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Quotes: US Olympic Gold Medal hopeful Marcus Browne On “The Game 365”

Posted on 07/13/2012

Quotes from “The Game 365” with host Fran Healy:

Marcus Browne:

“Being from New York City, especially from Staten Island, because, you know, they count us out all the time…being from Staten Island makes it even sweeter.”

“To go (to the Olympics) is cool, but that’s not making history, to me. Making history is coming back with some hardware, preferably gold.”

“Everywhere in Staten Island you’ve got to be tough, I mean, no matter where you are someone is always going to test you. You have to be able to fight and defend yourself and fight your way through life or else you’re going to be taken advantage of.”

From his boxing trainer, Gary Stark, Sr.:

“We put a lot of work into this and to see it get to where it is now, it’s incredible. When you start out doing this, you don’t expect to get to this level, because it is rare that a kid makes it to the Olympic team, and to have him represent the United States, it’s an honor for him and me.”

From Teddy Atlas, on broadcasting the fights at the Olympics (Browne trains in Atlas’ Park Hill Gym in Staten Island):

“It’s going to be different because in the other Olympics I did, I didn’t have to care who won. I’m gonna care now. And you’re not supposed to care, you’re not supposed to go in there as a commentator and care, but I’ll be a pro and I’ll do what I need to do, and if this guy makes mistakes I’ll say that he made these mistakes, but I will continue to be a human being and I will care about how he does.”

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