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UFC on Versus Results: Chris Lytle Submits Dan Hardy

By: William Holmes

The UFC on Versus comes to Milwaukee with a main event of Chris Lytle against Dan Hardy. Lytle has announced that he will be retiring after this fight, and Dan Hardy badly needs a win to remain relevant, so this main event will hopefully deliver the action that MMA pundit’s believe it will. The undercard includes Amir Sadollah, Donald Cerrone, Ben Henderson, and Jim Miller.

Duane Ludwig (20-11) vs. Amir Sadollah (5-2); Welterweight

Round 1:

Sadollah comes into this fight with a five inch reach advantage. Sadollah takes the center of the ring, and mixes up some punch combinations with leg kicks. Sadollah catches Ludwig with a nice right hand and barely misses a knee from Ludwig. Both fighters are pressed against the cage, with Ludwig’s back on it. Sadollah now gets turned around and Ludwig lands a knee to the body of Sadollah. Fighters exchanging positioning against the cage and knees to the body of each other. Sadollah drops for a low double leg and Ludwig fights it off with an underhook. Fighters seperate, and Ludwig lands a two punch combiation and two high head kicks. Ludwig hits Sadollah with a solid left hook. Ludwig lands two hard body shots to Sadollah, and Sadollah answers with leg kicks. Ludwig lands a thudding body kick. Ludwig lands a hard left, and stuns Sadollah. Sadollah gets rocked with a hook that momentarily wobbles him. Ludwig lands a hard elbow on Sadollah against the cage. Ludwig is tagging Sadollah repeatedly with hard shots. Round ends with Ludwig landing a very hard hook to the body of Sadollah. 10-9 round for Ludwig.

Round 2:

Sadollah comes out with a short leg kick, and a kick to the body. Sadollah throws a nice push kick, and Ludwig hits Sadollah with a two punch combination. Sadollah is listening to his corner and throwing more kicks this round. Sadollah using his front kicks like a jab. Ludwig lands the harder shots when both fighters exchange and are close. Sadollah really throwing a lot of kicks this round. Ludwig lands a nice left hook again. Ludwig hits Sadollah with a body punch and follows it with a high kick. The kicks by Sadollah seem to be starting to affect Ludwig’s movement. Ludwig hurts Sadollah with another left hook, Ludwig momentarily gets in a muy thai plum and Sadollah tries to shoot in on a double leg, that Ludwig shakes off. Ludwig now shoots in on a takedown and Sadollah sprawls out. Both fighters back to their feet and Sadollah throwing more leg kicks. Sadollah gets hit with a hard right elbow. Close round, but I scored it 10-9 for Ludwig based on the harder shots.

Round 3:

Sadollah probably needs a finish to win this fight. Sadollah lands a head kick early, and then shoots in on a takedown on Ludwig, but Ludwig is able to sccramble out of the attempt. Ludwig almost gets tripped by Sadollah. Sadollah really throwing a lot of kicks again, but the only ones that are landing are the leg kicks. Sadollah shoots in on Ludwig but is stuffed. Sadollah lands a nice left hand on Ludwig, and follows it with a combination. A front kick by Sadollah lands on Ludwig’s face and gets a reaction out of the crowd. Ludwig lands a hard straight right on Sadollah as he comes in. Sadollah shoots in again but Ludwig is able to stuff it. Another front leg kick lands to the head of Ludwig. Ludwig lands a right hook, and Sadollah lands a straight left. A leg kick by Sadollah almost buckles Ludwig. Ludwig lands a leg kick of his own. Sadollah looking much better this round, but really needs to go for a knockout. A head kick attempt by Sadollah bounces of Ludwig’s hands, but gets a reaction from the crowd.
Ludwig lands a nice uppercut on Sadollah as he tries to come in. Ludwig shoots in on Sadollah and momentarily gets him down. Sadollah is cut above his eye. Round ends with Ludwig completing the takedown. I scored it 10-9 for Sadollah.

Official scores are 29-28, 29-28, and 29-28 for Duane “Bang” Ludwig.

Reports just come out that noted MMA trainer Shawn Tompkins just passed away at the age of 37.
Donald Cerrone (15-3) vs. Charles Oliveira (14-1); Lightweight
Round 1:

Fighters touch gloves in the center of the octagon, and Cerrone throws a hard leg kick, and follws up with a two punch combination. Cerrone lands a nice knee to Oliveira. Oliveira lands an inside leg kick to Cerrone, and also lands a high kick to the head of Cerrone. Cerrone lands a solid knee on Oliveira. Cerrone lands a kick that may have landed low, and the referee briefly stops the fight. Replay shows that it may have landed low. Joe Rogan again hypes up Diamond MMA’s product. Fighters come back out to the center of the ring, and Cerrone lands a leg kick and Oliveira lands a jab. Cerrone throws a two punch combination and follows with a leg kick. Cerrone lands another hard inside leg kick. Cerrone throws another punch leg combination. Cerrone lands a nice straight right hand on Oleivera. Cerrone lands a left uppercut to the body and drops Oliveira. Oliveira appears hurt on the ground and Cerrone follows up with repeated quick blows on Oliveira, and the referee has no choice but to stop the fight. Cerrone wins by 1st round TKO.

This fight was stopped at 3:01 of the first round, and Cerrone wins by TKO.
Jim Miller (20-2) vs. Benson Henderson (13-2); Lightweight

Round 1:

Both fighters come out to the center of the ring, and we have a rare instance of two southpaws facing off against each other. Both fighters quickly exchange and Miller gets the better of Henderson. Miller lands a nice straight right that has Henderson backing up after it lands. Henderson staying light on his feet and throwing jabs from the outside. Fighters clinch against the cage, and stay locked as they circle to the middle of the ring. Fighters exchange short kneeds to each other’s legs. Jim Miller locks up an arm triangle while standing, and jumps up and locks his legs arapped around Henderson. Nice and innovative submission attempt by Miller, and both fighters fall to the ground with Henderson on top. Henderson throwing some short elbows from the top. Miller back to his feet and Henderson throws a high head kick. Henderson now with a body lock, and Miller locks in a kimura. Miller gets himself positioned on a good position as he throws his leg over Henderson, but Henderson is able to escape. Henderson looks to be going for a guillotine choke but loses it. Miller now tries to lock in a choke but doesn’t have it. Henderson now in half guard and raining down some elbows. Very tough round to score, but I’d score it 10-9 for Henderson, as Miller’s submission attempts never really had Henderson in trouble.

Round 2:

Miller comes out throwing a heavy jab on Henderson, and Henderson answers with a front kick. Henderson lands a hard leg kick on Miller. Miller lands a two punch combination on Henderson. Henderson throws some hard elbows at Miller that has him backing up. Henderson with a high body lock with double underhooks and takes down Miller. Henderson on top and raining down blows. Miller looks like he may be cut. Miller is now going for a leg lock on Henderson but he is unable to roll into a submission. Henderson now lands a hard elbow and follows up with some punches. Miller now has a very tight leg lock snapped in, but Henderson is able to pull out of it. Fighters briefly back to their feet but Henderson drags Miller back down. Miller again goes after the legs of Henderson, but Henderson rolls out of it and lands some heavy blows. Miller again back to his feet but Henderson takes him down again. Miller again back to his feet and goes for a kimura, and Henderson makes Miller pay for it by landing some hard shots to his body. Miller is busted up on his face and breathing heavily. I give Miller credit for going for submission on the ground, but he took some heavy damage from Henderson in this round. I scored it 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 3:

Miller lands a short hook to start the round. Henderson still looks light on his feet. Henderson lands a nice jab to Miller, and follows with a leg kick. Henderson lands an overhand left hook. Henderson kicks out the legs of Miller and he trips to his feet. Henderson lands a beauitful straight left to Miller’s jaw. Miller rocks Henderson and knocks him down. Henderson gets his wits back and takes Miller down. Henderson rained down two very hard blows on Miller. Henderson now in full mount position and Miller gives up his back. Henderson has both hooks in and rains down some blows. Henderson trying to lock up a rear naked choke, and Miller stands up only to fall back down. Henderson has complete control of Miller on the ground. Henderson raining down some very big shots on Miller while on the ground. Henderson now in side control, and rotates back to half guard against the fence and lands some very heavy shots on Miller. Miller looks to be in some serious pain. Henderson still remaining very active and rolls into a guillotine choke attempt, but Miller is able to roll out of it. Both fighters are swinging wildly as the round ends. Excellent fight, but I scored it 10-9 for Henderson, could have scored it 10-8.

Official scores are 30-27, 29-28, and 30-26 for Benson Henderson.

Dan Hardy (23-9) vs. Chris Lytle (40-18-5); Welterweight

Round 1:

Lytle comes out with an overhand right that lands, and he then throws a hook to the body of Hardy. Hardy lands a combination of his own. Lytle throwing some hooks to the body of Hardy. Hardy lands a hook of his own and then lands a leg kick. Lytle coming forward with body shots. Crowd chanting USA, and Hardy lands a knee to the chin of Lytle. Lytle throwing hard punches, and connects coming forward with a three punch combination. Hardy catches Lytle with a hook to his head as Lytle throws to the body of Hardy. Hardy again catches Lytle coming in. Lytle lands two hard hooks on Hardy. Hardy throws a three punch combination of his own. Lytle appears to have stubmled Hardy back with a left hook. Hardy lands a nice left hook of his own. Fighters just taking turns exchanging combinations. Lytle lands a right hook three times in a row. Lytle now lands two nice left hooks to Hardy. A straight left by Lytle lands clean on Hardy’s chin. Another left hook lands for Lytle, and he follows that with a hook to the body. Lytle appears to have found his rhythm towards the end of the round. I scored it 10-9 for Lytle.
Round 2:

Lytle rocks Hardy with a right hand, and clips Hardy with a left hook. A thudding right hand by Lytle connects with Hardy’s body. Lytle now landing some very hard shots. Hardy lands a short hook of his own. Lytle tags hardy with two hooks again. Hardy lands a straight right that momentarily wobbles Lytle. Lytle now clinches with Hardy against the cage. Hardy lands a hard knee to the body of Lytle. A poke in the eye by Lytle momentarily stops the fight as the referee lets him recover. Fight restarts and Lytle lands multiple hooks to Hardy’s head again. A right hurts Lytle and has him wobbily. Hardy shoots in for a takedown and Lytle easily sprawls out of it. Lytle’s hooks have not been blocked by Hardy at all during this fight. Lytle lands a nice three punch combination on Hardy. A knee by Hardy lands on Lytle. A looping right hand by Lytle lands on Hardy. Fighters are just exchanging combinations, and Lytle is landing more often. Lytle with a kick to the body of Hardy. Lytle lands a nice left hand as the round ends. Better round for Hardy, but I scored it 10-9 for Lytle again.
Round 3:

Fighters touch gloves as round 3 starts. Lytle lands a left hook and throws a kick to Hardy’s body. Hardy lands a short check left hook. Lytle lands a thudding shot to the body. Lytle lands a wide left hook on Hardy. The body shots of Lytle are very loud. Lytle lands another left hook to the head of Hardy. A left hook by Lytle rocks him. Lytle’s hooks just land almost everytime he throws them. An over the top right hand by Lytle lands. Lytle catches Hardy with a left hook as Hardy backs up. Hardy lands a hook after throwing a knee attempt that misses. Lytle landing another hook to the body. Lytle lands another left hook on Hardy’s face. Left hook to the head, right hook to the body, again and again. Hardy shoots in on Lytle, but that may have been a big mistake. Lytle locks up a guillotine choke and Hardy is forced to tap.

Chris Lytle wins by third round submission. Great last fight for a fighter who always puts on a great show.

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