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Sharif Bogere: The Lion Is Ready to Strike

Posted on 08/27/2018

By: Sean Crose

We live in an odd era, one where top draw boxers are criticized if they stay in their division. Sharif Bogere is unique, however, in that he’s willing to switch weight classes in order to build his career, rather than maintain it. “I’m looking for anybody,” the 32-1 welterweight, whose a member of Floyd Mayweather’s famed Money Team, tells me. For instance: “There’s some big names at 142. I’m ready.” A Las Vegas resident, by way of Uganda (“eleven years I’ve been in Vegas”) Bogere readily admits he “would like to fight (Adrien) Broner,” as well as “all those tough” opponents others are apt to avoid.

The last time Bogere was in the ring, he bested Oscar Bravo in style before PBC cameras on August 3’d – just a few short weeks ago. Yet it seems Bogere had no intention on spending the rest of his summer on hiatus. “As for now,” he says, “we’re in the gym.” As part of Mayweather Promotions, the fighter is willing to let his team guide his career. “My previous promoter was Golden Boy,” Bogere says. “When my contract expired, my manager wanted to look around.” And how does Bogere feel his current team is treating him? “I’m pleased,” he says, “and I’m waiting to see what they offer me.”

Bogere may be a part of the Vegas based Mayweather universe, but as a boxer who hails from Uganda, he has a considerable boxing heritage to live up to. John Mugabi and Cornelius “Boza” Edwards hail from the same country, after all. Bogere, however, is eager to leave his own mark on the fight game. “I have a lot of big dreams,” he tells me. He also has a gift for discipline, both in and out of the ring. Watching Bogere ply his trade, it’s easy to be impressed by the cool headedness that produces his sharp jab and impressive check hook. “At the end of the day,” he says, “it’s about dedication and disciplining yourself.”

Bogere has certainly proved his dedication to his craft, after coming back from not one, but two Achilles tears. He’s also happy that he has more opportunities to prove himself in the ring. “I’m thankful to God,” says Bogere, “to get another chance and to showcase my talent.” Now healthy, the fighter known as “The Lion” is on the hunt for bigger and better things. Bogere is looking for more than just big name opponent’s, however. The man, who was known to don the head of a real lion when he entered the ring (the animal had killed two people), needs to fine something new to wear, since the lion’s head has been stolen.

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