The fight came to a sudden end in the fourth round when Fortuna was pushed out the ring in between the ropes and may have hit his head on the ring steps on equipment outside.  They had to place his neck in a brace and get a stretcher to take him to be evaluated.


The official result of the fight was a no decision due to a fighter getting hurt before the end of the fourth round.  The fight was stopped at 2:50 of the fourth round. 


The next bout of the night was between Daniel Roman (24-2-1) and Moises Flores (25-0) for the WBA Super Bantamweight Title. 


Flores came in overweight at the weigh ins and looked like the significantly bigger man in the ring.  Flores was swinging wildly and wide early on and Roman appeared to be more settled.  Roman highlighted the opening round with a good lead right hand left uppercut combination. 


Roman was focusing to the body for most of the fight and was doubling his left hooks and uppercuts in the second and third round. 


Flores kept coming forward in the fourth and fifth rounds, but Roman’s counters were finding his target while he was able to side step around his oncoming opponent.  Most of Flores punches bounced off the shoulders and guard of Roman in the sixth round, but he had a good seventh round and may have stolen it.


By the ninth round both boxers had thrown over 1000 punches combined but Roman was landing at a higher clip Roman was lighter on his feet in the tenth round and his body shots had slowed Flores down tremendously.


Flores needed a knockout in the final round to pull out a victory, but he didn’t have enough energy to seriously threaten Roman.


The final scores were 116-112, 118-110, and 120-108 for Danny Roman.


The main event of the evening was between Errol Spence Jr. (23-0) and Carlos Ocampo (22-0) for the IBF Welterweight Title. 


This was the first world title fight for Ocampo against the highly talented southpaw Errol Spence.  Spence slowly inched forward in the opening stanza and took some surprisingly good body shots from Ocampo.  Spence was able to land a good straight left to the chin of Ocampo that slowed him down momentarily, but Ocampo was making a good showing of himself early on. 


With time running out in the first Errol Spence landed two blistering hooks to the body of Ocampo that immediately dropped him to his knees.


Ocampo was unable to get up before the count of ten.


Errol Spence wins by knockout with one second left in the first round.


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Canelo-GGG Will Go Down At T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas

Posted on 06/05/2017

Canelo-GGG Will Go Down At T-Mobile Arena In Vegas
By: Sean Crose

Many people wanted the September 16th Canelo-Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin superfight to happen in Texas, at the AT&T arena, home of the famed Dallas Cowboys. Of course, fight fans had a right to want to see the fight there. AT&T is a location that might actually be able to fit a record setting crowd. And, after this past spring’s Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitscko war in front of 90,000 people in England, fans could only be expected to hope for the same kind of explosive atmosphere back here in the states. Canelo-GGG is the biggest legitimate fight in boxing, after all. What’s more, the sport has been on the uptick in a big way. Why not continue to ride the wave by letting the world see just how big boxing can be in America in 2017?


Unfortunately, for those hoping for a thrilling Texas night, Oscar De La Hoya announced on ESPN today that Canelo-GGG will, in fact, be happening at the T Mobile Arena in Vegas. Once again, Sin City will host the sport’s biggest match. So much for reasonably priced tickets. So much for an event exclusively of and for the fans. Still, it would be unfair to bash De La Hoya or Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler for this. Boxing, as we’re forever reminded, is a business, after all. As long as the big fights are being made, fans can only complain so much. None of that is to say that the AT@T arena’s Jerry Jones didn’t work hard to make the fight go down in the same building where his Cowboy’s play. Ultimately, though, the allure of Vegas proved to be too strong.

“The city’s ability to attract high-rolling gamblers helped it bankroll the unrevealed site fee,” wrote the LA Times’ Lance Pugmire. What’s more, De La Hoya made it clear that Vegas is a party town and that there’s a lot more to a big fight than the big fight itself. Surprisingly enough, Vegas has, until now, not hosted Golovkin, perhaps the most feared individual in all of combat sports today, in a high level match. Canelo, on the other hand, can be seen as a Vegas regular, as he’s fought in major bouts in the city on numerous occasions – most famously against Floyd Mayweather in 2013.

Speaking of Mayweather, it’s been mentioned that perhaps Floyd’s interest in fighting MMA star Conor McGregor in a boxing match may have had some impact on the decided location for Canelo-GGG. De La Hoya and Loeffler, after all, wouldn’t want Floyd fighting in Vegas around the same time their own major event was going down.

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Canelo-GGG: Location, Location, Location

Posted on 05/19/2017

Canelo-GGG: Location, Location, Location
By: Sean Crose

Now that the biggest question in boxing, the one about if and when Canelo would face GGG, has been answered, fans and analysts are looking for a new mystery to be solved: Where will the fight be held? This may all seem somewhat ridiculous on the surface of things, but it’s not. They say real estate is essentially about location, location, location, and, although location may not be AS big a deal in boxing as it is in real estate, it certainly is important. The Rumble in the Jungle, The Thrilla in Manilla, Shelby Montana, the list of notable fight locations can be rather extensive.


Remember that the first heavyweight champ, John L Sullivan, would actually fight on a barge, out of reach of authorities. One can only imagine what it must have been like trying to employ effective footwork.

The matter of location, however, has become particularly acute in recent weeks. Why? Because Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitshcko battled for heavyweight supremacy in front of a reported ninety thousand people in London last month. That’s more than the population of some cities. And with that many fans came that much intensity. The atmosphere at Wembley Stadium for Joshua-Klitschko was positively explosive. In fact, it helped accentuate the experience of viewing a terrific top level matchup. The bout, in all its aspects, was just the kind of thing boxing needed, and now fans would love to see the same intensity when GGG steps into the ring to face Canelo in September. Needless to say, a large scale venue for such an anticipated fight would make for terrific optics and atmosphere.

Yet there’s Vegas, always Vegas, in the running. Indeed, Sin City is still THE place for professional boxing. There’s a lot of money to be made in the desert, after all, generally more than there is anywhere else. It’s only logical to put the biggest money fights there. Still, those with vision will want to please fans with at least somewhat affordable seats and plenty of them. They will also recognize that fights placed against epic backdrops tend to draw lots of attention. It will be hard for even the most boxing-indifferent mainstream outlets to ignore Canelo-GGG should the fight go down in front of, say, a sold out AT@T Stadium in Dallas.

Fans will undoubtedly know where this match is occurring soon enough. Here’s hoping it’s someplace as electric as London was a few short weekend’s ago.

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The Return: Cotto vs. Kirkland

Posted on 01/07/2017

By: Francisco Martinez

February 25th in Frisco, Texas in the Ford Center at The Star Miguel Cotto is set to make his long awaited & anticipated ring return versus the rugged James Kirkland. Cotto’s last bout, a much more competitive bout than the official judges scorecards would indicate to be. A unanimous decision loss to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez that had other pugilist such as Juan Manuel Marquez believing they saw Cotto as the victor in what has been the highest PPV buys boxing has been able to produce since the 4 plus million Mayweather vs Pacquiao accumulated a couple of months prior to Cotto vs Canelo.


Boxing’s PPV platform has been in dire need of a star big enough to garner the attention of the masses like Floyd Mayweather Jr & Manny Pacquiao were able to do so in their primes. Saul Alvarez considered by most as the face of boxing seems to be the only fighter fans are willing to put up their money for when it comes to PPV. However when we take a look at the stats Miguel Cotto traditionally has been a great success when placed on PPV platform.

From fights with Floyd Mayweather Jr to Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto has always been considered a PPV draw and Roc Nation’s Michael Yorkmark believes no different when it comes to Cotto’s PPV drawing ability “This will be Miguel’s 10th PPV fight. Miguel Cotto belongs on PPV, this fight belongs on PPV…the whole PPV landscape has changed. Since the Cotto vs Canelo fight which did 900k homes you haven’t seen big numbers and as I said in New York we all the media, people involved in boxing have to kind of do a reset. I don’t think we’re going to see huge PPV numbers in the future. That’s reality. The PPV world, universe and industry has changed so we have to adapt to that and we have to reset our expectations”

Cotto vs Kirkland is only a gateway to a bigger fight for the winner. Many speculate that a Canelo rematch is possible given that Miguel Cotto is successful in defeating James Kirkland. However Cotto is not deadlocked on anything other than February 25th “We’re thinking of James, training for James and we’re ready for the 25th and whatever comes after that we’ll think about it then”

Miguel Cotto is not driven by anything in particular heading into what he has confirmed as his last year in boxing. He simply finds drive in his family who he wants the best for “I don’t think about it (legacy) I’m happy with my career. I’m not thinking about any title…I still have the same kind of mind. I want the best for my children, my family and that’s why I’m leaving”

Last time James Kirkland was in the ring in front of his home state he was on the receiving end of what is now knockout of the year on behalf of Saul Alvarez. A loss that doesn’t discourage him if anything a loss Kirkland sees as a learning phase “last fight, learning and just looking back and seeing the fight, the mistakes that I made, a lot of different things (I saw) I’m definitely eager to get back in there to show my fans, hey look Kirkland is still a rising star. He’s still someone that’s gonna make a stand in boxing and to put up a good show for Texas”

Throughout Miguel Cotto’s long awaited ring return a few names were being juggled. One in particular Juan Manuel Marquez who unlike Cotto has been very vocal of the negotiation process. Cotto simply had this to say regarding the failed dream match up “We didn’t get to concrete the fight. It never happened but both fighters were interested in that fight” Marquez claimed after failed negotiations that Cotto changed the weight limits to the catchweight. Cotto simply replied “He knew the whole time about this chapter” insinuating that Marquez was aware of Kirkland being in negotiations with Cotto as well.

Much is unsure of what 2017 will hold for Miguel Cotto’s bid farewell to boxing. Most would imagine Cotto’s team is only interested in big fights that will produce big pay days. Saul Alvarez being the biggest possibility in terms of those talks. Tune in February 25th live on HBO PPV as the future hall of famer Miguel Cotto looks to impose his A level boxing pedigree on the twice beaten but dangerous James Kirkland who will be partnering up with Ann Wolfe as he looks to spoil Miguel Cotto’s retirement run.

Follow Cotto vs Kirkland by using #cottokirkland

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Boxing Insider Notebook: Canelo, Smith, Mayweather, Roy Jones Jr., Jackson, Guerrero, and more…

Posted on 07/19/2016

Boxing Insider Notebook: Canelo, Smith, Mayweather, Roy Jones Jr., Jackson, Guerrero, and more…
By: William Holmes

The following is the Boxing Insider notebook for the week of July 12th to July 19th, covering the comings and goings in the sport of boxing that you might have missed.

Photo Credit: Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

Canelo vs. Smith Officially Announced for AT&T Stadium

Former two-division world champion Canelo Alvarez (47-1-1, 33 KOs) and WBO Junior Middleweight World Champion Liam “Beefy” Smith (23-0-1, 13 KOs) kicked off the two-city international press tour at AT&T Stadium ahead of their world championship showdown on Saturday, Sept. 17. Located in Arlington, Texas, AT&T Stadium is home to one of the most iconic and successful sports teams in history – the Dallas Cowboys, and will host the big event between Canelo and Smith on Mexican Independence Day weekend, Sept. 17. Canelo vs. Smith will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT on Sept. 17. The heavy-handed combatants will head next to London, England for a press conference at The Landmark Hotel on July 20, 2016.

Oscar De La Hoya, chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, led those present at today’s press conference in a moment of silence to honor the victims of the recent tragedy affecting the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Area Rapid Transit officers.

Below is what the fighters, their teams, promoters and Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones had to say at today’s press conference:

CANELO ALVAREZ, Former Two-Division World Champion:

“I had to work for my birthday, so I’m here to work. I’m very happy to be back in Texas again, in this beautiful stadium. I’m going to take this fight seriously and prepare like always. I know how I’m going to have to train. I like to give the fans a great fight, and that is what I will prepare for.”

LIAM “BEEFY” SMITH, WBO Junior Middleweight World Champion:

“I am very excited, I have asked for a top name for a very long time and when Canelo’s name came to the table it was an automatic ‘yes.’

“We are coming very prepared for this fight, and I’m coming to win.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions:

“Everything is bigger in Texas, and here we are the iconic AT&T Stadium, where we have two world champion fighters known for knocking out opponents in the ring with their strength and power. Come Mexican Independence weekend, former two-division world champion Canelo Alvarez will face the undefeated WBO junior middleweight world champion Liam “Beefy” Smith for his title.

“Here you have Liam Smith, an aggressive, relentless fighter. His previous eight opponents have fallen before the final bell. And then you have Canelo Alvarez, who is only getting more and more powerful with each of his devastating victories.

“Both of these fighters come from boxing families. Boxing is in their blood. To Canelo and Smith, fighting is a family tradition and with that comes a responsibly to live up to the family name. That said, both of them will come to the ring on September 17 to wage a war: for Canelo, to claim a new title as the WBO junior middleweight world champion and for Smith, to successfully defend his WBO title once again and make a name for himself in the U.S.

“While the fights will be the highlight of the weekend–Golden Boy, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys will bring the people a week full of fun activities that fans will enjoy for the entirety of fight week.”

Floyd Mayweather States that the Baton Rouge Killer is Not a Member of The Money Team
Floyd Mayweather says Gavin Long — who went on a cop-killing rampage in Baton Rouge on Sunday — is NOT affiliated with The Money Team … despite the fact he posted several videos sporting TMT gear.
“Gavin Long is not member of TMT by any means,” Floyd’s rep tells TMZ Sports.

“Floyd doesn’t want the TMT brand to be affiliated with the violent act Gavin has caused and neither Floyd nor anyone else from TMT knows him.”

“He is just a random guy who supported the brand but we don’t support him and what he did to those police officers.”

Officials say Long shot 6 officers — killing 3 of them — during an apparent anti-cop shooting spree.
It was later discovered that Long had previously posted several ranting videos on YouTube — and wore a TMT hat and had a TMT sticker on his chair in some of the clips.


Roy Jones Jr. Considering Five Fight Farewell Tour

47-year-old Roy Jones Jr. says he’s finally ready to hang ’em up … but he wants to go out by flooring 5 more fighters.

The boxing legend tells TMZ Sports he was inspired by the way Kobe Bryant called it quits this year — and says he’d really like a farewell tour of his own.

In fact, RJJ says he wants to line up 5 more fights before the end of the year … but he wants to take on guys he KNOWS he can beat.

“Five guys you should be able to deal with and call it a day.”

Roy says nothing’s in stone yet … but he’s definitely considering it.


Robert Guerrero to Face David Peralta

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (33-4-1) taking on David Emanuel Peralta (25-2-1) on Saturday, August 27 (9:00-11:00pm ET/PT) from the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

Robert Guerrero is among the biggest names in boxing today, having fought the sport’s marquee names like Floyd Mayweather. A former world champion in multiple weight classes, he owns signature victories over Andre Berto and Joel Casamayor. But now Guerrero is on a quest to return to the top of the welterweight division beginning with this matchup on August 27. He must defeat the hard-hitting Argentinian slugger David Emanuel Peralta to see his dreams of sitting atop the division realized once again.

The tripleheader also features all-action slugger Alfredo Angulo (24-5)taking on battle-tested Freddy Hernandez (33-8)in a battle of Mexican brawlers. A fan favorite in Southern California, Angulo enters this fight coming off of two knockout victories and he will look to make it three in a row when he steps into the ring on August 27. A veteran of many exciting 154-pound contests, Angulo is looking to continue to make noise in the middleweight division against Hernandez, who has won his last three fights heading into this showdown.

Rounding out the night of televised fights is 2012 U.S. Olympian Terrell Gausha (18-0) putting his undefeated record on the line against the Bronx’s Steve Martinez (16-2). Fighting out of Cleveland, Gausha has risen up the rankings with five victories in 2015 and a seventh round stoppage of Orlando Lora in April. Now he will test himself against against the dangerous Martinez, who has recorded knockouts in 13 of his 16 victories.

Jerry Odom to Face Julius Jackson

Prospect Jerry Odom steps up to face Julius Jackson in a matchup of super middleweights next Friday, July 22 on ShoBox: The New Generation live on SHOWTIME (10 p.m. ET/PT) from Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn.

The hard-hitting Odom (13-2-1, 12 KOs) replaces Ronald Ellis, who pulled out of the bout on Thursday with a right hand injury.

Odom was deep in training and looking to bounce back from a controversial draw with Ellis in February on ShoBox when he received the opportunity to face Jackson (19-1, 15 KOs). Jackson is the older brother of John and son of former two-division world champion Julian “The Hawk” Jackson.

“I have been training for a few fights that fell through. I’m in shape and ready to go,” Odom said. “When my team got the call we decided it was the right decision to take this opportunity.
“My power will be a big factor. Jackson has faced punchers before, but he hasn’t faced one like me. This is a great opportunity, and I will put on a show next Friday.”

Undefeated top 10-ranked super bantamweight Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez (15-0, 7 KOs) faces Roman Ruben Reynoso (18-1-1, 7 KOs) in the 10-round main event. In an eight round lightweight bout, O’Shaquie Foster (10-1, 7 KOs) meets Rolando Chinea (12-1-1, 6 KOs).

The July 22 ShoBox telecast marks the 15-year anniversary of the celebrated prospect developmental series.

Miguel Flores to Face Ryan Kielczweski on August 12th for the PBC

Undefeated rising contender Miguel Flores (20-0, 9 KOs) takes on exciting once-beaten featherweight contender Ryan Kielczweski (25-1, 7 KOs) in the 10-round main event of Premier Boxing Champions on ESPN and ESPN Deportes Friday, August 12 from Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York.
Televised coverage begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and features a welterweight showdown between unbeaten contender Bryant Perrella (14-0, 13 KOs) and Cuban Olympian Yordenis Ugas (15-3, 7 KOs) in 10-rounds of action.

“Fighting on ESPN is incredible because you know that fans from all around the world will be tuning in,” said Flores. “My opponent is a very skilled fighter, so I’ll be at my best when we step in the ring on August 12. Expect me to go to war and bring a lot of action to those who will be watching.”
“It’s always exciting to be fighting on ESPN, especially in the main event,” said Kielczweski. “Training is going well and I’ve been traveling around to get great sparring. I don’t know much about Flores other than that he’s undefeated for a reason. If I perform on August 12 hopefully something big will come next that leads me towards a title. It’s going to be an exciting night and an electric fight.”

David Benavidez to Face Denis Douglin on August 5th

Undefeated rising contender David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez (15-0, 14 KOs) is set to face super middleweight contender Denis Douglin (20-4, 13 KOs) in the 10-round main event of Premier Boxing Champions on ESPN and ESPN Deportes Friday, August 5 live from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.
Televised coverage begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT with exciting lightweight contender Alejandro “El Charro” Luna (20-0, 15 KOs) taking on Ireland’s Stephen “The Rock” Ormond (21-2, 11 KOs) in a 10-round attraction.

“We never stopped training after my last fight,” said Benavidez. “We went right back into camp and I’m already in fighting shape. Douglin is a tough southpaw. We’ll start looking at tape and see what kind of holes he has. I’ll start with the jab and break him down. We’re working hard towards bigger and bigger fights. This is going to be a great night of action.”

“I plan on applying pressure and making Benavidez adjust to my style,” said Douglin. “He’s a tall, strong fighter, but he doesn’t use his height. He’s one-dimensional, but he’s very good at what he does. He doesn’t have the experience to deal with my style. I am stepping in with an undefeated fighter but he will leave the ring with a loss.”

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Throne Boxing on BET Results: Hernandez-Harrison Gets a Lucky Draw, Del Valle and Rock Win

Posted on 05/14/2016

Throne Boxing on BET Results: Hernandez-Harrison Gets a Lucky Draw, Del Valle and Rock Win
By: William Holmes

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison fought in his home town of Washington, D.C. for a Roc Nation Throne Boxing event live on the BET network. The D.C. Armory was the host site for tonight.


The first fight of the night was between Orlando Del Valle (20-2) and Thomas Snow (18-2) in the featherweight division.

The opening round was a slow one, with Del Valle trying to press the pace but Snow kept him at bay with an occasional counter. Del Valle was missing most of his shots, but he finally connected with a clean straight right hand in the second round that hurt Snow and sent him to the mat. Del Valle tried to swarm Snow when he got back to his feet, but Snow was able to survive.

Del Valle started off the third round aggressively and connected with a hard left hook to the temple of Snow that sent him down for the second time of the night. Snow got back to his feet again, but took hard shots to the body from Del Valle and tried to tie up to slow down the assaults of Del Valle.

Snow was able to avoid another knockdown in the fourth round and fifth rounds as the action had slowed down, but it was Del Valle who had the rounds won comfortably.

Snow’s best round came in the seventh round when he momentarily hurt Del Valle with a crisp straight left hand, but he wasn’t able to capitalize on it with a knockdown.

The fight went the full twelve rounds all three judges scored it 76-74 for Orlando Del Valle.

The next bout of the night was between Darmani Rock (0-0) and Carlos Black (1-3) in the heavyweight division.

Rock is considered by many to be a high ceiling prospect, and the Philadelphia native wasted little time in showing that he is worth the hype.

Black was able to touch Rock with a few jabs in the first round, but when Rock’s first left hook connected he had Black backing up and he followed it with another hard left hook followed by a straight right left hook combination that sent Rock to the floor.

Rock’s eyes are glassy and he was stumbling when he got back to his feet and the referee wisely stopped the fight.

Darmani Rocks wins by TKO at 1:54 of the first round.

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison (29-0) and Michael Dallas Jr. (21-3) met in the main event of the evening in the welterweight division.

Dallas had been in the ring with some good boxers before and he did not look intimidated at the sight of Hernandez-Harrison. He was active with his jab in the opening frame and clearly outworked the patient Hernandez-Harrison.

Dallas’ hustle continued in the second round and he constantly kept a fist in the body and head of Hernandez-Harrison, who seemed hesitant to let his hands go.

Dallas began to throw some power behind his punches in the third round and he had bruised up the left eye of Hernandez-Harrison. Dallas is consistently the first person to throw a punch whenever they are within range of each other.

Hernandez-Harrison tried to pick up the pressure in the fourth round, but Dallas’ faster hands continued to give him problems and Dallas was more accurate with his high volume of punches.

Hernandez-Harrison fought with more urgency in the fifth round and he had a decent round as he was able to land a few good right hands to the body and head, but Dallas fired back whenever he was punched. During one exchange Hernandez-Harrison was cracked with a hard right hand to his chin and he went to the floor. He got up at the count of eight, but looked like he was still hurt when he got back to his feet.

Dallas opened up the sixth round by throwing very hard shots to the head and body of Hernandez-Harrison and was connecting. Hernandez-Harrison could not keep up with the activity of Dallas and the power edge that Hernandez-Harrison showed that he had in some earlier exchanges had disappeared.

Despite keeping a high work rate, Dallas still looked fresh by the seventh round and was able to rip some hard digging shots to the body of Hernandez-Harrison. Hernandez-Harrison frustration began to show by the end of the seventh round and landed shots to the liver and threw a punch after being told by the referee to separate.

Hernandez-Harrison seemed to be way behind on the scorecards of most observers, but he scored a questionable knockdown in the eighth round when he struck Dallas with a low blow which forced him to take a knee. Dallas however, won the remainder of the round by landing looping hooks and short shots to the body.

Dallas looked like he was tiring by the ninth round but he was still winning the rounds and outworking Hernandez-Harrison. It looked to many that Hernandez-Harrison needed a knockout in the final round to win the bout, but that knockout never came despite the fact Hernandez-Harrison probably won the final round.

Despite the fact Dallas outworked Hernandez-Harrison for a majority of the fight, the judges wrongly scored the fight 96-92 Dallas Jr., 95-94 Hernandez-Harrison, 94-94 for a draw.

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