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Heather Hardy: Risk Over Regret

Posted on 09/18/2019

By: Hans Themistode

When you play sports, there is a winner and a loser. There is simply no way around it.

Sure you can have rare instances where the game ends in a tie, but even then, there is a winner and a loser. It doesn’t matter if that contest was close or just a blow out. Someone has to feel the pain of losing.

Former WBO Featherweight champion Heather Hardy entered the ring on Friday September 13th, against Amanda Serrano as an underdog. A big one. Serrano was a seven division world champion and arguably the best female fighter around.

For as good as Hardy has been in her career, she was never thought to be on that level.

When the two signed on the dotted line to face each other, many were wondering out loud, just what round would Hardy get knocked out in? Thoughts of her pulling off the victory were non existent.

After building up their fight for quite sometime, the night finally arrived.

Many who watched Hardy walk to the ring couldn’t help but feel sorry for the 37 year old. She was walking straight into an ass kicking. When the opening bell rang, it was exactly what happened.

Hardy, who is normally a slick boxer and avoids major shots, was hit with everything in that opening round. Serrano, knocked her around the ring and made it apparent that Hardy was not in her league. Hardy did her best to fight back but the onslaught was too much. She spent the majority of that round with her hands up simply trying to stay up right as she staggered across the ring. A cut opened up on her right hairline, a bad one. You could hear screams from the crowd asking the referee to stop the fight.

Some how Hardy made it out of the round, but no one at that point thought the fight would last much longer.

Fighters understand when they are outclassed in the ring and often times accept defeat. Hardy could have easily bowed out gracefully and realized that she wasn’t going to win that fight.

Maybe that’s what you would do, but not Heather Hardy.

Round two was a whole different story. Hardy got more comfortable and confident in the ring. She landed a few nice shots and got back to slipping punches. She had clearly found her rhythm. The screams from the crowd that were asking the referee to stop the fight, turned into cheers for Hardy and her efforts.

Current WBA Super Middleweight champion Alicia Napoleon couldn’t stay in her seat. She constantly paced back and forth in media row cheering her friend Heather on.

Based on how the first round went, it was amazing to see that Hardy made so many adjustments in the ring. She no longer wanted to sit back and let Serrano bring the fight to her. Instead, much like her nickname, she brought the “Heat” all night long.

Serrano looked some what exasperated. How could a woman who seemingly had nothing to offer in the first round be so invigorated as the contest went on? That’s just how Heather Hardy is.

When the final bell rang, everyone knew that Serrano won that contest. She was the better fighter and she showed as much on fight night, but Hardy showed that she belonged.

The end result of the contest resulted in Hardy losing her Featherweight title. Something she had worked her whole career to obtain. She also lost her undefeated record as well.

It may have been a loss on paper but Hardy has already won.

Throughout the entire career of Hardy she has fought for all women and equality. Before Hardy came along, women’s boxing was often times cast aside. Now? It has earned the respect of many. Women have such as Claressa Shields and Katie Taylor have headlined shows on major networks, you think that is a coincidence? Not at all. It’s because of Hardy.

Women’s boxing may not and most likely will not ever get the same fame and adulation as the men do, but thanks to Hardy they are getting more and more opportunities.

Hardy could have sat back with her title and faced a lesser opponent. She could have milked her title and walked around with her championship for years to come, but that isn’t what she wanted.

“Risk over Regret.” Are the words that Hardy wrote on her Instagram post. Those are words that we should all live by.

Her title might be gone and her precious 0 in the loss column is also, but Hardy is forever a winner.

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Three Takeaways: Can We Take a Moment to Appreciate Amanda Serrano?

Posted on 09/18/2019

By Jonah Dylan

For the first weekend in what feels like forever, there was a ton of boxing. And whether it was Tyson Fury’s drama-filled clash with Otto Wallin, Devin Haney’s near-perfect performance or the fact that the DAZN team flew from New York to LA to cover two cards in as many nights, it delivered. But the most underappreciated fight of the weekend was the WBO featherweight title fight between Heather Hardy and Amanda Serrano, which served as the co-feature to Haney’s fight at Madison Square Garden.

Hardy-Serrano got a good amount of media coverage compared to most women’s fights, but Serrano isn’t getting nearly enough credit for what she’s done over the last year and really over her entire career.

1. Amanda Serrano is one of the best fighters in the world, and you could make the case she beats Katie Taylor.

On Sept. 8, she beat Yamila Esther Reynoso to win a super lightweight world title and weighed in at 138 ½ lbs. On Jan. 18, she weighed 114.2 lbs when she dropped all the way down to super flyweight and knocked out Eva Voraberger in 35 seconds to win a world title in a record-setting 7th weight class.

So, to recap: she somehow cut all that weight in just over three months, then casually knocked out a game opponent in less than a minute. Serrano is the only woman to win world titles in seven weight classes, and that feat is matched only by Manny Pacquiao, who’s done it in eight different classes. But even Pacquiao isn’t dropping to super flyweight anytime soon.

Anyways, Serrano then moved back up to 126 – which she says is her natural weight – and nearly stopped the previously undefeated Hardy in the first round before cruising to a clear decision win. Give Hardy tons of credit – she showed unbelievable heart to stay in there with Serrano – but it was simply too tall a task.

DAZN seems to be putting most of its weight behind Katie Taylor, which makes sense because she’s a marketable fighter and is the undisputed lightweight champion. A Taylor-Serrano fight was supposed to be in the works after this weekend, but that makes too much sense so of course Taylor is now moving up to 140 to chase a title in a second weight class.

Serrano – who has flirted with an MMA career in the past – took to Twitter on Tuesday to say she’s going back there for the near future. It’s tough to blame her, because there aren’t many fights out there for her if she can’t get Taylor in the ring.

Honestly, go fight Cecilia Brækhus at 147. I’m only half-joking.

2. Tyson Fury survived and Wilder-Fury II is still in play, but that was close.

Here’s the thing: if Deontay Wilder hits Tyson Fury with the punch that opened up that horrible cut on Saturday, he’s not getting up. Otto Wallin had a nice showing and should get some big fights in the heavyweight division, but he’s nowhere near the puncher Wilder is (for that matter, nobody is). Fury’s calling card is his movement and defense, but there wasn’t a lot of that going on against Wallin.

That’s fine for one fight, because it made for an entertaining scrap and Fury still won clearly. But that version of The Gypsy King is not going to do very well against Wilder.

As for Wilder’s next fight: why is he even fighting Luis Ortiz? I know this was set up months in advance and it’s the reason Ortiz turned down the fight against Anthony Joshua, but what does he have to gain? The Pay-Per-View won’t do very well and while Wilder will be the favorite, anything can happen in the heavyweight division. Also, what’s the story? Wilder already knocked Ortiz out and it’s not like people are clamoring to see it again.

On second thought, maybe this whole ordeal will make people want to watch Wilder-Ortiz II. Who knows.

3. Once again, we have a nonsense interim title in play

Haney’s win against Zaur Abdullaev made him the mandatory challenger for the WBC lightweight belt held by Vasiliy Lomachenko, which I don’t think anyone is complaining about. Haney had worked his way to the No. 1 spot and won a title eliminator, which is typical.

Still, sanctioning an interim title fight literally two weeks after an actual title fight is beyond ridiculous. If a guy hasn’t defended his title for a year? Ok, create an interim belt for one fight and make sure the winner fights the champ in his next fight. But Haney isn’t fighting Lomachenko anytime soon, and the WBC probably did this so they can elevate Lomachenko to “Franchise Champion” and not have to sanction a vacant title fight.

This is basically a playbook the WBA – which gets more criticism than any other sanctioning body – has been using for years. But seriously, how can there be an interim title fight two weeks after the actual title fight?

Well, at least we have the “Mayan” belt.

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Amanda Serrano vs. Heather Hardy: The Best Fight This Weekend

Posted on 09/13/2019

By: Hans Themistode

What a weekend to be a fight fan.

On September 13th, in New York City, at the Hulu arena in Madison Square Garden, Devin Haney is going to be taking on Zaur Abdullaev. Both guys are undefeated and will be looking to establish themselves as one of the best in the division.

The following day in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will be taking on Otto Wallin. At this point in the career of Fury he has been become must watch television.

Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing Twitter Account

Also to make fight fans even more excited we have a monster card over at the UFC this coming Saturday as well.

To sum it all up, there are fights just about everywhere this weekend.

Every contest will be significant but none will be more important than the women’s showdown between WBO Featherweight champion Heather Hardy and seven division champ Amanda Serrano. Not only will Hardy’s title be on the line but so will the interim WBC belt as well.

Forget about the titles for a second and just look at the matchup.

All Hardy has done during her entire career is win, win, win and win some more. Her boxing skills are second to none and the heart that she puts on display time after time is inspiring. It took her six long years but last year she won her first world title. Something that she had long been dreaming of.

“I cemented my place in boxing history,” said Hardy when she first won her world title. “I will forever be remembered as a champion.”

She’s been a great fighter for quite sometime now. She hasn’t backed away from a challenge, even as she jumped into the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). While she admits that fighting in the octagon is a difficult challenge, it will pale in comparison to when she takes on Serrano.

“She’s pound for pound the best fighter out there right now, but I’m ready. I’m the toughest girl that I know.”

Tough is exactly what Hardy will need to be if she wants to be successful on Friday night. Serrano isn’t just beating her opponents, she’s destroying them. She has stopped nine of her past eleven opponents. She has also jumped from weight class to weight class taking titles and leaving destruction every place she has gone.

Serrano will of course, be considered the favorite going into this contest but she isn’t paying attention to it. She understands just how good Hardy is.

“There is a reason why I choose Heather for this contest,” said Serrano. “I know how good of a fighter she is. I’m fully prepared and we will give you guys a show on Friday night.”

This weekend might be filled with several fights but just about everyone knows how they will play out. Tyson Fury should make a short night against Otto Wallin. Devin Haney will box circles around Zaur Abdullaev and Jaime Munguia should pick up an easy victory, but Amanda Serrano and Heather Hardy is a true 50/50 fight.

It’s the one contest that everyone should be tuned into this weekend.

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Heather Hardy vs Amanda Serrano: Women Boxing’s Super Fight

Posted on 08/15/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Whenever a big fight is announced in the sport of boxing, both fans and media alike begin to think of the matchups. Errol Spence Jr vs Terrence Crawford, Vasyl Lomachenko vs Gervonta Davis, Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury and the recently announced rematch between unified Heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz and former crown holder Anthony Joshua. All of these fights would draw massive crowds as the intrigue surrounding them would otherworldly.

Boxing seems to forget that it isn’t just men who fight.

WBO Featherweight champion Heather Hardy and Amanda Serrano is the true definition of a super fight, no matter the gender.

Women’s boxing has made tremendous strides over the past few years. With the help of fighters such as Claressa Shields, Christina Hammer and Katie Taylor to name a few, women’s boxing has seriously taken off.

Both Heather Hardy and Amanda Serrano, represent some of the biggest names in the sport. Hardy currently holds an undefeated record of 22-0 with 4 knockouts. She also is the current WBO Featherweight title holder. Her abilities in the ring are second to none as she has cruised to victory after victory in her pro career.

Her opponent on September 13th, Amanda Serrano, may not hold the unblemished record that Hardy does, but with just one pro defeat to her name, she holds something that Hardy is looking to grab for herself. Worldwide recognition as the best women’s fighter in the world.

Serrano, has managed to capture world titles in seven different weight classes. Only Manny Pacquiao’s record of eight weight class titles have bested what she has done. Still, she hasn’t fought anyone with the boxing ability of Hardy.

The same can be said for the WBO champion as well. Sure her undefeated recorded looks great on paper, but Serrano will undoubtedly be the toughest foe she has ever faced.

Earlier this year, Claressa Shields defeated Christina Hammer in a contest that was also a super fight in its own right. This contest that will take place on September 13th, at Madison Square Garden, will have a chance to not only surpass the hype of the Shields vs Hammer contest but, it will also be one of the very best fights of the year.

Men receive the lions share of the publicity in the sport of boxing, but at least for one night, the women will shine just as bright.

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Could Heather Hardy vs. Amanda Serrano Be Next?

Posted on 04/12/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Clarissa Shields and Christina Hammer aren’t the only two women looking to make their mark.

Amanda Serrano (36-1-1, 27 KOs) and Heather Hardy (22-0, 4 KOs) have reportedly agreed to meet each other in the ring later this year. If this contest were to take place as expected, it could be one of the biggest fights in the recent history of women’s boxing.

At this moment there is no date, nor is there a specific venue that is being targeted. Although the fight is expected to take place this year, the boxing world will have to wait. In addition to being the WBO Featherweight champion, Hardy, is also a mixed martial artist. She is in fact scheduled to return to the cage on June 14th at Madison Square Garden under Bellator Promotions.

In terms of what weight class this contest would take place it appears as though Serrano is heading to Hardys division. In a recent tweet Serrano seemed to have no issues at all taking her talents to her opponents weight class.

“Looks like I’m going to join the Unified Champions. I’ll be fighting for the 126lb title soon.”

Hardy won’t exactly have a huge advantage as Serrano held the WBO Featherweight title in 2016 before dropping down to the Super Bantamweight division to win a title there.

Women’s boxing has a plethora of great fighters, but Serrano has a strong claim as the very best at this current moment. She has won world titles in an unprecedented seven weight divisions. To put that in perspective only one boxer in history has won titles in more weight classes, Manny Pacquiao.

With matches such as Shields vs Hammer taking place this weekend and Serrano vs Hardy supposedly on track for sometime this year, women’s boxing is truly heating up.

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Amanda Serrano Looking To Tie Manny Pacquiao’s Title Record

Posted on 01/07/2019

By: Sean Crose

“Chipping away at this weight but feeling strong as F***. Let’s Get It!”

So Tweeted Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano on Monday. Serrano, according to DiBella Entertainment “will fight for a record seventh weight division world title on Friday, January 18th at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden and telecast live on DAZN.” Serrano, of Puerto Rico, will be challenging Eva Voraberger of Austria in a ten round affair. The fight will be the 35-1-1 Serrano’s attempt to win the the WBO Super Flyweight Women’s World Title, which is currently vacant. According to DeBella Entertainment, a victory over the 24-5 Voraberger means Serrano “will tie boxing legend Manny Pacquiao as the only boxers to win world titles in seven weight classes.”

“Eva Voraberger is an excellent fighter, one of the world’s best at 115/118-pounds,” admits Lou DiBella, Serrano’s promoter. “Her record reflects her excellence.” Still, DiBella can’t help but be impressed by his fighter. “In a span of four-and-a-half months,” he says, “Amanda will attempt to win a world title six weight classes below the 140-pound title that she won last September. This has never been done by a fighter, regardless of gender. I truly believe that 2019 will be an historic year for women in boxing; Amanda Serrano will get it off to an historic start.”

“I’m having a great training camp for my fight on January 18,” claims Serrano. “I’ll be attempting to break my own record and win a world title in a seventh division. Any time you attempt to make history, it gives you an extra drive to push yourself to succeed. I am the only female and Puerto Rican, male or female, to win titles in six weight classes, and I did it in crazy fashion. I first won world titles at junior lightweight and lightweight, dropped down to the featherweight and bantamweight classes, then moved back up to junior welterweight, and now I’m headed to super flyweight.”

The multi-time champion knows she has a challenge before her on the 18th, however. “I am fighting a tough and very skilled world champion in Austria’s Eva Voraberger,” she says. “She (Voraberger) currently holds the interim WBC bantamweight title and only has three pounds to drop whereas I’m coming off of winning the WBO 140-pound world title just four months ago. I’ve heard the critics say that I’m crazy for dropping this much weight so quickly, but I’ll prove them wrong. I am known as the ‘Real Deal’ for a reason.”

Serrano is determined to get past Voraberger and move on to eventually face Irish phenom Katie Taylor. “This is the beginning of my contract with DAZN that will culminate with a fight against Katie Taylor,” she says. “This isn’t about taking easy fights before a big payday. This is about legacy and I will continue to cement my place in boxing history by taking risks. Dropping down to 115 pounds is going to be my first challenge and then I will move back up to fight for another world title before meeting Taylor.”

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Multi Division Boxing Champion Amanda Serrano to Return to MMA

Posted on 09/21/2018

By: Michael Kane

Amanda ‘The Real Deal’ Serrano, the six division world boxing champion is to return to MMA, taking on Mexico’s Erendina Ordonez.

The fight will be in the Comabate Americas women’s flyweight division on October 13th.

Photo Credit: Amanda Serrano Twitter Account

The 29 year old Puerto Rican, Serrano, makes her rerurn to MMA after an unanimous decision win over Yamila Esther Reyonso of Argentina for the WBO Junior Welterweight World Championship. The bout took place at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn on September 8th.

With her win, Serrano joined an elite group to have claimed six world titles at six different weights, joining Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.

With one MMA fight to her name, so far, Serrano will be hoping to go one better than her debut bout. On April 13th, Serrano faced Corina Herrera at ‘Combate Estrellas ‘ in LA, the bout finishing in a draw.

Serrano’s opponent this time out, Ordonez, is a three time San Shou style kickboxing gold medallist.

Combate Americas CEO Campbell McLaren said in a press release, ” It is an honour to have the world’s greatest women’s boxer in history, who is on par with De La Hota and Pacquiao, back in La Jaula (Combate Americas cage) for Combate Americas.”

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