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Shakur Stevenson Gives His Thoughts On Chris Colbert: “He A P*ssy”

Posted on 03/13/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Shakur Stevenson was fairly confident that Chris Colbert was going to get the job done. The highly ranked super featherweight contender from Brooklyn, New York, strolled into his showdown against late replacement Hector Luis Garcia brimming with an excessive amount of hubris on February 26th.

Yet, despite the betting world standing firmly in his corner, Colbert was unable to withstand the monumental offensive onslaught of Garcia. With Colbert hitting the deck for the first time in his career in the seventh round, the normally aggressive New Yorker fought the duration of their contest cautiously. As a result, Garcia would go on to win a lopsided unanimous decision.

Following his jaw-dropping defeat, Colbert explained exactly why he failed to bite down on his mouthpiece and fight Garcia when the going got tough.

“I wasn’t feeling myself tonight,” said Colbert during his post-fight interview. “I wasn’t going to go in there and do nothing stupid and get caught with no dumb shots.”

In the mind of Stevenson, Colbert’s explanation simply wasn’t good enough. For the past several months, both Stevenson and Colbert hurled several vulgar verbal threats at one another. Although Colbert claimed that the current WBO super featherweight titlist was immensely talented, he questioned Stevenson’s “dog” mentality.

Now, however, with Colbert offering little resistance during the championship rounds against Garcia, Stevenson openly ripped him for his efforts.

“I think overall, he showed a lot of b*tch,” said Stevenson on Cigar Talk. “He a p*ssy. If I’m down ten rounds, you ain’t got no choice but to fight. All you got to do is action at this point. I feel like that’s a b*tch mentality. At the end of the day, you lost. I feel like that man didn’t go 100 percent, he was down ten rounds and started running. I feel like once he was in that situation that he got in and he’s down ten rounds and been dropped, I feel like you got two rounds left, all you can do is go fight and try to get the knockout. Me personally, that’s what I would’ve done.”

While Stevenson was fully expecting Colbert to pull off the win, he isn’t entirely surprised by Colbert’s actions. With both Stevenson and Colbert growing up on the amateur scene together, the former Olympic silver medalist reveals that this isn’t the first time that he’s witnessed Colbert fold under pressure.

“When you in the gym and you fighting and sparring, you know if you a dog or not. I knew for a fact he was capping (lying). I knew him his whole life. Dude was doing this at 15 years old and would go in the ring and then get beat up. That’s who he is.”

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Chris Colbert: “I’m Still Primetime”

Posted on 02/28/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Superstardom appeared to be in the immediate future of Chris “Primetime” Colbert.

The Brooklyn native dazzled whenever he stepped foot inside the ring. And, equally so, grabbed headlines whenever a camera was present. With a flamboyant personality and skills that he believed, “paid the bills,” Colbert was set to fight for his first world title against Roger Gutierrez. However, due to a positive COVID-19 test, Gutierrez was forced to withdraw. As a result, in stepped late replacement, Hector Luis Garcia.

Though Colbert viewed Garcia as an insignificant bump on his path to a world title, Garcia proved to be an immovable roadblock. The 30-year-old from the Dominican Republican battered Colbert during the first half of their contest and nearly stopped him in the second half.

In the seventh, in particular, Colbert found himself flat out on his back for the first time in his career. For the duration of their bout, Colbert fought extremely defensively, refusing to engage with his man.

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, a visibly exasperated Colbert walked over to Garcia and raised his hand in the air to acknowledge that he was the better man. While it wasn’t the result Colbert was ultimately looking for, he readily admitted his faults but vowed to bounce back.

“I’m no b*tch,” said Colbert following his defeat at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I slipped up but I’ll get the setback. Bet on that.”

Despite Colbert promising to learn from his mistakes and using them to crawl his way to the 130-pound mountain top, the 25-year-old will have to bide his time until then. The loss to Garcia not only represented the first defeat of his career but their contest also served as a title eliminator for Gutierrez’s WBA crown.

Still, even with his recent setback, a bombastic Colbert believes his future is as bright as ever. Normally, when presented with a microphone, Colbert has always screamed and shouted that he is “that guy.” Even now, regardless of finding himself on the wrong end of a one-sided beating, Colbert isn’t shying away from his bold claims.

“I’m still primetime. I’m still that n*gga.”

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Chris Colbert Plans On “Beating The Sh*t” Out Of Hector Luis Garcia

Posted on 02/25/2022

By: Hans Themistode

A broad and slick smile was spread across the face of Chris Colbert the moment he was given the news. The Brooklyn, New York, native was initially set to fight for his first world title this Saturday night, February 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada, against WBA super featherweight champion, Roger Gutierrez.

As Colbert began putting himself through a grueling training camp in preparation, he was left speechless when he was told that the current worldwide pandemic had made its unwanted presence known once again. The Venezuelan heavy-hitter was forced to withdraw with a positive COVID-19 test result.

Originally, Colbert was flooded with emotions, much of which were the same. From disheartened to acrimonious, Colbert dealt with it all. But as quick-witted as Colbert has proven to be when joking back and forth with friends, the same applied to his title dreams. While Colbert wants nothing more than to wrap super featherweight gold around his waist, he simply points his index finger to the Heavens as he explains why he is no longer perturbed by his momentarily lost opportunity.

“I was disappointed but it comes with the territory,” said Colbert during an interview with BoxingInsider.com. “Sometimes God puts blocks in the road that you’re going to have to overcome and this is one of them.”

Acceptance is one thing, but Colbert fully expects to make his replacement opponent, Hector Luis Garcia, pay in the meanwhile. Believing he has plenty of substance to go along with his flare, Colbert has walked through his competition with relative ease.

On July 3rd, 2021, Colbert smoothly out-worked and out-boxed Tugstsogt Nyambayar to win a lopsided unanimous decision. As for Garcia, he pushed his record to a perfect 14-0 after picking up the win against Isaac Avelar in December of 2021.

On paper, Garcia could be considered the most pernicious puncher that Colbert has faced. He may also be the most rugged. Regardless of the solid accolades that Garcia brings to the table, Colbert screws up his face when asked how he envisions their showdown unfolding.

“Me beating the sh*t out of him, badly.”

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After Roger Gutierrez, Chris Colbert Hopes To Face Gary Russell Jr.

Posted on 01/28/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Chris Colbert believes that he was destined to be in his current position.

The highly ranked super featherweight contender is approximately one month away from challenging for his first world title. On February 26th, at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, the New York native will take on WBA champion Roger Gutierrez.

Although Colbert is extremely grateful for the opportunity, he finds it impossible to come up short on that faithful Saturday night. If Colbert’s words prove to be prophetic, he immediately plans on facing some of the bigger names in the sport of boxing.

In a perfect world, in fact, a win over Gutierrez will serve as a precursor to a showdown against former WBC featherweight champion, Gary Russell Jr.

“Hopefully we can get the Gary Russell fight when he heals up,” said Colbert to a group of media members on a conference call. “I’ll put him in retirement.”

Russell Jr., 33, was once the longest reigning active champion in boxing. However, despite holding his WBC crown for well over six years, the speedy 126 pounder recently saw his reign atop the featherweight division come to an end.

On January 22nd, Russell Jr. attempted to defend his championship status against mandatory contender Mark Magsayo. Heading into their contest, Russell Jr. stated on numerous occasions that he was less than 100%. After boxing well early on, Russell Jr. screamed in agony in the fourth round, while pointing to his damaged right shoulder. Although he would continue to fight, the 33-year-old was visibly compromised.

With a wounded champion sitting in front of him, Magsayo took full advantage, winning a close and somewhat controversial majority decision.

Immediately following his defeat, Russell Jr. was adamant in his belief that he had done more than enough to earn the victory, even with one good arm. As the now former champion attempts to rehab, he expressed a desire to run things back with Magsayo as soon as possible.

Regardless of what Russell Jr. decides to do next, Colbert has grown an interest in facing him. Although Russell Jr. has campaigned the entirety of his career at 126 pounds, the crafty southpaw revealed that he would only be willing to move up in weight if he were able to land a showdown against a champion. In the mind of Colbert, a win over Gutierrez is a virtual lock.

If the New York native is successful in his world title bid, he would like his first defense to come against Russell Jr.

“I want Gary Russell. He said he ain’t moving up unless he can get somebody at 130 that got a belt. I will be the WBA super featherweight champion of the world so, let’s make it happen.”

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Chris Colbert And Roger Gutierrez Set For February 26th Showdown

Posted on 01/11/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Chris Colbert smiled from ear to ear following his lopsided unanimous decision win over Jezzrel Corrales in 2020. Not only did the win allow the Brooklyn, New York, native to maintain his undefeated record but more than anything, Colbert was awarded the WBA interim super featherweight title.

Although Colbert would go on to defend his secondary trinket two additional times, he was ultimately stripped of his title due to the WBA sanctioning body attempting to put an end to the proliferation of world titles.

As a result, Colbert became the mandatory challenger to full titleholder Roger Gutierrez. Now, in a little over a month, Colbert will attempt to begin his first official world title reign. The two will lock horns on February 26th, at a yet-to-be-determined location.

Gutierrez, 26, endured a difficult stretch in 2018, losing back-to-back fights, the latter came via fourth-round stoppage. Since then, however, Gutierrez has reeled off seven consecutive victories, including back-to-back wins over Rene Alvarado.

If the braggadocios Colbert is successful in dethroning Gutierrez, he could set his sights on a unification bout against WBO titlist Shakur Stevenson. The two have spent the past several months going back and forth over social media with Stevenson urging his young rival to take care of business against Gutierrez and immediately look to unify against him.

With both fighters associated with different promotional brands, Colbert with Premier Boxing Champions and Stevenson with Top Rank, it’s yet to be determined whether or not a showdown between them will come to fruition.

Before that bridge can be crossed, however, Colbert will look to rip away Gutierrez’s world title on the 26th of February.

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Shakur Stevenson: “I Want To Fight Chris Colbert In 2022”

Posted on 11/25/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Photo by Mikey Williams

Even with his newly won WBO super featherweight title, Shakur Stevenson is anxious to get his hands on even more gold.

The former 2016 Olympic silver medalist, fresh off his one-sided victory over Jamel Herring, has called for a unification showdown against WBC belt holder, Oscar Valdez. Although Stevenson’s number one target is Valdez, he’s now veering away from the Mexican native in favor of facing someone else from his 130-pound weight class.

“I want to fight Chris Colbert in 2022,” said Stevenson on his social media account.

Colbert, 25, might be in only the infancy stages of his career but the Brooklyn, New York, native has gained a reputation of being brash, flamboyant, and filled with hubris.

Before Colbert directs his attention towards a showdown against Stevenson, he has his sights on winning his first world title. In January of 2020, Colbert easily outpointed Jezzrel Corrales to nab the WBA interim super featherweight title. Colbert would ultimately go on to defend his crown on two separate occasions. Most recently, he handed Tugstsogt Nyambayar a lopsided decision defeat in July earlier this year.

Since then, Colbert has seen his interim title reign come to an abrupt end, thanks to the WBA sanctioning body attempting to put an end to the proliferation of world titles across all weight classes. As a result, Colbert was moved from interim titlist to mandatory challenger to WBA full titleholder, Roger Gutierrez.

In the mind of Stevenson, he’s fairly confident that Colbert will take care of business against Gutierrez. Once the New York native begins his own title reign at 130 pounds, Stevenson urges Colbert to square off against him in the first defense of his crown.

“Tell him to unify with me after he beat that bum up.”

With both fighters still relatively early in their respective careers, at one point, Colbert readily admitted that a showdown against Stevenson was one he believes could be a super fight sometime down the line. However, with Stevenson wanting to square off against him sooner rather than later, Colbert seemingly has no issue with placating his wishes.

“Shakur Stevenson is p*ssy and he act like he’s like that,” said Colbert in response to Stevenson. “He know my body but let’s make it happen, 2022.”

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Chris Colbert Eyeing Leo Santa Cruz: “I Think Me And Him Would Be One Helluva Fight”

Posted on 07/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Chris Colbert has carried himself with the type of swagger and moxie that doesn’t quite match his experience and accomplishments in the ring.

Heading into the second defense of his interim WBA 130 pound title against late replacement, Tugstsogt Nyambar, the surrounding notion going into their clash was that Colbert would be tested like never before.

For the most part, the 29 Mongolian native gave Colbert all he could handle in the first half of their contest which took place at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson California. With that said, once the 24-year-old Colbert figured out his man, he cruised to the unanimous decision victory.

As their contest unfolded, former four-division world champion and current 130-pound contender, Leo Santa Cruz, nodded from his ringside seat in approval. Once Colbert officially wrapped up the win, he wasted no time in calling him out.

“I think me and him would be one helluva fight,” said Colbert to a group of reporters following his victory. “Something the fans would love to see”

Santa Cruz, 32, is said to be fully recovered from the deleterious knockout blow at the hands of Gervonta Davis. While the ending may have come both violently and suddenly in the sixth round of their October 2020, clash, the former multiple division champion believes he’s ready to get back on the championship trail.

At times, Colbert has shown no respect to his opponents. He’s displayed an incredible amount of hubris and has carried himself as though he is supercilious against whomever he steps into the ring against. Just days before his contest against Nyambar, Colbert stated that it was “impossible” for the 29-year-old to defeat him. And while he was ultimately proven right, in the case of a possible showdown against Santa Cruz, Colbert has taken a more respectful approach.

“He’s a helluva champion. Four division world champion and I’m a future world champion. I take off my hat to him.”

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Chris Colbert: “Nobody In The World Can Take A Fight Against Me On A Week And A Half Notice”

Posted on 07/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Chris Colbert was initially disappointed when he got the news. After nearing the end of a long and arduous training camp, the Brooklyn, New York native was informed that Yuriokis Gamboa was no longer able to compete against him due to injuries.

While the current WBA 130 pound interim belt holder was originally frustrated, he was relieved once he was notified that Tugstsogt Nyambayar, would be moving up in weight to replace Gamboa at the Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson California, later on tonight.

The flamboyant and ever-so cocky Colbert was appreciative of the Mongolian native. But, considering the time frame that he was given to prepare, Colbert believes that Nyambayar, or anyone else placed in a similar circumstance, has absolutely no chance against him.

“Nobody in the world can take a fight against me on a week and a half notice,” said Colbert during a recent press conferee. I don’t give a damn who you is.”

For Nyambayar, his willingness to move up in weight and step in with such little time to prepare came as somewhat of a surprise. After failing to win a featherweight world title against Gary Russell Jr. in February of 2020, Nyambayar (12-1, 9 KOs) bounced back from his first career defeat seven months later to hand previously undefeated prospect Cobia Breedy his first blemish.

Now, with the chance to make it two in a row against undefeated fighters, Nyambayar viewed a matchup against Colbert (15-0, 6 KOs) as a can’t miss opportunity, despite the short time frame to prepare.

Yet, the New Yorker is incredulous whenever Nyambayar says he’ll pick up the win. Throughout the history of boxing, some of the unlikeliest of scenarios have taken place. James “Buster” Douglas shocked the world over 30 years ago when he stopped the seemingly invincible former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Just two years ago, Andy Ruiz Jr. also took a short notice fight against unified heavyweight titlist Anthony Joshua and proceeded to drop and eventually stop him.

Nonetheless, Colbert is very aware of history but with that, he stands firmly behind his belief that a loss against Nyambayar later on tonight is simply unfeasible.

“One thing for sure and two things for certain, I know damn well he ain’t beating me. That’s a promise. Expect a dominating performance. It won’t be close and don’t be surprised if I stop him. No way I’m losing to him, it’s impossible.”

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Tugstsogt Nyambayar Replaces Yuriokis Gamboa, Will Now Face Chris Colbert On July 3rd

Posted on 06/22/2021

By: Hans Themistode

When it was first announced that Chris Colbert, the WBA interim 130-pound titlist would be taking on long-faded former champion Yuriokis Gamboa, many believed that it would be a walk in the park. Now, however, after the 39-year-old Gamboa was forced to pull out due to injuries to both his ribs and heel, a much sterner test is now awaiting Colbert.

Tugstsogt Nyambayar, a former 126-pound title challenger, will move up in weight to take on Colbert on July 3rd at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson California. While Nyambayar now has less than two weeks to prepare for one of boxing’s youngest and brightest stars, he figures to be a much more difficult test than Gamboa. Although the 39-year-old has the sort of credentials that are seldom seen in the sport, his 2004 Olympic gold medal has collected a considerable amount of dust and the multiple world titles that are currently resting in his trophy case in his palatial estate, are inconsequential at this point in his career.

With back to back one-sided losses at the hands of Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney, many believed that another was awaiting him against Colbert. He’ll now look to heal from his injuries and return at a later date.

Since suffering a competitive loss at the hands of Gary Russell Jr. in February of 2020, Nyambayar has bounced back. In September of 2020, the Los Angeles resident picked up a split decision win against Cobia Breedy.

As for his new opponent in Colbert, the 24-year-old simply wants to keep his momentum going. After stopping Jaime Arboleda in the 11th round in December of 2020, the Brooklyn, New York native has clamored for big fights. Regardless of the amount of hubris he’s shown, the undefeated titleholder is determined to prove why he’s considered a rising star in the division.

Ultimately, Colbert has named fights against Shakur Stevenson, Leo Santa Cruz, Gervonta Davis and several others as future mega showdowns later down the line.

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Yuriorkis Gamboa And Chris Colbert Heading Towards July Showdown

Posted on 04/09/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Yuriokis Gamboa has seemingly settled into his role as gatekeeper. Although his mantle is filled with world titles in numerous weight classes and a 2004 Olympic Gold medal, the Cuban native is no longer a true threat in either the 130 or 135-pound division.

With Gamboa turning 40 years old later this year and coming off the heels of two lopsided defeats, that hasn’t stopped world champions and highly rated contenders from sliding a fight contract across his desk. According to numerous reports, both Gamboa and current WBA interim super featherweight world champion Chris Colbert have agreed to terms on a showdown that would take place sometime in July.

The once blazing hand speed and concussive knockout power Gamboa was once known for simply isn’t there anymore. In his two most recent contests, he was outmuscled and stopped against Gervonta Davis in December of 2019. Seven months later, Gamboa was thoroughly outboxed by lightweight champion Devin Haney.

As for Colbert, the Brooklyn, New York native is fresh off a stoppage win against Jaime Arboleda in December of 2020.

While Colbert would welcome a showdown with Gamboa, the 24-year-old would be somewhat disappointed. For the past several months, the loquacious young star has expressed a desire to face some of boxing’s premier stars such as former multiple division champion Leo Santa Cruz.

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