Charlo Brother’s Pay Per View Results: Casimero Crushes Micah

By: Sean Crose

The big Charlo Brother’s PPV card began shortly after 7 PM eastern time on Saturday before Showtime cameras at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. First up was the 29-4 John Casimero, who was battling the 24-0 Duke Micah. At stake was the WBO bantamweight title.

The first round was loaded with action as both men landed effectively. By the second round, however, things went completely downhill for Micah, as Casimero sent his man to the mat. Micah bravely got back to his feet, but the fight was all but over. A vicious uppercut ended things for Micah in the first minute of the third when referee Steve Wills wisely stopped the fight.

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